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I learned a lot from Donald Trump

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    Sister Joan Chittester is Benedictine nun who has a LOT of wisdom.

    Her article posted below was in the Catholic Reporter this morning:

    Why is it that some things we never forget and other things we never remember? I work with those ideas a lot.

    But one answer I know without flaw: I had a mother who assiduously insisted that there was something to be learned in everything. I'd pour out my losses or celebrate my gains and my mother — somewhere along the way — managed to make her ever-living point: "And what did you learn from that, Joan?" she asked. Over and over again. Always.

    It's a tiring exercise if you're a child. It's an everlasting path to wisdom when you get to be an adult who knows without doubt that just because you want something — a particular position, a given candidate, encouragement for a plan that failed — there is, lurking within it, a lesson.

    And, note well, it will be a big enough lesson to carry you beyond where you are to where you must go if you are ever to come to wholeness.

    For that unseen lesson you must be grateful.

    That's where I am now. I've learned a lot from President Donald Trump in none of the ways I wanted to.

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    It sounds cruel, but an nun has no wisdom; if she had "brains" then she never would be an nun. And would have studied what the world is all about and that "bibles and "Korans' were written by humans only who were in fear of the unknown. We should now know better having been on the moon. The "nun" should look at the evening sky and realize that "humans" are nothing in this huge universe and that the middle east never had anyone who came from outer space. Wake up, the catholic church sells snake oil and had thousands of people murdered and stole all the gold from the Inca's to plaster their churches who were built by peasants who got nothing for it except an "prayer". Ask Joanne of Arc and Templars. She will certainly learn nothing from the church nor Trump. Amen