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the town halls events

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    We watched Biden's town hall event on Thursday, but did not attempt to watch Trump and switch back and forth. The writers that did felt that the main difference was that Biden talked, and Trump shouted.

    Naturally, Trump thought thinks that the final debate moderator, Kirsten Walker, is extraordinarily unfair.

    Aa of this morning, the October 22 debate is still scheduled, but it's anybody's guess if it will be held.

    NBC got some flack for broadcasting Trump's town hall at the same time as Biden's, but the moderator (Savannah Guthrie) got high marks for asking him tough questions, like "when did you last test negative for the virus?

    And when the intrepid Guthrie asked Trump about his retweeting “a conspiracy theory that Joe Biden orchestrated to have SEAL Team Six, the Navy SEAL Team Six, killed to cover up the fake death of bin Laden,” Trump replied: “That was a retweet. I’ll put it out there. People can decide for themselves.”

    To which Guthrie, to her everlasting credit, replied: “I don’t get that, you’re the president. You’re not, like, someone’s crazy uncle.”

    (Mary Trump's response was "well actually" ...)

    Biden's town hall event attracted a LOT more viewers than Trump.

    If you REALLY want to see a freak show, right wing Sinclair Broadcasting will be televising a town hall meeting moderated by FOX alum Eric Bolling on October 21.

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    Town halls or not; it does not make any difference; his "base" stays his "base". I doubt if he gets any "new" votes. He preaches to the indoctrinated dumb asses as himself. When are they finally going to "educate" people here? But yeah at least Germany learned from it after the war, but here on this uneducated "island" it may take more than an"war" or an "revolution" to get some sense in the brains here. As long as "free speech" is not defined as so many "not defined" things in our Constitution, then our country will not recover from all our lack of proper laws. Then we will stay still stay stuck in the "legal" mud here. As long as an FOX and Sinclair etc. are allowed to air their crap, then this country will never become "governable". Amen