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How to get Trump to cool down

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    I just wonder if they (the government) could "tame" Trump by making an "rule/law" by stating just like as any other job in the country, that if he does not shut up, then it becomes an "firing" instead of "transfer". Then state that his "pension" will be voided as well the secret service protection. There must be an way to do this, because may be then he'll cooperate. If you have any job in an "normal" society then such applies, thus why not for him?

    If you tell the "baby" not to do it, with consequences; like you get the lolly ( your pension/healthcare/ protection) only if you behave.Angry

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    Off hand, there should be changes that legally require the government to prepare for a new administration. Actions that can't be controlled or blocked (sabotaged) by the current administration.

    Trump is clearly doing what is in his personal interest. He does not give a flying frisbee about the country or the sick people who are going to die of COVID, or anything else.

    This is a bit like repro'ing a very nice house that looks great on the outside with the perfect lawn, but the evicted owner won't let the new home owners inside before the final day of the eviction. What nobody knows yet, is the evicted owner has spent the past 4 years trashing the inside of the house and the foundation, and the house is on the verge of collapse.

    Once Joe Biden gets inside and discovers the massive scope of how bad things are gotten, but not relieved to the public, He will literally be in shock as to how bad things are inside the WH and government.

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    I found out today that the "deviation" tactics of Trump seem to work; all the attention is now on the election results and the Covid and how Trump is making an mess of it. However in the meantime, he's cooking up a lot more damaging stuff which Biden can't reverse. For instance he made now an "deal" with which he can make some more money. He has thrown the Federal natural reserves open for drilling and has received "bid's" for certain parcels; he will complete the deals before the "transfer date"as the "news" said. Of course he gets the "kickbacks". In the meantime our natural resources and wildlife will be ruined, because Trump wants "money". Thus an great welcome present for Biden.

    Keep on dreaming Democrats; where are your objections and actions to stop this?