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2020 Election: Truth vs Fiction

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    Well ideally once an enlightened idea, behavior, concept, etc has been discovered, it would be universally accepted and then implemented throughout the entire world, but as history has demonstrated, its likely to takes centuries for outdated things to be replaced with better one. Technology seems to be the an area where the old is quickly replace by the new, not its not true with human behavior, political ideas, progression in religious beliefs. Hell, about 90% of the world population still believes in a single omnipotent male god who gives each soul a thumbs up\down sending the soul to heaven or hell... which shows how spiritually immature the world still mains, and how far its yet to go. Even the concept of Heaven\Hell is juvenile, yet most of the world would bet their life on the concept.

    My point is that rarely is anything instantly adopted no matter how universally true and good it might be. Its a very long and slow process taking many generations to bread out crap that almost appears to be in human DNA. And I personally would not be surprised if science discovers that are DNA patterns to such things as racism, and its stronger in some people than other depending on other DNA patterns found than enhance behavioral DNA.

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    wwjd, an excellent thread; you hit it right on, compliments! Yes, it is an strange world we live in. However our animal instinct is still sitting in the way of progress. Indeed our advancement in technology does not mean that the human race has gotten any better mentality. Also the DNA which drives us to war, because of someone invented religion, is an anomaly to cover up our shortcomings as humans. We are like ants who always want an "leader"; but if the leader happens to have the wrong DNA, then forget the ants. We always have to invent excuses for what we are.

    The animal instinct may win in the end; however the dinosaurs got extinct because their DNA flunked them, as may the human race by keeping fighting each other.

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    There are actually two reasons for the audit. As you have mentioned, one of them is to raise money. Kelli Ward, the Republican chair of he Republican Party in Arizona has been sending out fund-raising letters that defend the audit. Strangely enough, the letters also include a pre-checked box for "recurring payments", which is precisely what Trump did after the election. His re-election committee eventually had to refund nearly $12 million dollars.

    The other reason can be found in a letter to the editor in this morning's paper.

    The former mayor of Clarksdale has known Senate president Karen Farr for years. He said that choosing the most biased, least professional organization to do the audit was the only way to convince the crazy people in her party that Biden actually won the election. Once Cyber Ninjas will inevitably reach that conclusion, that should finally placate the crazy people, which THREE previous audits did not do.

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    The former mayor of Clarksdale has known Senate president Karen Farr for years. He said that choosing the most biased, least professional organization to do the audit was the only way to convince the crazy people in her party that Biden actually won the election. Once Cyber Ninjas will inevitably reach that conclusion, that should finally placate the crazy people, which THREE previous audits did not do.

    I understand what is being suggested, if far far right crazy people conduct the audit and declare Biden won, the rest of the far far crazy people will finally agree too....

    I disagree with that premise because these crazy Trump followers all look to Trump for the final answer, and if Trump refuses to concede, and continues to go Fox news repeating over and over that he won in 2020 by a landside, and that the election was stolen it from him, it just does not matter what evidence there is that Biden won, they will never ever believe it until it comes directly from Donald Trump. And he will never ever say "Joe Bidden won the election fair and square", therefore his crackpot followers will go to their graves believing that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, but it was stolen from him by people who conspired against him, which includes Mike Pence who failed to block the certification process on 1/6/21. Pence is lucky the mob did not find him on Jan 6th, because there is a high probability that he would have killed by that mob. We can easily picture in our mind the image of Mike Pence hanging dead over the second floor landing in front of chanting Trump crowd: "burn him at the stake, burn him at the stake, burn him at the stake"

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    Schmidt Wrote: I saw this on Rachel Maddow. They are drawing in money from big donors to conduct the audit. No matter the results, they are making tons of money doing it. And at the end, without transparency, they can declare almost anything to prove Trump won, and the onus will be on Dems to prove them wrong. They are adept at messaging and hope to win over sizable number of voters with another subset of the BIG LIE. Oh and make lots of money in the process. Follow the money...always.


    E.J.Montini of the Arizona Republic published an interesting column about this topic this morning. He called it the "Nigerian prince" scam.

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars are turned over to various princely con men each year.

    (For the record, the amount scammed is roughly $700,000 a year)

    Flimflam artists like this succeed by appealing to our worst traits, and to our best – greed, fear, indignation, loyalty, charity.

    Former President Donald Trump was an expert at this.

