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Biden chooses Kamala Harris as his VP running mate

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    NBC News: Joe Biden selects Kamala Harris as his running mate

    "You make a lot of important decisions as president. But the first one is who you select to be your Vice President. I’ve decided that Kamala Harris is the best person to help me take this fight to Donald Trump and Mike Pence and then to lead this nation starting in January 2021," Biden wrote in an email from his campaign to supporters.

    "Harris, the only Black woman in the U.S. Senate, was first elected in 2016 after serving as California’s Attorney General and, before that, San Francisco District Attorney. A native of Oakland, California, and the child of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, Harris has said she was inspired to attend law school after joining civil rights protests with her parents."

    "She’s been a fighter and a principled leader and I know because I’ve seen her up close and I’ve seen her in the trenches," Biden said of Harris at a virtual fundraiser in June.


    She was not my first choice, but she'll make an excellent candidate on the campaign trail, and if elected, serving the president during the chaos of the continuing pandemic and other issues at the forefront. And she'll be a strong voice for the party. She is 55 years old so she has a bright future.


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    Comments? Bring the barf bucket!! Kamala is the wrong choice!! She has not any "international experience" knows nothing about trade or other countries etc. She's only busy to promote herself as an hypocrite who wants to score and then smile. He will regret this for sure. An Rice at least has international experience and experience in Washington.

    No she's not sincere at all and open minded. Biden should have known better; an huge mistake!

    Trump and Putin will enjoy this for sure! What is wrong with this country? Where are the brains?

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    I have to learn a lot more about her. People don't chose a candidate based on the other half of the ticket.

    A person on social media said that they didn't care if Biden was related to Jack the Ripper, he would still get their vote. Hopefully the vast majority have similar thoughts. Let's be patient while we learn more.

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    Dutch -- International experience is not at the top of the list as the Covid-19 pandemic is wrecking havoc with our democracy. If you need to criticize on the international experience, wait for his Secretary of State pick. The VP can serve multiple roles, and as a former attorney general for California, she can provide legal advice in the months ahead.

    Not my number one pick, but hardly the disaster that you think she is.

    Besides, electing a president and VP is more of an emotional decision rather than intellectual. If it was intellectual we would have Hillary as president.

    Wikipedia Kamala Harris

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    Yes, don'forget our standing in the world right now; of course the pandemic has center stage right now . I don't think our adversaries sit still and wait till we have the pandemic fixed. The stock market showed today that lots can happen to drive this country into the "swamp". There is no time for fun and games or fake smiles. Elections as this will have consequences.
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    I think it's a great choice. She and Biden have similar political philosophies, so they will mesh well as a team. Sure, some people think he should have picked a more "exciting" running mate, but this isn't a middle-school talent show. To me, it all boils down to who I trust to manage the Executive Branch, nominate left-of-center Federal judges, and not start a nuclear war because someone sent a mean Tweet.

    Senator Harris is eminently qualified to be Vice President, which is a role that the President decides how powerful it is anyway. She rises up to the basic test of "would I trust her to be President if something happened to a President Biden?"

    Biden and Harris are realists. To me, that's more than enough to earn my enthusiastic vote.

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    Dutch Wrote:

    No she's not sincere at all and open minded. Biden should have known better; an huge mistake!

    Trump and Putin will enjoy this for sure! What is wrong with this country? Where are the brains?

    Dutch, Honestly I sometimes have a hard time determining if you are serious or you're trolling the forum. The best I can determine is that from your perspective everyone in the country has an IQ below 70, and you perceive Donald Trump to be the smartest man of all with an IQ of 75. All decisions, right, left, or center are wrong from your perspective because the decisions are not 100% perfect and don't solve all the world problems at the same time. If a cure for cancer were to be discovered, you will be critical of it for one reason or another. Its the glass half empty perspective on everything.

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    After watching the delight and excitement various politicians on MSNBC, I think she will indeed be an asset to the ticket. However, I didn't see anyone interviewed from the far left...the Bernie supporters. We'll see how well the party can unify with a Biden-Harris ticket.

    In any case, I expect she will help bring out the vote in large numbers. Many people will view her as a potential Presidential candidate in either 2024 or 2028. That is what much of the excitement is about. In a sense, she may indeed see her VP tenure leading to a run for the presidency. She will have a good mentor in Biden.

    As we learn more about her, I believe her approval ratings will rise sharply. Republicans are, of course, already trying to take her down. Trump calls her "nasty" a term he reserves for strong women who are a threat to him.

