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2020 Election: Truth vs Fiction

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    What Dock said is the real issue; people here are always "indoctrinated" either by the "media" or the "church". The point is that people here are "having lazy brains as hell"; they just absorb everything like dumb monkeys; the "boob" tube is their "god".

    I've never been in any country where people are so gullible as here; their minds are steered by lying politicians and the "media/church" ; there seems to be no other way , like "thinking/ analysing" anything for themselves. It is called "herd" mentality which fits perfectly in with an "dictatorship" which Trump wants; he will do the thinking for them, so they don't have to think, except if they want "fries" or "chips". Sorry this country is slowly but surely beyond saving, if at least 50% let the thinking over to an "spoiled uneducated baby" in the W.H. and idiots in the Trump Party supporting him.

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    And get this Dutch, the people we're referring to do not fact check anything out, they believe what they hear without ever having any doubt about the rumor and propaganda. We witnessed all that at Trump rallies when he told the crowd to slow the testing for coronavirus down! There's 72 million of them out here who believe that jackass. The numbers are disturbing, one out of every two people who voted are complete morns! OMFG.
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    The word that comes to mind this morning is scumbag, and this is why:

    In contrast, Trump is trying to retain relevance by creating chaos, as usual.

    He continues to insist he won the election, against all evidence. Christopher Krebs, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, earlier pushed back against his insistence the vote was tainted, calling the election “the most secure in American history.” Today, Trump fired him. Krebs tweeted “Honored to serve. We did it right. Defend Today, Secure Tomorrow.”

    National political reporter Robert Costa says he keeps hearing from people around Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani that they are challenging the results of the election not because they think there is any chance for Trump to catch up to Biden in actual votes, but in order to try to prevent key states from certifying their votes. This would throw the election into the House of Representatives, where each state gets one vote. This, they believe, would give Trump a win.

    It’s a terribly long shot, and it doesn’t appear to be working. So far, Trump’s lawyers have already lost 25 of the campaign’s lawsuits. They won one, on procedure, not on evidence.

    Meanwhile, the story that broke last night about Senator Lindsey Graham’s interference in the recount of ballots in Georgia got more detailed. Yesterday, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said that Graham (R-SC) had asked him if it were possible to throw out all mail-in ballots from counties with large numbers of mismatched signatures, a request Raffensperger found shocking. Graham admitted the call but denied Raffensperger’s characterization of it. Now it turns out there was someone else on the call, who confirmed the conversation.

    Graham told reporters that he had also spoken with the secretaries of state in Nevada and Arizona, only to have Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs contradict the story on Twitter, saying she had not spoken with him, and Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske also deny that he had contacted her. Then he said he had spoken with the Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, but couldn’t recall to whom he had spoken in Nevada. This whole story begs the question: why was Graham, who is a senator from South Carolina, grilling the Georgia secretary of state about an election recount in Georgia?

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    May be now people get the picture that you never should allow an "idiot" to be elected into the W.H. without proper "vetting" and providing no tax returns. This is the result of such stupidity, it will hound this country for an awful long time. By getting Trump then you get automatically the Graham types who is just one of the twist and turn "cult" members who fits right in with our "asshole" leader. Thus nothing new. Plenty of people like that around, who seldom get punished for their total incompetence and butt crawling due to lack of enforceable rules and laws.

    The history books will tell the tale that this country "self destroyed" due to lacking of solid "laws" and inviting all the idiots you can find here to run the country, who's only hobby is to collect money, preferably over "dead bodies".

    Furthermore the "gap" of 2 and a half month, before Biden gets inaugurated, gives all the idiots and Trump plenty of time to make the mess greater than it is already. Because also again there are no "black and white " laws of what an "sitting" President is allowed to do in such period. The same applies about "voting" in an Supreme Court member weeks before an"election" which should also be defined in an "law" to make such impossible.

    Sorry but only possible in an "banana republic" without proper laws; be proud of it.

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    Dutch, you are describing is what a political group of people are likely do when they have gone from majority control to a shrinking political minority. They resort to harmful tactics that break laws, ethics, and even give up many of their own priorities. Authoritarian governments (Russia, China, North Korea) are basically setup where a small minority have controlling power over the majority, and use their power to suppress and limit the freedoms of the majority.

