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2020 Election: Truth vs Fiction

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    In the Matrix the main character Neo was given the option to take a Blue pill or take a Red Pill. It is a question of strength. Do you want to deal with reality and become better, stronger, wiser through adversity, or live in a dream world where reality is nothing but an illusion, and nothing new is learned and no progress is made.

    Pretty much what Donald Trump is selling is that "fiction" is a better choice than choosing the reality of the truth. This is what is at the core of the 2020 election. Trump voters are personality types that prefer a leader who tells them false information that makes them feel good about their failures(weaknesses). Racism is not a flaw in a Trump voter, they want to have a leader that is able to fictionalize racism into a virtue. Black people get murdered by police because they are criminals. COVID-19 is not serious problem, so just accept it and it will go away, etc, etc.

    If Trump is able to win, which I highly doubt, it will because he has convinced enough people that its better to accept false information than facing the tough realities of life and attempt to solve difficult problems.

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    wwjd -- Yes you summed up the situation well. I agree. Trump will do anything to win and that includes destroying our American institutions including the post office if that's what it takes.
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    Yes WWJD; I fully agree; my only comment is: How can an country become so ignorant stupid to have an con-man as President? And may be again for how long?
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    The Wall Street Journal just published its forecast for the 2020 election:

    If Trump managed to get all 12 "safe" votes and ALL of the 67 "tossup" and lean votes, he would have 248 electoral votes.

    If Biden captured the 222 votes and ALL of the tossup and lean votes, he would wind up with 357 electoral votes.

    Arizona now "leans Democrat" and Florida is rated as a tossup.

    Although the final result will be somewhere in between, I don't see any way that Biden could get less than 300 votes.

    The senate races, though, are nail biters.

    If the Democrats get all the safe votes, and all the lean and tossup votes, you would have 52 Democratic votes.

    For the Republicans, the final total for the same mix would be 51.Tellingly, Arizona leans Democrat, and Kentucky leans Republican.

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    The Daily Caller, a conservative newsletter, was founded by Neil Patel and Tucker Carlson in 2010.

    Patel made a prediction this morning.

    "There is nearly a month to go before Election Day, and things could change, but if they don’t, the numbers look like Joe Biden may win big.

    But the national polls since the presidential debate all turned even further toward Biden. What that tells us — no matter what flaws each individual poll may have — is that President Donald Trump did not help himself with his debate performance. "

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    President Donald Trump did not help himself with his debate performance. "

    Oh well, it wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Or a pollster. Me thinks voters are tired of Trump's antics.

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    Dockadams Wrote:

    President Donald Trump did not help himself with his debate performance. "

    Oh well, it wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Or a pollster. Me thinks voters are tired of Trump's antics.

    Yeah, but are enough of them in enough states sick of Trump? I don’t put anything past the idiot electorate. Everyone knew what he was the first time and enough people in enough states voted for him.

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    As the results of the 2020 presidential election came rolling in, Vice President Mike Pence was notably out of sight ​and had even planned a Florida vacation for this week. But with ​the ratcheting up of Trump’s campaign to contest the outcome of the election, CNN reported that Pence canceled his getaway, remaining inside the Beltway ​to address the Council for National Policy, a highly secretive organization that includes some of the most powerful conservatives in the country.

    As Pence stands at the podium before marquee names in conservative politics Friday, pro-Trump, far-right activists are making their way to Washington, D.C., for a rally organized and supported by some of the very right-wing leaders likely sitting in that room.

    Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his InfoWars network are leading a caravan of Trump supporters to D.C., Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers militia has promised to station his armed men outside of the District borders should Trump call on them, and the Proud Boys hate group has encouraged its members to to the nation’s capital, with leader Enrique Tarrio declaring Trump’s “Standby order has been rescinded.” They, along with other ​conspiracy theorists, far-right groups and other Trump loyalists, have all promised to go to the Saturday event that goes by three names​: Million MAGA March, March for Trump, and Stop the Steal—to push a false narrative that voter fraud cost Trump the election. The event has been promoted by Fox News personalities Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

    Notable CNP members include Ginni Thomas, the influential wife of Clarence Thomas, and Tony Perkins, a former president of the organization and the current president of the Family Research Council, according to a 2020 membership directory published by Documented. CNP has also welcomed far-right figures like neo-Confederate Christian Reconstructionist Michael Peroutka, a major funder of former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s advocacy and political career.

