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Voting by mail

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    Unless we get a vaccine for COVID-19, there is likely to be historic voting by mail most states. It appears the Trump is attempting to create false narrative in the minds of American voters that mailed in votes should be considered illegal votes. His chances of winning re-election are getting worse each day, so best hopes to remain president is to reject the election results with the legal help of AG Barr.

    My prediction based on Trump's current behavior, the day after the 2020 election he will reject the election results by issuing an executive order that ALL votes received by mail are be immediately destroyed (burned, shredded, etc). He will declare, as president, that the entire 2020 results to be invalid with the hopes that the Supreme Court will give him an election do-over or directly hand the election to him (extremely unlikely).

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    Looking at the present situation in this country, I can use only one word i.e. "CHAOS". Since I live in FL then I just have to look at the news which says: 1) the hurricanes are coming. 2) the virus is increasing here. 3) we've got DeSantis an Trump ass crawler. 4) you can't go anywhere, not to the beaches or restaurants etc. 5) It is getting too hot and humid; around 100 degrees.

    Then on top the crazy things on the news and way too much of Trump's "face"; really enjoyable I must say.

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    What would I do if I were Putin wanting to interfere with 2020 election?

    If I were Putin, I would have been spending the past 2 years preparing to dump millions of mail-in votes into the mail system that are very obvious FRAUDULENT votes; spreading the votes strategically throughout all 50 states so no single state is able to report voter results. All the fraudulent votes would be for Joe Biden to make it appear that it was democrats trying to cheat. This would turn the tables on the democrats make them appears to be the cheaters, not Donald Trump.