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Stubborn baby in the W.H.

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    I guess this country is not realizing that the stubbornness of Trump refusing to concede, will have an huge effect now and in the future. First of all we are in an "virus" crisis as well an economic downturn. Our Constitution is getting tested again and as usual as with the "impeachment" disaster the Constitution does not give the answers, because it is not 1800 now.

    In the present case, it should be possible to do something "now" to prevent morgue's to be filled to the top, just because one person goes in against the rules and laws.

    This "person" also has mentioned that he will run again in 2024; however I've not seen any movement to prevent such.

    Are there not lessons enough about "on how not to "vet" and make tax returns mandatory, which should have been done ages ago? Even any "donkey" is smarter, than this country. Is no one ever thinking about the consequences for years and years by refusing to improve lots of things. Trusting in 1800's laws without updating these is naive; it shows.

    My message is "do something about the "laws" here, so you don't get "idiots" elected as well start educating the 45% who did vote for this lunatic, who still roam the streets and never read Mary Trump's book. DeVos can't do so; she's too busy counting her money and kissing Trump's ass.

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    No comments? Do we want to continue on this path. Like Having to "pay Trump" millions for "re-counts" Wisconsin asked for at least 7.5 million to do that; where does Trump "steal" such money?

    Do we really live in fantasy island? Yes we do!!! It can't get any more crazy than right now.

    When is someone with "common sense" waking up here? At least not the 72 million who voted for this idiot; neither Jesus because he's "dead". Welcome to la la land. Let's throw an couple of bombs on Iran, Trump just about succeeded to do so.

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    I agree that we need more laws or whatever it takes to prevent this from happening again.

    Here is why it is needed:

    Donald Trump is, and always will be, an inept person that (over time) destroys everything and everyone that he comes in contact. Next time we are going to be far less lucky, and next time it will be someone far far smarter, far far more evil. Think in terms of what Putin would have done over 4 years if he was born in the US and elected president instead of Trump. Putin wouldn't have made any of the same dumb ass stupid mistakes as Trump and the Putin would have been far more secretive about the things he did do that ensured he stayed in power indefinitely. Putin would have selected Bill Barr as the AG as his first and only AG in 2016, and those appointed to the SC would have 100% loyal to Putin's agenda (think of Lindsey Graham on the SC). Putin would have appointed others similar to Bill Barr to other high level positions, people who are just as ruthless as he is, and never blink about doing whatever it takes to get the job done. If Putin had been elected in 2016, he would made sure he was re-elected in 2020 and beyond. Putin wouldn't have lost the 2020 election; Joe Biden never would have made it to election day, Putin would have made sure Biden and Harris both got COVID, and made sure they both died from it; if not COVID, Biden and Harris would have gone down in a plane crash, etc, etc. "Whatever it takes" means exactly that; get the job done using whatever tools and methods needed.

    Trump elected President was just a warning sign because he has never been smart enough, and never will be, to take full authoritarian control, but next time it likely will be someone who has the skills and smarts to do it. It won't be someone who is obsessed with Fox news. Not obsessed with spending 2 hours every morning in the makeup chair to ensure his hair is perfect.

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    Wikipedia has a damning summary of Putn.

    The only good news for the Russian people, and the rest of the world, is that Putin was recently diagnosed with Parkingsons, and may voluntary step down sometime in the next two years.

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    Sorry Putin is not ( yet) running this country; thus let's concentrate on what wwjd said, on how to prevent idiots like Trump to become Presidents. I hate to repeat on what to do. (read all my "mails")

    As long as this country stays with their convoluted mess, promoted by an corrupt lawyers created system, forget it, unless we like to get an Putin type with real "loyal" lawyers.

    However we will not be so lucky, because Putin has "brains" and we rather select someone without "brains", except having the "brains", on how to corrupt this country the "mafia" way with an Hitler like attitude. I recommend all the Trumpers to read Mary Trump's book.

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    Trump wants to remove troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, but forgetting the "deal" with NATO. They are not informed and know what to do. Yes the guy is totally nuts. It will cost NATO lives if there is no coordination at all.

    There are lots of troops etc. from Europe assisting the US. Doing this one sided retraction makes the "mess" only bigger for everyone. Where are the "brains"?

    First of all Trump never should decide such on his own; but yeah if you "behead" the Pentagon and still think you are an "dictator" of an banana republic, sure then let others suffer and clean up the shit afterwards.

    What a country!!