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    Four years ago, every major newspaper in the country said that Trump was unfit to be president - and they were right.

    Due to his incompetence, he surrounded himself with people who were NOT QUALIFIED for the positions they held, and the rapid turnover in his administration (see the "revolving door" thread) bears this out.

    President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has signaled his intention to draw from a diverse cross section of America in building his cabinet. Unlike President Trump’s cabinet, which is more white and male than any in nearly 40 years, Mr. Biden’s list of likely top advisers promises to reflect 21st-century sensibilities.

    If you take the time to read the article below, you'll realize that virtually every one on the list would be eminently qualified for the jobs that are being considered for.

    Until January 20, Trump will continue to wreak havoc, but the future looks pretty good after that. The article below lists the ways that Biden can undo most of the damage that Trump has done so far.

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    Sure News papers can write about this till they get green in the face, but that does not help if this country stubbornly sticks to its totally outdated system of governing. I bet Biden won't be able to clean this up due to the "system" of two parties as well its structure that you can "block" things for ever. If you don't fix the "rails" the train will runoff it all the time. Amen