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    Once I heard Biden was going to pick a woman, Harris was my prediction to be the likely VP canidate.

    I was impressed with how she handled Barr

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    Trump and Hannity wasted no time in bashing her. She can take all the punches and then deliver a few blows herself as the Trump politics gets nasty. I would have been more comfortable with Susan Rice, but I have to admit she will bring a lot of energy to the campaign that Rice might not have.

    In any case, no matter who Biden selected, Trump and Republicans were ready to start bashing. That's all they know as Trump's record is nothing to crow about.

    Finally, I would be pleased to have Susan Rice as his Secretary of State. That's my prediction to help placate Dutch.

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    She'd be perfect as Secretary of State since she was the ambassador to the United Nations from 2009 to 2013, and National Security Advisor from 2013 to 2017. Unlike the Secretary of State or National Security Advisors for Trump, she would likely serve a full four years in the position.

    Trump has had FOUR Secretarys of State (Tom Shannon, Rex Tillerson, John Sullivan, and Mike Pompeo.)

    He's also had SIX National Security advisors (Michael Flynn, Keith Kellogg, H.R. McMaster, John Bolton, Charles Kupperman, and Robert O'Brien).

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    Schmidt Wrote:

    In any case, no matter who Biden selected, Trump and Republicans were ready to start bashing. That's all they know as Trump's record is nothing to crow about.

    I literally rolled my eyes during Trump's Press conference when he stated Harris showed no respect to Biden (and other candidates) during primary process.... Trump won the presidency because he was willing to piss on anyone at anytime. His base loves that about him. In the alternate insanity of Trump World, showing no respect to others is sign of greatness and high intelligence. So if you think about it, Trump was giving Harris a great complement by stating she disrespects Joe Biden and everyone else, and she is willing to push them all under the bus to get ahead. Those are traits of great leadership in Trump World!

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    Well, I am new enough around here not to know yet who is who...but I am less than comfortable with the choice of Kamala, seeing someone else express doubts is nice...but our reasons are completely different.

    My doubts about Harris center around her involvement in the case Norsworthy vs. Beard.

    In this case, Kamala Harris, at the time, was AG of California. As she has portrayed herself as an ally of my transgender community, I believe she totally screwed the pooch on this case, and she has failed to totally own this mistake, or apologize for it. When called on it during her Presidential campaign, by some of my community, she claimed that the briefs with her name on them filed against Norsworthy in the case were in fact written by underlings in her office without her knowledge or consent. If that is so...then how does it recommend one for higher office...if underlings are doing things in your name without your knowledge or consent?

    Now, as to the case itself, and why I have a problem with her actions...

    Ms. Norsworthy was an inmate in the California Prison System. At the time she went in, she already identified as a trans woman, and was taking hormones. Now, if you know anything about hormone places stress on the liver...even a healthy liver. Ms. Norsworthy, when she went into prison HAD a healthy liver.

    And then she was raped in prison. The State of California failed to protect her...and, as a result, she acquired a case of Hepatitis. Because of this, a licensed medical practitioner prescribed gender-reassignment surgery for Ms. Norsworthy, with an eye towards Ms. Norsworthy being able to reduce the amount of hormones needed, thus easing stress on her now-damaged liver...which was damaged because the state failed to protect her.

    Kamala Harris, in her role as AG, argued against this beneficial treatment, prescribed by a licensed physician, which was necessitated by the damage Ms. Norsworthy suffered as a direct result of the failure of the State of California to protect her. So, not only did the sate fail Ms. Norsworthy, leading to severe damage to her...they then argued against medical treatment meant to alleviate some of the suffering and damage brought about by that original failure. I find this vicious and uncalled for.

    I do not care what your view may be on transgender people or gender reassignment, but, when you are an inmate in the custody of a state...and you are prescribed medical treatment by a licensed physician, it is my belief that it is incumbent on the state to provide that care, whether they agree with it or not. Particularly in this case, since the aforementioned care was necessitated by the state's original failure to protect Ms. Norsworthy.

    Now, there are those who would say Ms. Harris was simply doing her job as AG....Kamala herself has used this as an excuse. To which I reply that my current Governor, Roy Cooper of North Carolina...when he was our AG...he refused to defend the State against the HB-2 lawsuit. Why couldn't Kamala have refused to defend the State of California in this case? I have my own issues with Governor Cooper, but credit where credit is due....he did the right thing in the HB-2 case, and Kamala did the wrong thing in the Norsworthy case.

