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Biden versus Trump campaign websites

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    Dutch Wrote:

    Your analyses misses the "question" on how these people were raised. I've got the feeling that in most households here both parents work so the "kids" don't get raised properly, except on Sunday attending "church" which makes things even worse, because it "indoctrinates" and does not allow analytic thinking.

    The nanny or the schools have no clue about the what and how in the world, let alone what the word "social" means. Just learn your writing and American history and how to make money, that is sufficient. The word "culture" is seldom used.

    The Trump supporters are an rare breed; on TV etc. if they open their mouth, then they over scream everything which is the truth and is reasonable and "bully" their way to score even if they lie all the time. Strange culture those Trumpers. How do you re-school those types ever?

    You don't re-school people that never have been schooled in the first place.

    I am actually to a point where I am ready to give them their own nation, such as they claim to want.

    Give them a few states, like Mississippi and Alabama, for example, everyone who wants to live in the new White Hell Nation has free passage to move there, and all those, like us...who want to live in peace and diversity, has free pass to move out.

    When the sorting is done, we build a wall between our two nations, never the twain shall we meet. Let them kill each other behind their wall, but never again shall they influence the power structure in our nation to deprive others of our birthright as Americans to live in peace, tranquility and equality.

    That's the deal. Y'all want your own nation?? You can have it. But the deal is YOU STAY THERE. We do not want you back, EVER. And you never set toe into the part of this nation that is not yours. You do not set FOOT in this nation, because, without YOU...this nation can become great once again.

    I am DONE being nice about this, and I am DONE being nice to people that are not nice to others.
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    Schmidt Wrote:

    Dutch -- You are stereotyping based on the actions of some. I live in a Republican neighborhood. All my neighbors are friendly and helpful. ..good neighbors. They are not the loud, screaming "Jim Jordan" types or like those militia you see on TV. Yet they vote Republican out of tribal loyalty or perhaps greed...or perhaps their Christian ways. They are educated. But it is true that many are also insular in their ways having not been exposed to other cultures.

    The purpose of sharing the article is to make the point that there are indeed many psychological reasons for the most avid of Trump supporters to be in his camp. Beyond that there are many one issue voters...and tribalism. When I was canvassing for Obama, I met a young women, solid Democrat in every way, who said she was voting for Romney because of his stance on abortion.

    Furthermore, there are many households where both parents work, but still raise their kids to be decent human beings. So I would disagree with the assertion that both parents working don't raise their kids properly. The fact that we have so many liberal progressive Democrats in this country whose views are more global and encompassing is why I am more optimistic about the future than you. You take a broad brush against Americans based on what you see in Trump world. I prefer the Obama-Biden worldview.

    You're a better man than I am a woman, then, Schmidt. When I think of the Obama worldview...I keep hearing "When they go low, we go high" and recalling just what "going high" got us.

    To hell with that, I say when they go low, we kick them in the teeth!

    I am tired of the reality in America that ONLY minorities are kicked in the teeth.