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Texas is still a foreign country

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    The family whose 11 year old son died has sued Jerry Jones's energy company for $100 million.

    There is little chance of this suit moving forward, but it is not hard to imagine a bunch of Texans suing public officials in Texas, since better insulation was recommended after the freeze in 2011- but not acted on.

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    Typical; that's about all I can say. The stupidity is that "plastic" piping was allowed in home construction for a "cost" saving for the builder. My house still has the "copper" piping all over, which can withstand much more pressure when frozen and is installed with freezing in mind so you can drain the whole piping when "frost" is expected and that in S.Florida.

    I guess the brains are missing lately, because this country only thinks about "money" and not about things which should "last", because "consumption" runs the economy (read "money"), not sound engineering; as well thinking ahead that "climate change" can have an effect on your plumbing.

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    Looking at all the things which are happening here; then it is clear that certainly this country is not "UNITED" or "Uniform". Let alone the government, as well States governments. (Texas is an good example) Neither are the "elections" or its "equipment"; let alone "uniform" qualifications for any government job. It is as messy as the Brits themselves, like Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who don't agree either with each other on that "island"; ask Boris. Yes this US "island" is just like that. Sorry I've never been in any country except British colonies, as here where they stick to this stupid British set up. At least in Canada they used their brains and made it an Parliamentary system which works without "gerrymandering" and all the other B.S. here etc. as well everyone gets sound uniform "healthcare" and uses the "metric" system for everything.

    As long as this country sticks to its convoluted garbage law system, where lawyers can't even read the "second amendment" properly (It does not say anywhere that you can own an AR 15 or an AK 47 etc. with lots of rounds.) So it is time to clean up our laws and systems and dump the British garbage, then you are also be able to dump the zillion lawyers. Also "limit " the powers of Presidents here, to the same levels as in any "normal" country such as Prime Minister levels. Or do we prefer over and over again the same shit as with Trump? The way it is set up now is asking for "dictatorship'; Trump tried it and just about succeeded. I wonder if this country is ever going to get "normal" and gets an "normal" process of sound "governing"

    Sorry, but since the cowboys and Indian times, virtually nothing has changed.

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    Thanks, Arizona; building the ship in the Netherlands, at least it did help the Dutch economy and not the poor people like me here. Haha. But yeah the biggest competition in "yachts" is also Italy and the far east.