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Republican National Convention

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    Until this morning, I never equated Donald Trump to professional wrestling - but the analogy actually makes a lot of sense.

    See the source image

    For many many years I thought "Donald Trump" was a TV persona that Trump created for himself to hype himself and his brand.

    I believed it was all just an WWE type of act in part because his reality TV show "The Apprentice" was far less real than the TV audience were led to believe. The winner was selected in advance of taping of the Apprentice competition, but only the producers knew who was going to be the ultimate winner. Even the contestants thought it was a real competition, but none of them knew the show was rigged to showcase the pre-selected winner; they were just pawns with no chance to win.

    However, I have since learned that there is no fake Donald Trump persona. Trump really is that person, and far far worse than anyone could have estimated before the was elected.

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    Interpreter for melonhead please. It WAS all in the family though, which one was dingbat and which was meathead?
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    Image may contain: 1 person, crowd, text that says 'Nick Bryant @NickBryantNY Future generations might find it hard to believe that this photo was taken at the White House in the midst of a pandemic that had by that stage killed more than 200,000 Americans.'

    The picture above was taken on the last night of the Republican convention.