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the Reichstag fire

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    We've all seen numerous comparisons between Hitler and Trump. The short list below will serve as a brief summary:

    Both Hitler and Trump attack the judiciary and rule of law.

    Both Hitler and Trump attack the media.

    Both men degrade anyone who disagrees with them. Trump’s allegedly, “disloyal” bureaucrats in the State Department, EPA, FBI, CIA who he calls the deep state are in deep trouble with him, for example.

    Both denigrate the immigrants.

    Both demonize their political opponents.

    Hitler provided the masses with transistor radios that received only one channel, thus prohibiting people from receiving any outside influence. Trump’s daily tweets online and permits only one media network to be viewed by our military, which is Fox.

    Neither was elected by the majority. Let that sink in.

    Under Trump, large corporations have immense political power and receive a huge financial windfall to further undermine unions. Hitler despised the German labor movement and destroyed it by imprisoning their leaders. Trump has indicated many times he would like to jail people who accuse him of wrongdoing, as they did in the olden days.

    Trump uses paraphrases such as Hitler’s “lying press” and “fake news” and deride the importance of scientific data and rely on their worlds public opinion ultimately defining what is true and what is false.

    Hitler attacked democracy itself by purging voter roles and challenging the integrity of electoral process.

    It's often said that history repeats itself, so consider this:

    During Barr's testimony yesterday, he (and other Republicans) blamed the "riots" in Portland and other cities on "antifa", while in actuality the violence that occurred during those peaceful protests was caused by right wing extremists, like the "umbrella man" who just got arrested by the Minneapolis police. Not only was he a member of the Hell's Angel's, he also was associated with a white supremacist prison organization.

    Now, let's take a trip back in time.

    The Reichstag fire (German: Reichstagsbrand, was an arson attack on the Reichstag building, home of the German parliament in Berlin, on Monday 27 February 1933, precisely four weeks after Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany.

    The day after the fire, at Hitler's request, President Hindenburg signed the Reichstag Fire Decree into law by using Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution. The Reichstag Fire Decree suspended most civil liberties in Germany, including habeas corpus, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly, and the secrecy of the post and telephone

    Some historians believe, based on archive evidence, that the arson had been planned and ordered by the Nazis as a false flag operation. The building remained in its damaged state until it was partially repaired from 1961 to 1964 and completely restored from 1995 to 1999. In 2008, Germany posthumously pardoned Van der Lubbe under a law introduced in 1998 to lift unjust verdicts dating from the Nazi era.

    Trump's chances of getting re-elected have been demolished due to his incompetence in dealing with the coronavirus, as well as the tanking of the economy.

    His only hope is to convince enough people that he is the "law and order " president - and at least one of his ads shows footage from "the riots'. Rightfully so, his campaign has been chastised for using the footage.

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    Also don't forget he loves to hug the "flag" (preferably with the swastika in it or the confederate one) and hates "kneeling' football players as well loves "parades"

    He has chosen the same types as Hitler did ; Pompeo, Miller, Pence, Meadows and an lying blond girl to help spew the propaganda. Actually he follows the Hitler doctrine to the letter. Hitler also demanded "loyalty"; if not you were sent to an extermination camp. As he did with Epstein and Khashoki and others.

    Good choice, crazy Trump voters without brains.