    Current CNP Treasurer Kenneth Blackwell has promoted Stop the Steal on Twitter and Facebook and, as Right Wing Watch’s Peter Montgomery reported, baselessly charged Monday that “the Democrat-run Pennsylvania executive government only wants votes counted that support their agenda and their candidates.”

    Trump himself has addressed CNP members—as recently as the Aug. 21 meeting and in the beginning of his campaign in 2015. According to The National Review, of the six Republican presidential candidates who addressed CNP in 2015, Trump was the “star attraction.”

    If the name Ken Blackwell sounds familiar to you, this is why:

    in 2004, the state of Ohio was the state that gave the presidency to George W. Bush instead of John Kerry. Blackwell was the Secretary of State in Ohio from 1999 until 2007. Without his "dirty tricks", John Kerry would have won the state of Ohio - and the presidency.

    The article below provides more information on the 2004 election:

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    President Trump suffered multiple legal setbacks in three key swing states on Friday, choking off many of his last-ditch efforts to use the courts to delay or block President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

    In quick succession, Trump was handed defeats in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan, where a state judge in Detroit rejected an unusual Republican attempt to halt the certification of the vote in Wayne County pending an audit of the count.

    The legal losses came as Biden was declared the victor in Georgia and a day after an agency in the president’s own Department of Homeland Security flatly contradicted him by declaring that the election “was the most secure in American history” and that “there is no evidence” any voting systems malfunctioned.

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    Well that's great AZ, but who will convince the 72.7 million voters that their king has lost?

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    The only remedy is not to have the huge "gap" between now and January 20th. First of all it gives him plenty of time to cover his dirty "tracks" as well "cash in" on deals he made. The stupid parts of the country have no idea what this guy did during his tenure. Again it shows that "freedom of speech" should have "limits". Like if you allow "media" as FOX to indoctrinate the 7.7 million people here, than that is the result. Hitler did do the same thing; "indoctrination" is the word not "verification".
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    Bush did the same thing (indoctrinate) except he started with kindergartners in Florida on 9/11 when we were attacked.

    He took no action partly because he either didn't know what to do, or didn't want to alarm people.

    Trump has done the same thing with covid-19, did nothing. does nothing.

    Those attacks were meant to send the USA a message, which still hasn't gotten their message yet, e.g. making Jerusalem Israel's capital, thereby enraging and pissing off an entire demographic of peoples. That damage cannot be undone, unfortunately.

    It's hard to believe that this country has 72 million trump ass crawlers.

    And this is all NOT what a normal United States is, division hasn't been this bad for a very, very long time. One surviving Koch brother recently said he is sorry for what he did in dividing people, and he should be sorry, he and his ass crawlers.

    I believe it all began just before the Obama administration, and has only worsened since.

    "Koch admits that he has come to regret his political partiality, which he believes caused undesirable dissension."

    “Boy, did we screw up!” Koch writes in his book, according to the Wall Street Journal. “What a mess!”

    Read more here:

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    There must be 50 ways to leave the White House:

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    Rumors, propaganda, and conspiracies, which is what the Trump campaign did, and the end result was 72.5M people fell for the bullshit. e.g. someone told my sister in law and mother in law that if Biden were elected, the price of gasoline would rise to $4.00 a gallon or even higher, and, if Biden were elected that the sister in law's retirement fund would be taken away,

    result, they changed their minds and voted for Trump. Both were going to vote for Biden, but some little birdie told them these lies, and they bought into them, and went for Trump at the last minute. Neither one of those people mentioned have any college education, but I don't either. Both are devout Catholics, both believe God will save them from death of Covid-19.

    That nasty word socialism turned some voters away from Biden too.

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    I've often said that nobody's opinion is ever wrong - it's simply their opinion.

    The problem lies in the fact that their news source may not be accurate.

    I went to Google this morning to find the sources of "$4 a gallon" and found a variety of articles. Some of them debunked the story, and others supported it.

    I met a woman a few years ago who taught a "media literacy" course, which was designed to help people separate truth from fiction, but far too people do the research to determine if what they are reading is actually true - and Trump has made that determination a lot more difficult for far too many people - including our family members.