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    At one point, the Trump campaign had nearly $1 billion in funds available, but wasted more than $800 million on a variety of dubious expenses.

    As the campaign progressed, Trump's increasingly bizarre behavior motivated people to contribute to Biden's campaign. Prior to this election, I had NEVER sent money to a politician - but this election changed all that, since I sent money to a variety of Democratic websites, and it's apparent that other people are doing the same thing.

    Now, "when the rubber meets the road", the Biden campaign is flush with cash, and spending significantly more on television ads than Trump is:

    If you had to draw an analogy to a story, the best fir would be the tortoise and the hare. Trump started strong, but Biden's more cautious approach has put him in a very strong finishing position.

    See the source image

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    There are only 15 days left until the 2020 presidential election on Nov. 3 and, with Democratic candidate Joe Biden ahead in multiple national polls by up to 10 percentage points, the swing states are literally up for grabs. New this year: a Democratic frontrunner whose political power moves involve widespread television campaign ads in the most unlikely places.

    “What Biden’s campaign is doing is pretty unique,” said John Link, vice president of Advertising Analytics. “They have been able to run a fully funded campaign in a broad array of swing states, while also expanding to national buys allowing them to expand their reach without sacrificing attention to key states and potentially saving money.”

    The Trump campaign is looking to harness the energy from their social media networks to, well, trump Biden. Ad Analytics reported that Trump is currently ahead in the digital advertising war by $174 million to Biden’s $141 million.

    Biden’s campaign has some money to burn and they are about to use it. The campaign announced Thursday that they had raised $432 million with just 20 days to spend it – so there’s no telling where a Biden ad might pop up next. Take for instance where viewers have already seen them – spanning 32 networks ranging from Fox to Animal Planet to the DIY network and History Channel.

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    It only shows that elections here are only about "money" and not "brains". Sorry but this country is not "normal" and "unreal", such will eventual be its downfall. Don't forget that also "shady" multi billionaire "forces" play the same game behind the whole thing. All these "billions" are wasted, just to "elect" a person who then becomes the "lap dog" of the rich. I guess "people" are not important "money" and "religion" is. There is no shame in this country . In the mean time the poor and unemployment numbers rise and their votes do not count, because an "bribed" electoral college will decide, not the voters.

    But yeah the "churches" will also win to extent their power, because of the "system" here. Pelosi and others in the DNC are in "bed" with the church so they "allow" the "church" to have a seat at the table. Yes Marie Antoinette lost her head "when churches" and "royalty" (read "bought" government) decided things.