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Trump wants to cancel or delay the 2020 election

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    Constitutionally he can not do this with executive powers, but like soooooo many things, he does not understand the limits of what the President can do without congress and the will of the American people.

    In my day to day life, I am rarely motivated to use foul language because I strongly believe it should be reserved for only the most extreme situations and this is one of them; when it comes to Donald Trump, he is the most unqualified Mother Fucker ever elected president.

    If we want to give him any credit, he is fearless at throwing shit on the American people to see if they will grab some and eat it. As strange as it might be, there are millions upon millions of people who grab some of his shit and do eat it not knowing that it will make their lives worse and worse with each bite. He is total cancer, nothing that he does or says has any postive impact on this nation. The only thing his is capable of doing is making lives worse and making this country worse off than it was the day before he got elected.

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    I guess he can't "cancel" it, but he sure can create an mess of it, which he certainly will do with his cronies. So "chaos" will be the "motto" of this election. He thinks the more chaos the better his chances are to win. But yeah those Republicans have the blinders on an look only at Fox News, so they think the world around them is "rosy" . They likely never read history like in 1933 when Hitler started his campaign; the Jews were the guilty one's; now the Dem's and the "colored" people are the guilty one's. Sorry to say that the "picture" on all fronts does not look good for this country, except a few who raked in the money via the stock market, like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple; their stocks soared yesterday. Sorry everything is "unbalanced right now" so what do people expect here anyway.

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    Dutch Wrote:

    I guess he can't "cancel" it, but he sure can create an mess of it

    Yes, this concern has been expressed by various political watch dogs. Trump could issue executive orders that causes interference that would be hard to stop if he were to do it on election day or during the counting of votes. One example provided was issuing executive orders that cause interference in the election, executive orders that would require the courts to get involved to decide if he has the authority. Even Trump suggested it yesterday stating that it might takes weeks or months for the courts to decide who is president.. But such speculation on what scary things Trump might do is getting into "Worse Case" scenarios where Trump is willing breaking laws and norms that would shock his own supporters.

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    Even when he loses, he will claim that everything was corrupted; forgetting that the most of the corruption came from himself.

    He will fight the outcome all the way and have the courts go crazy. But yeah I guess the National Guard has to drag him out of the W.H. and face all the fanatic Trumpers with plenty of guns outside the W.H. I bet it will be the same as in any S.American country like Venezuela. Like an "civil" war.