    Compounding this, in my eyes, is her refusal to totally own apologize for her previous actions, and promise to do better going forward. She could have has "an Obama Moment" instead, she chooses to keep her options that if and when it becomes politically expedient to abandon the LGB and trans community, she can do so...whereas a strong statement now would make her less able to abandon us later. We have been promised things and lied to...too many times, by too many people who wanted our votes. Including Governor Cooper, I might add.

    Now...why this is important: Some of you may be aware of the recent SCOTUS ruling in the Aimee Stephens case. That case says that employers may not discriminate on the basis of transgender identity, under Title VII. Gorsuch, in his ruling, correctly noted that you can't talk about transgender without bringing sex into the question - e.g. if you would sanction a man for wearing a dress to work, but you would not sanction a woman for wearing a dress to work, then you are engaged in sex discrimination.

    Fewer of you are probably aware of Trump's recent actions in removing Title VII protections from transgender people in healthcare access, by rewriting Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act. So, as it stands now, you can't fire me for being trans...but you can refuse me healthcare....even healthcare not related to transgender care....even life-saving care...just because I am transgender. And we are in the middle of a freaking pandemic!

    Now, I don't have a problem with a doctor who wants to refuse to give me hormones, or refuse to participate in my actual gender reassignment. But no doctor should be able to refuse to treat my broken leg, my diabetes, my heart attack, or Goddess forbid, COVID...just because I am trans. The last time I checked, it was NOT illegal to be trans...yet, as things stand now, my trans status could be a death warrant...and a doctor can quite literally murder me with impunity by simply refusing to treat me for COVID...just because I am trans. And that is wrong.

    So, what Kamala needs, right now, in MY to make a strong statement concerning transgender people and our right to healthcare access....that no treatment should be denied us...if that treatment would be rendered to a cisgender person. I have no interest in forcing an unwilling doctor to participate in my gender reassignment...frankly, I do not want a doctor hostile to trans coming at me with a knife while I am unconscious!! But that same doctor has no right to murder me with impunity by refusing me treatment for COVID, because he has a moral problem with transgender people. If he would treat a cisgender person fro COVID, then he should also have to treat ME for COVID. I have as much right to live as anyone else.

    In light of Kamala's actions in the Norsworthy case, I have real reason to fear she will not be a strong advocate, such as my community needs, to make sure we are not murdered in cold blood by doctors who are supposed to try to save us. And she needs to make a strong statement to that effect. As things stand now, i do not trust her.

    It's not a deal-breaker, I am still voting for Joe, because Donald Trump is far worse...but I feel disappointed and betrayed by this pick. Frankly, I am tired of accepting Democrats being less than 100 percent allies of my community, just because the GOP is worse. Just because the GOP is worse, it does NOT excuse my Party for failing to be the BEST. Just "less bad than the GOP" is not, in my view, acceptable.

    Rant off.

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    Heather provided an interesting contrast last night between Biden/Harris and Trump:

    In their first campaign appearance together, Biden and Harris seemed quite deliberately to offer a contrast to the Trump administration, not simply in their careful language about an inclusive America, but also in their demeanor.

    They walked onto a stage in a high school gym in Delaware wearing masks. Then, standing in front of American flags and state flags, Biden spoke about his admiration for the women he had interviewed for the vice president slot and his defense of a multicultural America. Noting that today is the third anniversary of the events at Charlottesville, Virginia, when white supremacists rioted, attacking Black Americans and killing Heather Heyer, he said it was Charlottesville that convinced him he must help reclaim equality of opportunity as the American dream.

    Then he turned the microphone over to Harris. Even the simple act of letting someone else take center stage was a striking contrast to Trump’s recent press conferences. Harris blamed Trump’s poor handling of the pandemic for the economic crash, and said that the country is also “experiencing a moral reckoning with racism and systemic injustice.” “America is crying out for leadership,” she said. “Yet we have a president who cares more about himself than the people who elected him.”

    Enthusiasm for the Biden-Harris ticket brought 150,000 new donors to the Democratic campaign. In the 24 hours after Biden announced that he was tapping Harris as his vice president candidate, the campaign raised an eye-popping 26 million dollars.

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    #45 was on CBS today where he gave a long political commercial. Talking about "Sleepy Joe Biden". I thought can he do unlimited campaign speeches because he's the Pres. and no one will stop him. It was possible he was supposed to talk about something else but it was self aggrandizing and incredibly immature. He got unlimited media attention in 2016. I hope he's not going to be given all of the free time on news programs that he wants. He's already manipulating the whole election by slowing the postal service and having Republican governors limit the number of drop boxes where ballots can be dropped off.