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Corrupted vaccines

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    Just today I saw an mentioning that the FDA will approve "vaccines" which work only for 50% on the "virus".

    Which 50% would you like to be? Also would you like to know the "side effects" which could be even worse than the "virus"?

    What is happening with this country on all fronts; nothing seems to be done with "brains"; only with nervous stupidity, because our great leader wants something before the election, so he can score. How sick can this country get!!

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    What will happen if the first COVID-19 vaccines aren’t 100 percent effective?

    As I understand it, no vaccine is 100 percent effective. Dr Fauci estimated that the first rollout of Covid-19 vaccines might only be 70-75 percent effective. However, even at 50 percent it's better than nothing.

    Similar to the flu vaccine, it is not perfect.

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    Thus in other words, you will rather take an "unproven" vaccine, than stay at home and wear an mask and stay away from people on an certain distance. For instance it took years and years before they had an proper vaccine for the "shingles" as well the "gay" "aids" virus. So I would be careful what you put into your body. What about the "side effects" if they are not tested? Don't fall for the Trump hoopla. Short cuts don't work with medicines, take my word, I found that out with certain "malaria pills" when I traveled, which did not work.
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    By now, it's obvious (at least to most of us) that the COVID vaccines are safe and highly effective.

    The folks who follow conspiracy theories believe all kinds of crazy ideas, like the "fact" that vaccines cause cancer, or cause autism in children.

    Falling into the second category are some of the schools in Florida.

    In April, a Miami private school (Centner Academy) made national headlines for barring teachers who got a coronavirus vaccine from interacting with students. Last week, the school made another startling declaration, but this time to the parents: If you vaccinate your child, they’ll have to stay home for 30 days after each shot.

    Tensions between parents and school districts have also grown violent at times. In August, a parent at an Austin school ripped a mask off a teacher’s face. A week later, police said the father of a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., high-schooler assaulted another student after she confronted him about trying to bring his daughter onto campus without a mask. He was arrested and charged with child abuse without great bodily harm.

    Centner Academy is in Miami’s ritzy Design District, and tuition ranges from about $15,000 to nearly $30,000 per year. The school has become a haven for anti-vaccine parents because it does not require any immunizations for enrollment, citing a parent’s “freedom of choice” and falsely claiming there are “unknown risks associated with vaccinations” that could harm children.

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    Just because you are vaccinated does not mean that you are totally safe.

    I got my first two Pfizer shots in the early spring, and got the booster shot a few weeks ago. In spite of those precautions, I still wear a mask virtually everywhere I go.

    My sister, the nurse, still won't go to the movies, and rode in a separate car when we drove to Sedona last week.

    Former secretary of state Colin Powell has died of complications due to COVID-19, his family said in a statement posted to Facebook on Monday.

    Powell was fully vaccinated, according to the statement, which also thanked the staff at Walter Reed National Medical Center.

    “We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather and a great American,” his family said in a statement.

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    This only shows how "nuts" this country has become. No discipline, just crerate "chaos" with just about everything. Competence and "reality" are out of the door; the worst part is that the "idiots" are taken over, especially in our fantastic government. The States just do as they want, the Fed's are Floating "somewhere" in la la land. The Supreme Court is now also an far cry from being "independent" but pure GOP/ Trump minded.

    So I fear the downhill slope will continue, the "Covid" figures proves such in certain States. Biden started his winter sleep, but around X-Mas will wake up and runs to church, that will help.

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    About Powell, it depends. If you have other things which weakens your immune system and then get the "Covid", at his age, then I wonder if the "vaccines" do work especially if you have respiratory problems . Especially "older" people like myself have to be extra careful to stay away from "people" and keep their "masks" on.
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    Since the leading cause of death for police last year was COVID-19, it's difficult to imagine why policemen would resist getting vaccinated.

    According to the link below, the leading cause of death for firemen is asphyxiation. There apparently were no deaths due to COVID.

    However, Mayor de Blasio has mandated that ALL city employees must have at least one shot, starting this coming Monday, and firefighters are resisting the order - which could have disastrous results for the rest of the city.

    The FDNY shuttered 26 fire companies citywide on Saturday due to staff shortages caused by the COVID-19 vaccination mandate, according to furious elected officials, who ripped the move as “unconscionable” — and warned it could have catastrophic consequences.

    The shutdown came amid a pitched battle between City Hall, which on Monday will start enforcing a mandate that all city workers have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and jab-resisting firefighters, many reportedly saying they were already sick with the coronavirus and therefore have “natural immunity.”