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Trump solves all healthcare problems with Herd Mentality

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    OK, its really Herd Immunity, but from Trump's perspective, what's the difference.

    The concept is that people who are immune, survive, and pass along the immunity to their children. The rest of population is SOL. But, according to Trump's voodoo math, a higher death rate for a few decades will improve the economy, therefore COVID-19 is really a good thing. Just wait for many generations for COVID kill off undesirable people and the health problems they have in their genes.

    COVID Benefits:

    • Old people more likely to die sooner.
    • Disable people more likely to die sooner.
    • Young people with health problems more likely to die sooner.

    What remains is the supreme master race and rich people.

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    If you call the Trump "clan" the "supreme master race" then I presume that after that, due to their unbelievable stupidity; this country will return to its old days of cowboys and Indians who chase each other.

    Yeah, but it will cost only about 100 million lives,who cares? They don't because they have no brains or are themselves mentally unfit to survive.

    I absolutely don't understand what is happening to this country; no one takes action, and are just awaiting the election chaos. It shows that this "system" here can't deal with an idiot as President, who surrounded himself with even more idiots which help this country to fall of the cliff. Wake up Dem's do something other than"words" alone.

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    After Trump exited his interview with Lesley Stahl, she was handed a thick black book that contained his health care plan.

    What was in it?

    This morning, Quora Digest provided the answer:

    After contemplating this ‘book’ since seeing it for the first time and Ms. Stahl’s mention that it only has a mish-mash of ‘stuff done’ but no actual plan, I have a new impression.

    The President engages in ‘Projection’. Knowing what he knows of his family, ‘friends’, allies, and such, he tends to project what he knows is true for himself. Many have noticed this point and it’s exceptionally funny when the President accuses another family as a ‘Criminal Enterprise’. Really, is that what you think of your family?!

    With regard to this book, remember that the President does NOT like to read, avoids written briefs and prefers drawings and many mentions of himself to keep him engaged.

    Ergo, we can draw from this observation and analysis to that when the President has this monstrous sized book handed over, it is deliberately heavy, impressive, and with no ‘pictures’.

    It seems very, very clear to me that the President expected that NO ONE would bother reading it or even really opening it. As another answer suggests, he assumed they would be ‘impressed' as would the people watching the video. In other words, imagine how the President would react if someone handed HIM a tome of that size. He probably wouldn’t pick it up. He certainly wouldn’t open it because he would immediately lose interest in all those Bigly and Numerous words.

    As of this morning, the coronavirus death total is 247, 202, and increase of 995 deaths from the day before. In addition, there were 166,045 new cases YESTERDAY. No other country in the world is even remotely close to those numbers.

    It is what it is.

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    Arizona, it should be clear to you that what you wrote is only the top of the iceberg. Right now everything is out of wack. The world is watching and has come to the conclusion, that this "island" better gets its "act" together, otherwise the rest of the world moves on, while this country enjoys stirring up their made shit and drowns in it due to pure arrogance. Circus Boltini for sure.
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    Scott Atlas's "herd immunity by natural infection" is nothing more than a continuation of the "survival of the fittest" Social Darwinist worldview where the richer and stronger members of society survive and the weak, sick, poor and elderly die. At the other end of the pandemic, sometime in 2022, America will emerge stronger economically with less of a burden to taxpayers of caring for the sick, weak and elderly. A twisted form of eugenics if you like. It's not new.

    How Social Darwinism Destroyed America From the Inside

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    The only question I have is: how is it possible in this stupid society that such person gets the attention of our President. In any "normal" country such person would not get any attention at all. It actually means that all the people Trump gathers around him are selected the same way, which means that whoever selected Trump himself must be ready for the "nut house", thus about 70 million of them. Thus he actually managed to "indoctrinate" that many people with "garbage".

    To the outside world it shows that this country will sustain in its craziness, because you can't eradicate that many people or re-train them to think "normal" for an awful long time. An "cult" is difficult to get rid of, or ship them all out to Guyana and have them drink the potion.