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Texas is still a foreign country

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    Texas citizens suffered a 1-2 punch yesterday:

    From the Arizona Daily Star:

    A Texas law banning most abortions in the state took effect at midnight, but the Supreme Court has yet to act on an emergency appeal to put the law on hold.

    If allowed to remain in force, the law would be the most dramatic restriction on abortion rights in the United States since the high court’s landmark Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion across the country in 1973.

    The Texas law, signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in May, would prohibit abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, usually around six weeks and before most women even know they’re pregnant.

    As Rachel explained last night, it would be unconstitutional for Texas legislators themselves to ban abortion, so they created a bounty system where ordinary citizens could collect $10,000 by fingering anyone connecting with an abortion, whether they are providers, clinic workers, or even people who drove a woman to a clinic. Since the Supreme Court did not issue an injunction before midnight, the law is in effect - for now.

    From HCR:

    Today, the Texas legislature passed SB1, the sweeping voter suppression bill Democrats had tried to stop by walking out of the legislature to deny the Republicans a quorum. The new measure is a microcosm of voter suppression bills across the nation in Republican-dominated states.

    It bans mail ballot drop boxes and gets rid of drive-through voting and extended hours. It criminalizes the distribution of applications for mail-in ballots and permits partisan poll watchers to have “free movement” in polling places, enabling them to intimidate voters. Texas is just 40% white and has 3 million unregistered voters, the vast majority of whom are Black or Latino. The new measure is designed to cut young people of color, whose numbers are growing in Texas and who are overwhelmingly Democrats, out of elections. In debates on the measure, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan asked members not to use the word “racism.”

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    It is time they bash Abbotts head in with his wheelchair. What isBiden going to do? I bet nothing, he's also an"church" freak, so probably also for it. Sorry but Texas may as well join the Taliban, they are as nutty as them. What a country! Let them join Mexico, good riddance. May be we can place all the refugee's of Afghanistan there they fit right in. Shaking my old head that idiots like Abbott stay in place. Absolutely not an "normal" country!
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    Last night at midnight, a new law went into effect in Texas. House Bill 1927 permits people to carry handguns without a permit, unless they have been convicted of a felony or domestic violence. This measure was not popular in the state. Fifty-nine percent of Texans—including law enforcement officers—opposed it. But 56% of Republicans supported it. “I don’t know what it’s a solution to,” James McLaughlin, executive director of the Texas Police Chiefs Association, said to Heidi Pérez-Moreno of the Texas Tribune when Republican governor Greg Abbott signed the bill in mid-August. “I don’t know what the problem was to start with.”

    Shortly after I moved to Arizona n 2011, the AZ legislature passed a law that gun owners no longer needed to have permits or training. A few months after Gabby Giffords as shot, the folks in Phoenix decided that their priority was to name the Colt as their state firearm. In 2012, they also wanted to allow guns on college campuses, a law that was opposed by law enforcement. After I wrote individual letters to EVERY member of the legislature, they decided it was a bad ide.


    Last night, by a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court voted NOT to challenge the Texas abortion law.

    The court decided the case on its increasingly active “shadow docket,” a series of cases decided without full briefings or oral argument, often in the dead of night, without signed opinions. Since the beginning of the Trump administration, they have come to make up the majority of the court’s business. So, operating without open arguments or opinions, the Supreme Court has shown that it will not enforce federal law, leaving state legislatures to do as they will. This, after all, was the whole point of the “originalism” that Republicans embraced under President Ronald Reagan. Since the 1980s, Republicans have sought to hamstring federal power and return power to the states, which have neither the power nor the inclination to regulate businesses effectively, and which can discriminate against minorities and get away with it, so long as the federal government doesn’t enforce equal protection.

    Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s dissent read: “The court’s order is stunning. Presented with an application to enjoin a flagrantly unconstitutional law engineered to prohibit women from exercising their constitutional rights and evade judicial scrutiny, a majority of Justices have opted to bury their heads in the sand.”

