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VP debate Harris vs Pence

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    What are you thoughts before, during, after the debate.

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    Mr. Pence, Do different brands of boots taste different or is just the act of licking boots satisfying to you ?

    He is rude like his master. Pathetic really.

    The next debate NEEDS a moderator controlled mute button. No self control.

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    My perception of Pence during the debate was a man who knew that pretty much all that he was saying was crap, but it was his job to fall in line and sell it. He was lackluster, just getting through it. He and Trump are a mis-match pair; two people that are using each other to achieve their own political ambitions.

    Pence wants to be President someday, and I am pretty confident that for the past 4 years Pence has been praying to God nightly that Trump would be forced out of office (impeached, resign, die, etc) for all the reasons we already know about, and thus Pence would take over (Republican leaders have been praying for that as well).

    Trump has been using Pence because Pence brought in the evangelical vote, which is a demographic that gravitates to domineering leaders that tell them what to think and what to do. Such leaders also tend to become corrupt and drunk on power as they rise to the top. aka "God must want me to have sex with teenage girls, otherwise why would they come come back {drunk} to my hotel room; its God's will".... Trump thinks evangelicals are all morons, but loves them because they follow him like a pack faithful dogs.

    ...Sorry, I digress off topic.

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    Although Susan Page wasn't always successful at shutting down Pence, she managed to come up with some good questions.

    Harris managed to control Pence a couple of times by saying, "I'm still talking" and she still managed to show her human side by frequently smiling at Pence, who might as well have been a fence post.

    Women rated Harris’s performance higher than men did, but still about 60% of observers in a CNN poll gave Harris the win. Positive impressions of Harris also rose from about 56% to 63%. Pence’s favorability of 41% stayed the same. So, Harris nailed what she needed to: she solidified her ticket’s lead.

    Still, the biggest winner of the debate was a large fly that landed on Pence’s head and roosted in his hair for two minutes without any reaction from the candidate. The hilarity that ensued on social media—you can just imagine the commentary—quickly overrode the few memorable words of the debate, leaving us with memorable impressions alone. Before the event was over, the fly had several Twitter accounts and the Biden campaign had snapped up the “” domain name.

    Image result for fly on pence's head

    They redirected it to a website designed to help people register to vote. (My McAfee anti-virus would not let me open up the website)


    The absurdity of a large fly being on stage brought to mind an old nursery rhyme:

    If I had more time and patience, it could be modified to fit Pence - but I'm not THAT patience.

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    I was not really impressed with it. However I must say Harris defended her self very well. Pence remains an ass crawler who knows nothing and only slimes with his co-asshole, I just wonder how it is possible that this |"used car salesman" got into the W.H. the same with his "boss"

    At least the moderator did her best and tried to stop Pence from doing the Trump thing.

    For the rest the same old stupidity related to what is going on in this country.

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    The fly won the night.