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retreat from Portland

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    There's already a thread (or two) about the protests, but I could not find them this morning, but here is an update about Portland:

    Donald Trump and the United States’ “Top Cop,” William Barr have been waging a war against citizens’ First Amendment rights for the past few weeks. Using federal law enforcement, military police, unmarked cars, and vaguely understood detainment sites, the federal government has descended on Portland, Oregon, in order to attack and arrest Americans protesting racial injustice and social inequalities. They have done this over the protests of local officials. Gov. Kate Brown announced on social media that by Thursday, federal officers who the governor says have been acting “as an occupying force, refused accountability, and brought violence and strife to our community,” will leave downtown Portland.

    Only a couple of hours ago, using the loud sounds of a helicopter’s roaring engine as a safety blanket, Trump complained he couldn’t hear reporters’ questions, all while telling the press that his gestapo forces would not be leaving Portland until the city was “secure.”

    Trump’s small-minded attempt at creating enough fear to charge his base into excitement seems to have puttered out. His attorney general spent most of Tuesday looking like a truly weak little wanna-be-dictator as he faced off against real leader after real leader in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

    Jared is probably pretty happy this morning.

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    I wonder if that courthouse he's protecting is going to vote for him. Thousands of Portland citizens are not happy. Hopefully they're all registered to and planning to vote in November. If not they can get used to it.
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    They did not leave Portland yet but re-located to other parts of the city. Furthermore since Trump is upset, he likely will start in other cities as well. Don't forget what Mary Trump's book says; if he's "cornered" he will get dangerous. So I don't think this is the end of it, but likely more the "start".
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    This city's battle-scarred downtown was calm much of Friday after federal agents withdrew from the streets where they had faced off with protesters for days, though dozens remained stationed downtown to respond to any further violence.

    The Department of Homeland Security is keeping more than 130 federal agents stationed near the courthouse as a “quick reaction force,” in case protests turn violent again, according to an internal DHS document reviewed by The Washington Post.

    Some demonstrators said that without a notable police presence, the crowd had a different atmosphere. “It’s much more low-key and a bit more subdued,” said Shannon Echavarria, a 53-year-old pet-care professional, on Thursday evening. “Normally by this time, people would be banging on that fence. There’d be fireworks. They’d be pouring debris over.”

    The shift in tone was “100 percent because the feds are leaving

    As the crowd lingered toward the end of the night, a freestyling rapper named No Shoes said that the time was right to just focus on having fun.

    I think this might be the first time we didn’t get gassed,” he told his audience.

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    The only remedy is to jail both Trump and Barr; that will make things quiet in this country. But yeah as "Arizona" mentioned in another "thread" then Trump can't "feed " the whole family with millions stolen from the election funds. Guess who's paying for all the "gas" the Trump Gestapo used on the days that they were in Portland. Anyway, who pays these Gestapo guys ; I guess it is the "taxpayers" who suffer, because Trump wants lots of fun and "money"to boost his "ego" and have fun trips on the "big" plane. etc etc. What is wrong with this country? Read all my "threads" then you know!