    The GOP is not a minority group on the rise, such as ethnic groups that were once highly controlled and suppressed by the majority. Minority groups that have been gaining political power over decades, abet slowly, tend to seek to change laws and norms that will have equal power, not controlling and domaining power. The Trump GOP wants total and absolute power over all people and all things. Think Germany in the 1930s - 1945, that is exactly the government that Trump and his hardcore supporters want; they want minority control and could care less what the cost are to others nor to themselves.

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    Yes you are right; indeed it looks like the Hitler power grabs, Pompeo could fill the role of Goering for sure, he's now making "deals" for Trump in the "middle east" so he can keep "collecting" after he's out. But no one "blinks" here or does something about this. He's got already the "kickbacks" from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates (for the weapons deal) and he wants an "safe" place to "store" his "commission.

    Ask the CIA what is Pompeo doing all the time in the "middle east?


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    Dock and Arizona, I'm not surprised due to the fact that most "controls" in the "media are lost in space. then the whole mis information circus gets the overhand. Anyone can write or re-design anything, so it looks "real"; that is the problem of 2020.

    So if people are not educated and are not able to see the difference between "real" and "fake", sure then you get an problem in an society. Since people here are too "gullible" and lazy to analyze truth versus fake/lies ; they also believe everything the "church" says, then you get the society we live in. The percentage of these people is extremely high, compared to other civilized countries. Such will mean we have to suffer for a long time, because no one is inclined to fix the "media" about truth telling; by means of "laws". "Free speech" is ridiculous as it is done here without "limits".

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    Interesting, but that will not change Trump and his disciples; the mess only can get bigger; Trump will make sure of that. It will be an long and painful road until January 20th. But even after that, how are you going to fix the crashed bus laying in the ravine? I wish Biden lots of luck, he will need it. If I was him I would already buy lots of paint and have the building contractors ready before moving in the W.H. As well buy some new TV's because Trump threw them out of the windows.

    That is what you get if you "rent" the place to an member of the "street mob" ; I bet all the bathrooms are orange by now because of his hair color as well have black streaks because Rudy used the bathroom. What a country without "laws", but zillions of "lawyers" who mess it only up further.

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    A few days after the election, the Daily Mirror predicted how Trump would act between the date of the election and Biden's inauguration:

    By now, Donald Trump’s presidency should be dead in the water – but tonight political experts warned the lame duck leader could cause chaos during his last 73 days in power.

    His defeat – the first of an incumbent president in four decades – will have left the ultimate sore loser spitting feathers.

    And critics fear that could make egotistical Trump more “dangerous” than ever.

    They warn he will be hellbent on wreaking as much havoc as possible before he leaves the White House on January 20, packing courts and government posts with his preferred people and blocking Biden appointments.

    Mitch McConnell signalled he might try to hold up Biden cabinet secretaries, who need to be approved by the Senate.

    Trump may also position himself as “the Godfather” of his party, with Republicans making pilgrimages to Mar-a-Lago, his sprawling Florida mansion, in a bid to seek his blessing.

    His first campaign manager Brad Parscale warned: “President Trump has the largest amount of data ever collected by a politician. This will impact races and policies for years to come.”

    He is said to be terrified of going to jail so may use some of the next 73 days to put his house in order while he still has the legal protection of the Oval Office - which is precisely why he pardoned Michael Flynn.

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    Arizona, yes dangerous times ahead. He wants to re-introduce the "death" penalty, either by firing squad or by electrocution.

    I hope Biden reverses that, because this brings us back into the stone age if it stays.

    Also don't forget that Trump will make sure that his "cult" makes life very difficult for Biden and will keep pushing the 45% to "obstruct" all the way; McConnell (if he stays) will be the nail in Biden's coffin, if Biden does nothing to prevent an future election of another GOP fanatic candidate. So looking at the total picture, I fear the worst is still to come regardless of an Biden presidency; Trump will as long he's not torpedoed by "lawsuits" be an very dangerous element for years to come. Jared's idea about "pardoning" Trump is an horrible idea, which will only hasten the demise of this country. You can't change an "old" man who never had it "poor" and only "collected" money and never was raised properly. Only the "mafia" is proud of him.