    S.B. 8 puts ordinary people in charge of law enforcement. Anyone—at all—can sue any individual who “aids or abets,” or even intends to abet, an abortion in Texas after six weeks. If the plaintiff wins, they pocket $10,000 plus court costs, and the clinic that provided the procedure is closed down. If the defendant doesn’t defend themselves, the court must find them guilty. And if the defendant wins, they get…nothing. Not even attorney’s fees.

    Texas has also just passed new voting restrictions that allow partisan poll watchers to have “free movement” in polling places, enabling them to intimidate voters. Texas governor Greg Abbott is expected to sign that bill in the next few days.

    Taken together with the vigilantism running wild in school board meetings and attacks on election officials, the Texas legislation is a top red flag in the red flag factory. The Republican Party is empowering vigilantes to enforce their beliefs against their neighbors.

    The wedge to establish this mechanism is abortion, but the door is now open for extremist state legislatures to turn to private citizens to enforce any law that takes away an individual’s legal right…like, say, the right to vote. And in Texas, now, a vigilante doesn't even have to have a permit to carry the gun that will back up his threats.

    During Reconstruction, vigilantes also carried guns.

    Opponents have compared those who backed the Texas anti-abortion law to the Taliban, the Islamic extremists in Afghanistan whose harsh interpretation of Islamic Sharia law strips women of virtually all rights. But the impulse behind the Texas law, the drive to replace the federal protection of civil rights with state vigilantes enforcing their will, is homegrown. It is a reflection of the position that Republicans would like women to have in our society, for sure, but it is also written in the laughing faces of Mississippi law enforcement officers Lawrence Rainey and Cecil Ray Price in 1967, certain even as they were arraigned for the 1964 murders of James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Henry Schwerner, that the system was so rigged in their favor that they would literally get away with murder.

    When they were killed, Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner were trying to register Black people to vote.

    See the source image

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    Yes I said such before the US type "Taliban" are the "church freaks" here, Texas is going down the drain due to total "idiots' like Abbott and Cruz types. Only the rich oil "barrons" profit from that piece of cow manure State.

    Looking at all of this and "Arizona's" well written thread, then I've got the impression that this country goes downhill step by step. It is time we revamp the Fed's to get more power over the States. Also do something about an Supreme Court, which is no longer "impartial" at all. That is why an re-write of the Constitution is urgently needed as well case-laws should be scrapped and the Constitution should become an "living" document. As it is now, forget this country. It is corrupt to the bone and will become an " Taliban" like regime run by the weird "fanatics" and "churches" who will dictate us on how to live.

    The "word" freedom is polluted as well, so TX start using your unregistered guns. The world looks at this country like it is on another planet.

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    Cecil Ray Price (April 15, 1938 – May 6, 2001) is accused of the murders of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner in 1964. At the time of the murders, he was 26 years old and a deputy sheriff in Neshoba County, Mississippi. He was a member of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

    Although he was never charged with the murders, Price was convicted in October 1967 of violating the civil rights of the three victims.He was sentenced to a six-year prison term and served four and a half years at the Sandstone Federal Penitentiary in Minnesota. Following his release from prison he returned to Philadelphia, Mississippi, and worked a variety of jobs. Cecil Price died following a fall from a piece of equipment at his job on May 6, 2001

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    If you want to live a long unfettered life, stay out of Texas. Pssst, their grapefruit sucks too.
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    If there is any state that would have a screwed up idea what critical race theory is, it is bound to be Texas.

    As Heather Cox Richardson explained on October 16, the loonies in Texas even want to teach a balanced view of the Holocaust.

    I just finished reading, "The Librarian of Auschwitz", by Dita Kraus. I've also read "Night" , by Elie Wiesel, as well as a few other books about the Nazis.

    There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that you can present a "balanced" look at the Holocaust.

    Clearly, the Republicans in the Texas are simply bat shit crazy.

