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Trump's laundry service

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    A watchdog group accused President Trump’s re-election campaign on Tuesday of laundering nearly $170 million in campaign funds.

    As detailed in an 81-page complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission, the money went to business associates and Trump family members through two entities set up and controlled by former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale: a clearinghouse firm called American Made Media Holding Corporation and Parscale Strategy.

    FEC rules require all campaign transactions over $200 to be memorialized in spending reports containing the date, amount, and reason for the expenditure.

    The filing quotes an April 2020 Huffington Post report that said: “President Donald Trump’s campaign is secretly paying one Trump son’s wife and another one’s girlfriend $180,000 a year each through the campaign manager’s private company, according to top Republicans with knowledge of the payments.”

    Campaign Legal Counsel has asked the FEC — the only federal agency dedicated to enforcing our laws governing presidential campaigns — to enforce sanctions against the Trump campaign.

    This is impossible, however, because the FEC currently has only three commissioners — one short of the requirement to take action — following the resignation of Republican Caroline Hunter last month.

    Citing a confidentiality policy, an FEC spokesman Tuesday declined to comment on whether the commission will be able to review the matter.

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    No surprise, this is typical Trump business, and now the RNC.

    Waiting for the day when headline for the day is "Trump has staffer executed on WH lawn"

    followed by

    AG Barr states " It was a legal execution because the president has the legal authority to 'terminate' any staff at anytime."

    In other words, nothing is shocking or absurd anymore, because Trump is first choice is to break the law by hair spliting the meaning of legal wording of laws, norms, and documents.

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    Shame they don't have their family charity anymore. That was made to launder money.
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    And people here still think this is an "normal" country? Trump made sure that no one can jail him for stealing money. Neither the Dem's, because they are sound asleep. Where are the "black" and "white" laws which state that you can't steal from campaign funds for personal purposes.? Should not Barr have him jailed for this, if this was an "normal" government? Oh Yeah, I forgot Barr is his "buddy" in crime. What a country; an real banana republic for sure.