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Are they crazy in this backwards country? Yes they are!

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    Talking about transfer of "power", I guess they have no clue how to do it properly. Trump just "fired" Esper, how can he do so as "lame duck"?. In the meantime Biden gave an excellent speech about the virus and how to deal with it'.

    How is it possible to let hundreds of people "die" because it is impossible for Biden to do something now. Trump won't do anything except firing people. Is n't time to make laws/rules to make an smooth transfer. Of course Trump does not want so and does not care that people die because of him.

    So the only solution is for Biden to ask the Supreme Court to give him the powers now to deal with this "national emergency" hopefully with the help of the GOP, if he gets the"green" light from them. Waiting just about 2 month before Biden can do something, I consider it "murder" for the people who die because of our lousy "system".

    Again it shows that our lack of proper procedures and proper "laws" etc. makes this an "banana republic" which costs plenty of lives right now. Shaking my old head in disbelief.

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    I guess the people on this site don't care. If in the just about 2 month before the inauguration Biden can't do nothing and Trump is "awol" or "mia" then lots of people likely die because of an government which is absent. So I only hope Biden gets the approval from (who?) to do something about the "killing".

    As I wrote many times the laws and rules here need an urgent revamp; people here get killed because of lack of proper laws.

    Things like that only happen in "banana republics" ; yes we are members of it now.

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    How did Hitler get and stay in power? Dutch, Common sense and reason have no place when an individual has an overpowering unexplainable control over people. The masses that support Trump simply want him in power. Deprogramming 170,000,000 people is a daunting job. Removing a malignant function of the brain is impossible. All this is the result of a tax code that enabled people to accumulate enough cash to buy a government. When that person is a despot the world suffers.
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    Chet, I'm glad you are back; yes I agree with you that something is terrible wrong here; but no one wants to correct things.

    All of this only happens in "banana republics" which it is now; ask all Europeans.

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    The GOP must be drinking the same Koolaid as Trump, they're all stupid.