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    Absolutely, "NUTS" My Dad was "murdered "there" in Germany, because he "hid" Jews on our property. How can these idiots here not accept the "truth". It shows how deep this country and especially Texas has sunk. This Abbott guy should be treated the same as they did to the Jews. How can an "central government" allow all what Abbott is doing also with "abortions and "masks" Do we have an "Central Government" or not? Unbelievable on how this country is run. "Corruption and "crime" is much more important than "governing"; The Rich and the "crooks" and "idiots" are "winning". Bring the barf bucket please.
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    They "finished" the "re-districting" also yesterday. Considering all the "things" Texas did under Abbott, it looks like another "country'. The Supreme court does not care; neither is there an"voter" uprising, nor Biden or Pelosi blinks. All the poor to be "mothers" have to go out of State to get an "abortion" and then get sued as they come back into the cow State and may get the "Covid" as well or get shot by the zillion "guns" allowed there. Forget the "voting" if you are living in the wrong district and are of Spanish or other heritage.

    Yes Texas has become the great US "paradise" because also Tesla brought their "headquarters" there and Musk seems to love Abbott for his given "Tax cuts" and gets richer by the day. But yeah Abbott has sold all his "oil" shares and replaced these with "battery" shares and hopes Musk will give him an "electric (wheel) chair" with 12000 volts on it and an "cowhide" seat. Ha ha.

    But yeah, when do you need an separate "passport" for Texas?; to show that you are as "corrupt" as they are and of course you have to be "white" with lots of money, if not then you are not allowed to come in unless you have an set of "guns" bought there. Ha ha. . La la "land" with an super la la State. Wow, let the fun start, Go there for "vacation" with your "pregnant" wife (not caused by "you") and all your "guns" and no "masks" and have a blast; cofffin's are cheap there (imported from Mexico with bullet holes in it and "weed" dust settled in it.). Paradise on earth; hallejuja!!

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    Mike Lukovich accurately summed up GOP re-districting on October 15:

    The map proposed by Republicans in Texas last month appears to bolster incumbents who have faced increasingly tough contests against a rising left in the state.

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    HCR included some interesting details about Texas in last night's memo:

    "First up is the deep freeze in Texas, which overwhelmed the power grid and knocked out electricity for more than 3.5 million people, leaving them without heat. It has taken the lives of at least 23 people.

    Most of Texas is on its own power grid, a decision made in the 1930s to keep it clear of federal regulation. This means both that it avoids federal regulation and that it cannot import more electricity during periods of high demand. Apparently, as temperatures began to drop, people turned up electric heaters and needed more power than engineers had been told to design for, just as the ice shut down gas-fired plants and wind turbines froze. Demand for natural gas spiked and created a shortage.

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) told Sean Hannity that the disaster “shows how the Green New Deal would be a deadly deal” for the United States, but Dan Woodfin, a senior director for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the organization in charge of the state’s power grid, told Bloomberg that the frozen wind turbines were the smallest factor in the crisis. They supply only about 10% of the state’s power in the winter.

    Frozen instruments at gas, coal, and nuclear plants, as well as shortages of natural gas, were the major culprits. To keep electricity prices low, ERCOT had not prepared for such a crisis. El Paso, which is not part of ERCOT but is instead linked to a larger grid that includes other states and thus is regulated, did, in fact, weatherize their equipment. Its customers lost power only briefly.

    With climate change expected to intensify extremes of weather, the crisis in Texas indicates that our infrastructure will need to be reinforced to meet conditions it was not designed for.

    You may remember that a Texas legislator, Kyle Biedermann, filed a bill in January to explore the secession of Texas from the United States (which it legally cannot do).

    On Saturday, Governor Abbott asked for a federal emergency declaration from the Biden administration as the state faces some of the worst winter weather in years - and it was immediately granted by the Biden administration.

    it was nearly a year ago that Texas endured "The Big Chill".

    On December 1, Tesla moved its corporate headquarters to Texas.

