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the walls of Jericho came tumbling down

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    While Trump was in New York testifying in the tax fraud case being pursued by Letitia James, the FBI raided his home at Mar-A-Lago, in search of some classified documents that may still be there. Ironically, the date of the raid is exactly 48 years to the day than Nixon resigned in 1974.

    According to Rachel Maddow, violation of the Presidential Records act, a violation is a felony, and makes the violator ineligible for public office. Some of the documents sought are so highly classified that even listing them on an inventory is also classified

    We now have all seen pictures of shreds of paper in the toilet used by Trump, and he allegedly even ate a few as well.

    Former Attorney General Eric Holder predicts that the case in Georgia being conducted by Fanni Will issue an indictment later this year, and the Department of Justice will file theirs in early 2023.

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    Teflon Trump will also again escape justice I bet. The GOP is now roaring mad and will likely put more effort into "winning".

    DeSantis started to show this attitude already by firing an higher up guy in his government, because he supported the pro-abortion league. He just wants to prove that he is as "dirty" as Trump is. The CPAC proved on how the GOP lost its mind and has become an party of "crooks" and an Trump "mafia" club.

    The FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, so I hope they found the right stuff were they were looking for, but way too late.

    I just wonder if such President as Trump with an "raid" on his mansion is still allowed to run for President in 2024.

    But yeah, everything is possible in "La la land" which enjoys "chaos"

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    "The Walls of Jericho" came falling down, as title makes little sense. I guess they did not have "nukes" or long range "rockets in those times neither an GOP party who lost its "marbles" . Church goers should know better by now, that nothing up there determines the "future" of this planet or its "inhabitants".

    As long as "humans" refuse to use their tiny "brains" and "power" as well use "greed" to run the society, then they are on their own here. Most of the "killing" on this planet is caused by "humans" themselves. However "global warming" and "over-population" is helping their demise as well. You can go bravely to "church" and still get the Covid or something else.

    So people be aware that this tiny planet means nothing in "space" ; it is only one "speck" within the millions of objects floating there. So all the "political" play here is a waste of "time" . Even an Trump or Putin can't take their "wealth" with them into their "graves". The Egyptians and Maya's tried it, but did not help them either.

    I always thought that the American's here would know better, but I guess their "arrogance" wins from "common sense". The "media " and the "church"controls" them; it shows; like "ban abortion" nut heads. It does not change this planet or its "life" on it. History shows clearly the stupidity of the Human race throughout any century.

    They are here much like the "Oligarc's" and love "money" and their big "yachts" above all. The "sky is the limit" who cares about an poor Mexican who "nails" their roof in a 100 degrees temperature. Sorry about telling the truth about America, but I know better. Amen

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    The New York Times published an article today about Trump's legal troubles that show possible outcomes for each one of them.

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    Forget that he will see jail. The GOP makes sure of that. The outcome will show up when he dies, so someone can write a book about it and then forget all this stupidity we are in. Sorry, this country has become super corrupt since "everything" has to do with "money". Trump learned the "mafia" ways from his Daddy and has become an expert on how to duck justice. Since this country has so many GOP minded judges then the hide and seek games just go on and on. Yes this country with all these "figures" which popped out of the "swamp" is fitting right in with S. America. But plays this "game" even more "greedy" than S. America.

    But yeah, all of this is an self inflicted wound, by not have the "proper laws" and "rules" and lots of corrupting "money" thrown into everything which can be bought. Every "crook" and "idiot" can get an job in the government if you "drop" enough money in someone's wallet. Ask DeJoy who paid an million dollars to get the "postal job" (and holy Biden find all of this OK) The same for others who "raised" millions of dollars in the elections as well the "rich" who "paid" plenty of millions to get their candidates in "place". Please bring the barf bucket; I have no words anymore for the way this country is running themselves into the ground by all the "figures" who have "play money" to corrupt the system. The "system" itself is asking for it to be corrupted without "sound" black and white" laws and "rules"; thank the British Empire for it.

    Sorry that I sound so negative, but it happens to be "facts. No "Jesus" will come from Mars to save this country either; we are on our own, but refuse to see the reality of life on this tiny planet. People themselves are responsible for the "mess" here; no one else. Amen