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    What is happening with the "Hub"? What happened to Arizona? What happened to Jared? What happened to Schmidt? etc. etc. It looks like that just before these very important elections everyone is "loosing" it.

    I saw last night the documentary of Obama; it shows an world of difference of which we live in now. He had "feelings" and "compassion" not like our money hungry "me" and "me" only Trump. Look at the world now, it is in "chaos" thanks to Trump who sows his "non-culture" around like manure.

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    Even dedicated readers need to leave town occasionally. We spent the last week in Colorado.

    Apart from the fact that Colorado is more scenic than Arizona, one difference that I noticed was that our ballots only had three candidates for president - Biden, Trump, and some other guy.

    Colorado had THIRTEEN (I think) , including Kanye West. Schmidt could give you a more accurate count.

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    Yes Colorado had 20 names on the presidential ballot, seven of them through the party nomination process and an additional 13 who got on the ballot by just paying a $1,000 fee. I think we need to tighten the requirements.

    Not only that we had a long list of proposed amendments and propositions to vote on, some of which were put there in language that is quite deceiving.

    But on the positive side, my wife and I were e-mailed when the County Clerk sent out our ballots. We filled them out quickly having already done the research, dropped them in a drop box by the library. One day later we received e-mails that our ballots had been received, and a day after that e-mails that our ballots had been accepted.

    I do like that part of the process here.

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    On the other point, it has been fall color season in Colorado, but also leaf and pine needle raking season. I have spent a lot of time outside doing fire mitigation in back of our property as we have not had any moisture since Labor Day, and the ground is dry -- weeds and natural grasses are yellow and dry -- perfect fuel for a possible wildfire. Oh and I have also raked the forest picking up deadwood on the ground that potentially could "explode".
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    Wow, you could have "hired" Trump, he would've raked all the country woods including around your house for a million dollars for sure. But he would afterwards burn your house down anyway. So go bravely to church and pray for Trump, then nothing will happen to you, except an huge tax bill if he stays, unless you are super rich and love him only and his stolen "money". Membership is about a "million" dollars to join his "cult". Since you have that, please sent the check to me and I will forward it minus my commission. ( that is how it works here I guess, thus I've adapted to the cult here.:-P)