    Trump performed a 'bait and switch'

    For example, when it became clear he had lost the presidential election, Trump knew he was going to face some serious legal challenges as a private citizen.

    Expensive legal challenges.

    Being a wealthy man, however, he couldn’t simply ask average Americans to send money that would benefit him alone. So he asked them instead to send money that, supposedly, would benefit THEM.

    He created the “Save America” committee, and working with the Republican National Committee sent fundraising emails and texts to tens of thousands of supporters urging them to donate to his committee to help him fight what he said was widespread election fraud.

    These requests continued up to the time the mob was attacking the U.S. Capitol, and they brought Trump a huge windfall, roughly $76 million.

    Of which he has spent practically nothing on investigating election fraud.

    And he doesn’t need to.

    He can, and probably will, use the money for whatever he wants.

    In the flimflam game they call that a “bait and switch.”

    Now, there's an audit no one will believe

    In Arizona, the political farce that is the Republican-sponsored election audit is a bit like that.

    First, the Republican-controlled state Senate hired a company with no experience doing election audits, a company founded by a conspiracy-spouting guy who posted unsubstantiated allegations about election fraud on Twitter.

    Then they tried to keep the press out of their vote counting process. Perhaps because it was more chaos than process.

    Then they admitted they can’t guarantee all political parties will be included as observers. Then they brought in former elected Republican Ken Bennett to oversee things, a man who denies he was an Obama “birther,” though as secretary of state he talked of keeping the former president’s name off the election ballot unless Hawaii could prove to him that Obama was born there.

    Donald Trump is turning Arizona into the Area 51 of politics . Anyone believe we didn't grow enough to earn a 10th congressional seat?

    Also, the people running this sideshow haven’t been particularly forthcoming on how they’re going to protect the private information of voters, which could include signatures, driver license numbers and the last four digits of your Social Security number.


    No one – not one person – except those who already believe in the fantasy of voter fraud will take anything these people say seriously, and nothing they are doing is going to change the outcome of the election.

    So, why do it?

    Why do it? To reel in the easy marks

    For the same reason that phony “Nigerian prince” sent you an email. The same reason Trump asked you to support his committee: Money.

    The idea is to keep people riled up. Appeal to their emotions. Then hit them up for cash.

    As Arizona Republic reporter Yvonne Wingett Sanchez pointed out in a recent story, Arizona Republican Party chair Kelli Ward is sending video emails to supporters asking them to fork over some dough in order to help the party continue with the audit, saying, “It’s a fight and we need your help to keep it going …”

    They’re even asking supporters to check a box on the fundraising page in which these trusting souls would agree to hand over monthly donations.

    Very slick.

    I don’t believe even Trump or the “Nigerian prince” thought of that.

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    Only in America! La la land for sure. Forget this country, Biden at least tries, but I guess he has no idea how crazy this country has become under the Trump idiots. The rebuttal done by the GOP last night was an total farce, especially if the party of "hate" uses an "black" person to give the rebuttal, who even thinks that Trump is responsible for all the "injections" we've done for the "virus" . A total laughable rebuttal.

    In the meantime the State of Arizona lives on another planet; yes this makes America an super asshole country for sure.

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    The "audit" will likely continue for a few more weeks, thus becoming "the never ending story", with new developments popping up every day.

    Citing violations of voting and election laws, representatives of the Brennan Center for Justice, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and Protect Democracy urged the Department of Justice to protect ballots and prevent voter intimidation.

    "Ballots that are protected under federal law are in imminent danger of being stolen, defaced, or irretrievably damaged, and Arizona citizens are in imminent danger of being subject to unlawful voter intimidation," the four security specialists wrote in the April 29 letter.

    Kelli Ward's response is laughable:

    "Arizona is off limits to the federal government trampling on our constitutional rights and our sovereignty," Ward said. "When it comes to managing our own election, we believe in the U.S. Constitution."

    Ward, who has promoted baseless conspiracy theories that the 2020 presidential election was rigged against former president Donald Trump, has championed the audit as a way to ensure election integrity in Arizona.

    "We also do not want or need partisan attack dogs like the Brennan Center or Protect Democracy coming in to observe or interfere or undermine our elections and the Arizona State Senate Audit," Ward said. "But they are coming with their lawyers, with their money and with their agenda to attempt to derail this full forensic audit that is being done by qualified experts."

