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Trump is getting desperate

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    We've already got a few threads about the polls, but a story in the Arizona Republic this morning reinforced the fact that the polls DO matter to Trump - a lot.

    On the day President Trump returned to Phoenix for yet another visit to Arizona, a new poll shows he is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by a large margin in the state.

    The poll by OH Predictive Insights has Biden up 52 percent to 42 percent over Trump.

    The Trump team is making FOUR visits to Arizona this week.

    On Sunday, Trump was at an INDOOR rally with "Latinos for Trump", with few people (including the governor) wearing masks.

    On Tuesday, Ivanka was in Phoenix.

    On Thursday, Karen Pence is coming to Phoenix.

    On Friday, hubby Mike will be here.

    "Latinos for Trump" actually sounds like an oxymoron.

    A recent Latinos Decision poll found that Trump trailed Biden nationally by 40 points (62-22). In Arizona, it's even worse, 65-18.

    Trump has been "anti-Mexican" since 2015, when he accused Mexico of sending rapists and murderers across the border. To make things worse, he later pardoned sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    Sunday's rally was Trump's FIFTH visit to Arizona this year. The list below shows all of the states that Trump has visited this year. By coincidence, the states he has visited the most (New Jersey, Virginia, and Florida) are all states where he has golf courses.

    Repeat after me.

    Emoluments clause.

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    I don't think he's getting desperate. If you've had 5 bankruptcies and married 3 times and was served 100's of law suits, then he's getting used to be an asshole. Your last thing about "emolument clause" just means that this country has no backbone and enforces such. The same as the "hatch" act. Like I've said make these things "laws" with penalties. But yeah they are too stupid to do so. All the "rules" here don't count, Trump shits on them. He's not so desperate that he all of a sudden has become an "sweet" nice caring old man.
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    As if having 4 visits from the Trump team this week wasn't bad enough, Donald Jr. will be in Arizona next week.

    Donald Trump Jr. will headline a "Students for Trump" rally in Chandler on Sept. 22, the group announced Thursday. The visit also will feature Charlie Kirk, founder and president of the conservative, student-geared organization, Turning Point USA.

    The Chandler event is the first of two Arizona rallies meant to energize young voters for the upcoming election. The second Students for Trump rally, which will include U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., and state Rep. Walt Blackman, R-Snowflake, will happen in Flagstaff on Sept. 26.

    (Gosar is the Freedom Caucus clown who rushed to the defense of Cliven Bundy a few years ago).

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    As of this morning, Biden's campaign has $466 million in the bank, compared to Trump's $325 million, a difference of $141 million. At one point in the spring, Trump had a war chest of nearly $1 billion, but rapidly burned through $800 million on some dubious expenses. destroying the financial advantage it had this spring.

    Besides all the recent visits to Arizona, another clue to the dire straits of the Trump campaign are the number of fundraising requests that I get from the campaign every single day. On most days, I'll receive FIVE separate requests from Trump on my gmail account.

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    How many times I have to write that "raising money" is about the worst thing an country can do. It "CORRUPTS" any election. As long as this country maintains such then indeed you get the "Trump" types.

    Such "money race" is the worst you can do for elections; at least in Europe they limit this to an fixed low amount which is only for "proven" cost incurred per candidate. Not for the stream of "adds" as they do here.

    An very sick country; make "elections" "HONEST" for a change. It is not an "auction" where the highest bidder wins. Please bring 15 barf buckets.

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    I'm just wondering; are we electing someone, or is this just an "lotto" without "brains"? Until now I've not seen anything with what the Dem's are going to fight this Hitler. They are just waiting to get their winter sleep time, I guess.

    Sorry, but I hear more and more voices that Trump will win, because Biden is too nice. Thus I wish this country lots of luck!!

    There is only about one month to go and things seem to only favor the Trump party. Only the "virus" thing is in our favor; which is very strange indeed. I keep my fingers crossed all the way!!

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    You heard it here. Trump will lose the popular vote and win the electoral vote. More steps down the road to the destruction of the country.

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    Brandon Rhyne lined up at 2 a.m. Tuesday outside the Crowne Plaza resort in downtown Chandler to secure a spot for the Students for Trump rally later that morning.

    Rhyne, a student at California State University at Fullerton, drove from Southern California for the event. He and a friend were the first in line.

    Tuesday’s event drew several hundred to the hotel’s ballroom, where few masks were seen and social distancing was ignored as event organizers asked attendees to “pack it in.” The event originally slated for outside was moved indoors to accommodate a larger crowd, organizers said.

    During what was more of a laid-back conversation between friends than your typical political rally, Trump Jr. and Kirk were seated on stage. They acknowledged Arizona had become a battleground state, which Kirk attributed to a lack of strong Republican leadership and both men blamed on increased influence from neighboring California.

    (hmmm ... why is it always somebody else's fault?)