    May be an image of car, outdoors and text that says 'TE5LA 5L GIGAFACTORY TEXAS Anyone else see the irony of an electric car manufacturer moving operations to a state with a failing power grid?'

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    Yes, Texas is now an absolute example for the whole world on how to ruin your life and get wasted. May be they can convert their Tesla's there to run on "cowshit" . It has to be "cowshit", since because "bullshit" is used for other things there.

    Abbott should get the German swastika painted on his wheelchair as well an "copy" of "Mein Kampf" in his lap, it will suit him extremely well.

    But yeah the Supreme Court find all of this "great" because Trump made sure, by having sick people (Ginsburg) "murdered" just in time (never investigated by Biden or the FBI), so he could replace those with his "gestapo" like "church idiots" who love Texas as it is now.

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    Louis Gohmert, the dumbest man in Congress, has represented the 1st district in Texas since 2005. Although district 1 has a Cook Partisan Voting Index of R+25, it is not the most conservative district in the state.

    That would be district 13th, which has a rating of R+33, and it's THE most conservative district in the country. It is located in the Texas Panhandle.

    A Catholic priest in Tyler, the largest city in District 1, just made the news -again.

    Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas, has become well-known for challenging advocates for abortion rights and those who want to make the COVID-19 vaccines mandatory, justifying his positions by invoking interpretations of Catholic teaching.

    But last month, he took a step that defied Catholic protocol: He challenged his fellow bishops.

    In a tweet on Jan. 18, Strickland backed Fr. Anthony Buś, a priest in Chicago who had pushed back on Pope Francis' new restrictions on saying the pre-Vatican II Latin Mass — in opposition to the views of Buś' superior, Cardinal Blase Cupich, the Archbishop of Chicago.

    The next day, Strickland also tweeted in support of a Vermont priest who had publicly defied his bishop by refusing to be vaccinated or submit to masking and testing and making a video to explain his position. Fr. Peter Williams, a pastor in Springfield, Vermont, described his position as that of a "patriot" and rejected Bishop Christopher Coyne's insistence that the directive was a matter of "honor and obedience.

    The bishop's reputation has put him in conversation with a network of right-wing activists both inside and outside of the Catholic Church. At the December 2020 "Jericho March" in the run-up to the U.S. Capitol attack, Strickland offered a prayer via video. Earlier that year, the bishop publicly backed a Wisconsin priest who insisted Catholics could not vote for Democrats, and reiterated his support when church authorities limited the cleric's ministry in 2021. Strickland tweeted that the priest was "in trouble for speaking the truth."

    In October, Strickland tweeted praise for a speech delivered by actor Jim Caviezel that included criticism of Pope Francis and was delivered at a conference connected to the conspiracy theory-driven QAnon movement.

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    Doc, indeed the grapefruit is not even ripe and thrown around as well most of the times bagged way to early especially at Publix.

    The way things are going in this country right now, then it makes you ripe for the loony house every day. Especially if you invite the (catholic) and other "churches" to help governing.

    Is there ever an an no "negative" news day here? But yeah, who cares as long as you maintain "crooks" in governing then the "show" goes on and on.

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    Yes another "yacht" was built for Bezos in the Netherlands; it was so big that an "bridge" had to be taken apart to get the thing out of there.

    Bezos had to pay extra for this work. In this ridiculous crazy country the sky is the limit, but no limits at all on "billionaires" who act like crazy spoiled brats who don't know what to do with their unlimited wealth.

    At least I must say that Bill Gates from Microsoft gave lots of money and help for the poor in Africa and other "social" institutions. But the present day "billionaires" like Musk and others are just are "ego" trippers and don't care, but try to influence the "governing here" just to get things as spoiled brats their way.

    At least in Europe there are "limits" on how much "money" you can "rake in"; the taxman is waiting for you and tax you up to 80% and "limits" your income one way or another. But not here of course; because they love "egoists" here, ask Trump.