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Where is Pelosi and Schumer?

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    Yes where are they? Who is fighting the "dictator"? It is time to listen to Mary Trump and "do" something to stop this "coup"


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    Dutch -- I know you are frustrated, but I take your "do something" to stop this coup as more of a rant. The process is playing out. McConnell holds the "Trump cards" and not Schumer or Pelosi. Pelosi's House has passed legislation to help the public, but McConnell refuses to play. He answers to Trump's cult of loyalists, and there is nothing that Schumer or Pelosi can do about it other than rant and rave like you. When the voters put McConnell in charge of the Senate and Trump in charge of the executive, we got the government we the people voted for.

    McConnell is a ruthless SOB, but that's why Republicans love him.

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    If it is as you say; then this "system" is totally wrong; how is it possible that "one" guy can bully the whole government. If that is the case then it is time to revise the "broken" system. Why have an Congress without any "power" at all except "talk"

    Looking at the total picture of this half baked British half copied system, then it is time to dump it. An parliamentary system works so much better ask Canada and most of Europe. But yeah this "island" knows everything better .

    Since our crooked lawyers love this system, then indeed you help them to fill their pockets. In Europe you have to "search" for an lawyer because they have only a few. Guess why? Because the total mess of our 1800's laws which seldom gets updated. A few amendments only which are also outdated and corrupted by our lawyers and government. Like the second amendment, which is laughable.

    Sorry Schmidt, this country has become "ungovernable" due to its outdated convoluted laws and rules as well its "two" party "system" which can be trampled on all the time. "2020" is not 1800.

    Right now we are not any better than any S. American country; the preventions of getting an dictator are "gone". Ask Trump.

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    The wheels of justice turn very slowly Dutch, we must be patient.