    Trump Jr.’s visit is the fifth Trump-related campaign event in metro Phoenix in just more than a week, kicked off with a visit from President Donald Trump. Younger brother Eric Trump will be in Arizona on Wednesday to stump for his father.

    Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods, in a statement released from the Biden campaign, said the Trump campaign is panicking in Arizona.

    "Arizonans are sick and tired of Donald Trump’s failed leadership. More than 200,000 Americans are dead from COVID and hundreds of thousands of Arizonans out of work," Woods said. "Joe Biden is the leader we need to help our country build back better from Trump's failures."

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    Heather Cox Richardson, who is not know for being succinct, mentioned an article in The Atlantic this morning that is REALLY LONG. You can read the entire article at the link below, but you can get the gist by skimming through it.

    In brief, Trump is likely to use a lot dirty tricks to stay in power, even if they are borderline illegal. Given what he has done so far, he is likely to try some things that are blatantly illegal.

    Stay tuned.

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    Yes the Titanic hit the rocks; all of this was "predictable". This old rusty bucket had too many "patches" done with the wrong clue. Also the passengers never had swimming lessons and the life jackets were full of holes and mildew. But yeah also the "paint job" was done with "water color" and the passengers were fed up with eating whale burgers so they revolted and drew their old muskets but the "powder" was no longer dry, so they then resorted to "praying" which did not help much either. Then the "virus" got hold of them so they thought let's have some more "parties" (read rally's) that did not help either, so as last resort they selected an "young" maiden who studied some outdated laws and may be could save the ship. The Captain was drunk in his cabin and only wanted more "stuff" and only cared about his own ass and had the only not worn out life jacket which he polished every day. The story did not end well they found the ship 80 years later; in the meantime the world moved on. All of this ended up in an"museum" as an "has been" ship. Amen

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    Despite the efforts of Trump and his family, he is losing badly in Arizona.

    As of a week ago, he was losing by 10 points to Joe Biden.

    Not only is Trump losing the all-important battle for independents, the September poll indicates Trump is losing support among older Republicans.

    Downplaying a highly contagious virus that is killing older Americans will do that, it seems.

    “If you’re losing independents by 20 points and you have a leakage problem in your base, you simply have a numbers problem when it comes to 50 percent plus one,” OH Predictive Insights pollster Mike Noble told me.

    And not much time to make it up.

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    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are finally coming to Arizona next Thursday.

    Meanwhile, Trump will be in Tucson on Monday (boo!) and Flagstaff on Tuesday, his 6th and 7th visit so far this year.

    Biden appears to have an advantage in Arizona, where polling suggests he is leading Trump ahead of the Nov. 3 election. The running mates' visit is timed to coincide with the start of early voting, which begins Oct. 5.

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    Maybe I spoke too soon.

    A breaking story states that the White House is panicking over Trump's diagnosis because it could end his re-election hopes.

    As the presidential campaign enters the last few weeks, the inability for the president to get out and campaign due to being quarantined — to say nothing should the 74-year old Trump become deathly ill from the virus — has White House and campaign officials reeling at the prospect the election is already over.

    Since he and Melania are now in quarantine, that means that he will NOT be in Arizona next week (hurray!)

    “It’s almost certain that the remaining two debates between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden will be canceled or drastically changed. The next one is scheduled for less than two weeks from now, on Oct. 15, and medical guidance would most likely keep the president isolated until then,” the report states. “And after having gone forward with the rallies he craves, despite rules against large gatherings in many states, Mr. Trump will not be able to leave Washington during a final, crucial stretch of the campaign.”

    “In the White House, advisers to the president acknowledged that the positive test would remind voters of how dismissive Mr. Trump had been about the virus, not only with his own neglect of safety but also in his overly rosy assessments about a pandemic that has killed more than 207,000 people in the United States,” the report adds. “Mr. Trump’s recklessness, one adviser admitted, amounted to a political ‘disaster.'”

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    I don't think so; he's got the"virus", but the stock market as well. Kind of weird that the stock market tanked on the news; it should have gone up all the way instead. Nothing is nicer than to get rid of this "mafia" raised idiot.
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    Oddly enough the Trump campaign was airing ads on MSNBC so I saw a couple of them. The ads I saw looked like rehashed templates that might been from John McCain campaign bid in 2008: an american war hero who has served his country and almost died. Instead of McCain, they inserted Donald Trump, trying to suggest that throughout Donald Trump's life he has always been focused on serving his country and sacrificing himself for others. Using his great wealth to better mankind (persona lifted from Bill Gates and the Gates foundation) Advising past presidents and other world leaders throughout his life starting a young age, all of it leading to the forgone conclusion that one day, the great Donald Trump, would become the greatest president ever elected.


    Without changing a thing, the ads could have been produced by SNL or The Onion, as satire.