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Dow reaching 29K again

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    Yes Trump and his corrupt buddies managed to get the Dow again on an level of what it was before the "pandemic".

    Guess what, he will use this to the full extend to get re-elected. He will boast that "he" has done it , all alone!!

    I'm afraid that the "dumb" population here fall for it, Also the appointment of the "evangelical" bitch is very well possible, because the total stupid Dems have no plan at all to stop it. An "boycott" could have prevented this, but they are too arrogant to use this, so they deserve to get this woman elected and have the "pain" from it for years to come. What an awful stupid Dem's party.

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    In the meantime the dow dropped more than 800 points today; it shows that things are getting worse here, regardless that Trump says that "we are rounding the corner" as an big lie. Sorry to say the appointment of the "catholic bitch" won't help much either. But yeah Trump keeps saying everything is "rosy" and his crowds believe it. Yes this country has given up on the virus as Meadows said. I've got the feeling that more things are going down the drain. Trump won't leave without an fight and will ruin this country even more if he looses or wins.

    As I've said a million times; it is an self inflicted wound, due to that in at least 100 years, no one corrected/updated the outdated Constitution and the meager rules/clauses without any defined penalties if not adhered to. But yeah I've never seen an country like this, who refuses to learn from their own mistakes. It should not be possible to elect an Trump type "ever" or an an Supreme Court person 2 weeks before an election and let her sit in such function for 40 years.

    Stupidity reigns here.!!!