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the case for re-election

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    When asked what he would accomplish in a second term recently by a journalist, Trump had no ready answer. That, of course, would not have any effect on Trump supporters, who would be quick to point out his accomplishments.

    The truth is, though, that Trump HAD made some progress on some issues. However, as Farah Stockman pointed out this morning, "the devil is in the details".

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    The only thing Trump wants to accomplish in an "second" term is: To fill his pockets to the brim; to become and copy of Putin; and "I alone am the dictator who decides EVERYTHING" without any people who do have qualifications/education/experience etc. and object.

    "Loyalty" is the name of the game; certainly not common sense or "brains or "laws/rules"; he knows it all.

    If he wins, forget this "banana republic"; it will be like Venezuela or worse.

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    Just watched a Trump commercial. Just like the man, it was packed full of lies. There should be some standards and conditions required. I know that's perhaps impossible but I expect the next Trump commercial to say Joe Biden is an alien from another galaxy. He has Leprosy and Ebola and he probably has poison ivy sores. His likelihood of Spontaneous combination is 16 times higher than anyone else and he will kill all dogs, cats, horses and cows if elected.

    The lunacy never ends and there's no requirement or any expectations for accuracy or truth. The commercial I just watched said Biden will raise your taxes by 4 Trillion dollars. A recent interview with Mr. Biden said I will not raise your taxes unless you make over 400,000 per year. Reasonable.

    We need future laws to demand some accountability. This insane clown show is intolerable. Say absolutely anything - because there's no rule against it.

    Hopeful for huge turnout in November. The insane occupant of the WH has one single concern. Stealing as much as humanly possible

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    I don't like the Trump commercials either, there should be laws to outline ethics in campaign ads so candidates cannot lie about other candidates or what each has accomplished. As we all know, Trump is a lying sack of shit.
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    TJ if you look at how many people still fall for this lunatic, then I only can observe; how come that these people are so terrible dumb. I guess I know the answer. It is the "freedom of speech" which here has no limits, the same as an President who works without "limits". Media like FOX, Sinclair , etc should be banned since they spew nothing but lies and craziness. The same applies what is spewed in certain magazines. It creates an heaven for all the weirdo's here like Trump who actually belongs in an mental institution. Sorry to say the mental state of this country is deplorable all the way.

    Pelosi and Schumer, Biden are nice people, but are only able so "say" what is wrong in this country, and then the "buck" stops dead in its tracks, because we never made proper laws and an election system without "money" and without B.S. to prevent the mess we are in right now. All of this is an self inflicted wound by allowing "lunatic idiots" to become President and elect other functions because they are "loyal". NUTS. I've never seen that in other civilized countries not even in Canada. Amen

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    This one Factcheck is a small scratch to the surface. There's so much more that should be detailed. Nice to know some information is available. Americans should look for some truth but question most sources.

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    Dockadams Wrote: I don't like the Trump commercials either, there should be laws to outline ethics in campaign ads so candidates cannot lie about other candidates or what each has accomplished. As we all know, Trump is a lying sack of shit.


    I agree with you, but Arizona Republic columnist E.J. Montini reminds us that it is perfectly legal for politicians to lie:

    "We have an ongoing controversy over such a thing going on in Arizona right now. Sen. Martha McSally and the National Republican Senatorial Committee are attacking Democrat Mark Kelly with an ad that purports to say that Kelly and World View, a company with which he was affiliated, took $15 million in money from Pima County taxpayers and more or less pocketed the cash and broke their promises about jobs.

    Tim Steller, the excellent columnist with the Arizona Daily Start, who’s been familiar with the deal since the beginning, said of the ad."

    “It’s an absurd claim, a lie in fact.”

    Likewise, World View has sent the TV stations running the ad a cease and desist letter demanding that they stop broadcasting something that is “false and defamatory.”

    So, why haven’t they?

    Basically, it’s because there is no independent arbiter to sort this stuff out. Candidates are permitted to lie, unlike the companies that sell you paper towels or potato chips.

    Consumers are protected by truth in advertising laws administered by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

    The commission has the authority to do everything from fining a company to pulling the ads.

    It’s different with political ads. While the Federal Election Commission requires TV and radio ads to provide information about who produced them, what is said in those ads has been deemed protected speech, even if it’s not true.

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    Despite his obvious shortcomings, there are STILL people who are planning to vote for Trump.

    In an attempt to persuade a few of them about the folly of their beliefs, I posted "45 reasons not to re-elect the 45th president" on Facebook this morning:

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    Forget it; it is clear that these indoctrinated uneducated hillbillies know nothing, but don't want to learn anything either. The churches also preach the Trump doctrines on how you can stay an "backwards" country. I bet even more Trump voters will be there during the last days of voting and pull the Hillary stunt again. Don't be surprised; there are here lots more brainless idiots than you think, especially in certain States like FL, because for selling bananas or ice-cream or beach gear then you don't need brains or an education.
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    If the 2016 election taught us anything, it's the dangers of being complacent, which is why 90 million eligible voters did not vote - and Trump won the election due to 80,000 votes in 3 states.

    The Quora Digest published an article on October 19 that should have all of us breathing easier.

    It explores a variety of scenarios, but virtually all of them point to a Biden victory.

    Here's the first two paragraphs:

    • Biden will almost certainly have 226 Electoral Votes before the end of the night; those are the totals of the states that are clearly favored to go to Biden and where he will very likely be far enough ahead where mail-in ballots won’t change it. I included Minnesota and New Hampshire in this total.
    • Biden will likely have a strong majority in mail-in ballots, meaning that if he has a lead in a state, that lead is likely to grow…and if he and Trump are tied, Biden is likely to win…and if Biden is only behind Trump by a little, he’s also likely to win.

    Here's another key paragraph:

    If Biden is ahead at all in Florida, it means that he’s won the election. He’d still be just shy of 270 votes (at 268) on election night, which means that Trump would likely try to muddy the waters…but Florida is such a must-win for Trump that we’d likely have the final result the next day…and the faster we get that confirmation, the less likely it is that Trump can pull shenanigans.

    Here's why Trump probably will NOT win Florida:

    Trump threw a rally in The Villages in Florida today in a vain attempt to pump some life into his failing campaign. Joe Biden holds a formidable lead ahead of the president with less than ten days till the election. Barring some catastrophic event or mass voter complacency, it looks likely that the former vice president will soon become our 46th president. But Trump refuses to accept that likelihood, hence his continued commitment to throwing COVID-19 superspreader events.

    Per usual, the president’s rally rhetoric was a heady connection of incoherence and mendacity, cooked up on demand for a screaming audience whose members long ago untethered themselves from reality and devoted themselves unquestioningly to their idiotic God-king.

    Trump attacked Hirono’s support for the Green New Deal and ludicrously claimed that she suggested “building a bridge to Hawaii” to cut back on emissions from airplane travel. The senator of course suggested no such thing, as a 3,758-mile bridge would be nothing less than the greatest architectural feat in human history. The fact that Trump would make such a stupid claim shows you how little he thinks of his supporters’ intelligence. He’s convinced they’ll believe anything he says and unfortunately he’s often correct.

    The president wasn’t done lying there, and also made the ridiculous claim that Joe Biden would ban seniors from using air conditioning in the summer and indoor heating in the winter and allow “no electricity during peak hours.” As usual with Trump, the claims were conjured wholesale from the ether without a shred of truth to back them up. Lest anyone take him for anything less than the abject ignoramus he is, Trump then launched a fact-free attack on wind power.