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Militia wanted to kidnap and kill the Michigan governor Whitner.

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    The latest, likely Arizona has an better expanded comment. But these local terror groups are getting bolder by the day, because Trump is coaching them with code words as "Stand by" . FBI etc. has now arrested quite a few people (even of out of State) because they monitored these groups already quite a while. Whitner gave already an speech this afternoon about this.

    My comment is quite simple: Yes this country "asked" for it by electing this "traitor" into the W.H.

    More of this is likely to follow, thanks to our fantastic "gun" laws and no laws for Presidents. Yes it is the old wild west without decent laws and lack of education.

    Trump indeed as his niece has said is extremely dangerous; he will let people be killed as he did before.

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    This is a scary looking bunch:

    Image may contain: 8 people, beard, text that says 'Just because they are white, does not make them militias. They are not supplementing our armed forces in an emergency. They are domestic terrorists. David Plouffe'

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    Very small minded people filled with hate. I think they should rot in jail. Can this be considered treason ? Can a more harsh punishment follow ? Make an ugly example of these bitter though misguided ignorant fools.
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    I'm afraid that Trump or Barr may meddle with this ; yes "justice" may not be served if these SOB's get involved.

    Trump still scolds the Governor and may sent even another militia to finish her. Don't forget that Trump in his present state is even more dangerous than before his fake virus.

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    This is a scary looking bunch:

    For brevity on your post AZ, (no pic) the one with the red beard and hair looks zoned out, crazy eyes.

    Um, and they had something to do in my state? say it ain't so!

    "11 militia groups active in Wisconsin"

    "Federal court records show militia members arrested for a plot to kidnap Michigan's governor Thursday October 8 trained in Cambria, Wisconsin.

    Columbia County property records show Michael Jung owns the land the militia trained at.

    He identified himself as second in command of a militia called the Three Percenters to a CBS 58 reporter Thursday. "

    Cops and former military members are members of the oath keepers, three percenters.

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    Yes. you know it because you are living there. What is obvious is what I saw on TV. The "cops" are involved as well. I like to point out that this fits exactly about what I wrote before about the "hiring" and "training" of the police in this country. It is unbelievable that they not follow such. This is the result. But yeah they never learn in this country and refuse to apply of what I wrote. So let the police join these local terrorists , let the fun start. Trump will be "proud" of them.
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    Where are all the conservatives now talking about law and order ? In particular where are all the white Trump supporters who equate Black Lives Matter protests with " rioting and mob rule ? Oh... Maybe they agree with these people who wanted to kidnap Governor Whitner. I didn't think about that...
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    Center Left, Yes you got it right. Sorry to say this whole country is out of "wack". I wrote a million times about"why".

    In the first place how is it possible that we get an Trump type elected? It is always "cause" and "effect" which should be analyze'd. The "cause" is our "system" and the "laws" in the "system". They don't work right now because we have run out of steam. You can't retain an old Constitution and think this still works if you let a zillion lawyers tinker with it with "bandaids" for 200 years. Forget it; the mess only gets bigger.

    Indeed the time has come that this system ends up in "chaos" or an revolution as in any S. American country.; lots of cracks in the volcano walls.

    I hope that this country learns from it, but I doubt it.