    She called the groups "aggressive and dirty players" who are "working with BLM (Black Lives Matter) and Marxist groups to literally destroy our nation."

    The letter to the DOJ was signed by Wendy Weiser and Hannah Klain at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law; Wade Henderson, CEO at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; and Genevieve Nadeau, counsel at Protect Democracy.

    (The entire 8 page letter can be read in the link poster below)

    The election specialists warned that Cyber Ninjas, the Florida firm hired to lead the $150,000 audit, planned to knock on the doors of Maricopa County voters and collect information related to voter history.

    "We are concerned ... the Senate and its agents are preparing to engage in conduct that will constitute unlawful voter intimidation in violation of the Voting Rights Act and other federal laws," the election specialists wrote.

    Cyber Ninjas founder Doug Logan is a Trump supporter who has pushed unfounded election fraud claims as part of the "Stop the Steal" movement. Logan told reporters last week he would not touch any ballots.

    But former Arizona State lawmaker Anthony Kern, who stumped at "Stop the Steal" rallies and was at the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection, has been been helping to count ballots for the audit.

    (An Arizona Republic reporter was escorted from the Arizona election audit site on Friday morning after posting a photo showing a former Republican legislator at a ballot-counting table.

    The photo showed a ballot, with no markings discernible, on a vertical stand in front of former state Rep. Anthony Kern, R-Glendale.

    The reporter, Ryan Randazzo, was told his press privileges were revoked. He left the building as requested.)

    About 100,000 ballots had been counted as of Wednesday, when officials gave the last audit update. The audit is scheduled to end May 14, but Senate liaison Ken Bennett indicated it could be extended. Whatever the outcome, the audit will not change election results.

    President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris carried Arizona by 10,457 votes, the narrowest margin of any state in the country. The results were certified by Gov. Doug Ducey, the secretary of state and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

    County officials hand-counted a statistically significant sampling of ballots and conducted two logic and accuracy tests of voting machines. The audit showed votes were counted with 100% accuracy.

    Secretary of State Katie Hobbs reiterated concerns Friday about the reliability of the audit and noted that it took a court order to force Cyber Ninjas to release its audit procedures, which the company maintained were proprietary.

    "It should not be a surprise that a company that has neither election experience nor auditing experience is not following some of the basic industry standards and best practices," Hobbs said in a statement.

    Ward, in her YouTube video, called Hobbs a "Democrat hack" and blamed her for the DOJ request. Ward said a court agreement already allowed Hobbs to have observers at the coliseum.

    "She's bringing the feds in where they have absolutely no business," Ward said. "All of this is an insult to Arizona voters."

    Kelli Ward was born Kelli Kaznoski in Fairmont, West Virginia. Ward graduated from Bridgeport High School in 1987, as the class valedictorian.

    She earned a BS in psychology from Duke University, where she was a contributor to the Duke Chanticleer.[citation needed] She was awarded a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, and also received a master's degree in public health from A.T. Still University.

    This lady is obviously very intelligent, but she apparently has taken a lot of "dumb pills" along the way.

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    What do you expect from someone out of W.Virginia? Must be an inbred coal miners daughter. The "degrees" were paid for with coal , I guess. The "doctor's" title you get with the cornflakes box, if you can afford cornflakes. Kaznoski name must be from Poland or some place there, thus raised on perogi's an goat milk in W. Virginia. Yes super intelligent for sure. W.Virginia must be one of the most backward States there is; ask the idiot Senator Manchin who claims that he's an Democrat but thinks like an Republican. There must be something "in the air" in the US to make all these "educated?" idiots crazy.
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    A few days ago, a State Fair official said that extending the ballot recount beyond May 14 is "not feasible". As of yesterday, only about 10% of the ballots had been counted, so there is literally no way that all of the ballots can be counted in the allotted.

    During the closing minutes of Rachel Maddow last night, news broke that the Department of Justice is asking Arizona Senate President Karen Fann to respond to concerns about ballot security and potential voter intimidation.

    My guess is that this entire farce will come to a screeching halt in the next week or so.


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    I guess I gave already enough comments. The only thing I can add is that this country surpassed Nigeria in stupidity. Congratulations America you are indeed number one in "governing" ha ha ; is the barrel of British "clotted cream" not finished yet?

    Where are all the "lawsuits" which Trump would get? Nowhere to be found after about 6 month!!

    La la land for sure, be proud of it!!!