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What is going on on this site?

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    Sure there is an huge difference to being an writer and an "teacher", than an person who worked day and night on contracts adapted to all kinds of cultures and customs, as well negotiated all kind of "deals" in aviation. So my interface with "politics" always was very limited; it was more worldwide "human" interface of all kinds. My last tenure here in the US has been kind of disappointing due to the mentality here, compared to other cultures around the world. I even helped Boeing to get an huge order from CIT (the aircraft leasing company) as an consultant after the collapse of Fokker Aircraft. And later worked for Dornier in San Antonio to help them with sales and support in S. America. Which was an disaster in the making, due to corruption. Thus I've really never dug into "politics" and its lack of common sense. My job was virtually straight forward dealing and wheeling with "technology" and "logistics". So far as I know all of my negotiated contracts had seldom dispute items in it and were straight forward. I hate the US type of politics; they always have loopholes built into it. That is not my style at all. So I never would be an good politician at all, to cheat and lie all day. Like I've seen with the Coast Guard deal I worked on, where Gulfstream got the deal instead of us, by "padding" all the elements in the government with "money" and "presents" to get the deal. That's not my style, but like Nigerian style.

    The present "package" deal of "X" trillion here is going to be an example of "Nigerian" proportions, once done. I bet on it.

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    Ik heb gemerkt dat Google translate meestal vrij goed werkt.

    Ik heb gepubliceerd in het Gaelic, Frans, Koreaans, Chinees, Spaans, Arabisch en Nederlands.

    Aangezien je in Florida woont, zal ik van een afstand op je moeten proosten.

    Als je naar Spanje verhuist, moet je je Castiliaans Spaans oppoetsen, maar je bent in ieder geval weg van Ron DeSantis.

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    Bedankt, Yes getting away from the overcrowded roads here, by the out of State Republicans as well their mentality, will be an breath of clean air. Since the "gulf" here is also polluted all the way (red tide etc.) because of the "drilling" and lots of apartments are being built, then it is time to leave. My wife will do the shopping and communication, she studied Spanish. My French is better because we had an house in France in Bedarieux, and had French lessons at school. So no problem, since lots of the Dutch live in the area in Spain were we want to move to, as well lots of Brits. But yeah, the "sky's" are being opened up now again, so travel will be easier to Europe. We'll take our time, because we have to sell the house (again) and make al the arrangements etc. Until such time I'll keep writing. Have an good one!
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    that guy in AZ Wrote:


    As you know, I've been trying to get participation from more people on this site.

    What I ran into in my neighborhood is that the guy that I thought would be a great addition decided not to participate because he thought the site was dominated by a handful of contributors.

    I'll readily admit that I'm a compulsive writer, so I try to limit my comments as much as possible, but will jump in with a comment if I feel a particular topic needs more commentary.

    A possible solution would be for everyone on this site to invite even ONE more participant, which would at least result in a broader range of comments.

    That's why you start so many threads when there are already threads going that are of the same subject.

    I have a suggestion, less threads, more content.

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    The participation on this site is really going down the drain; I still don't know "why". I've got the feeling that the people here hate to hear the "truth" about life in America. Right now more than 50% are helping to destroy this country and don't realize what an "dictatorship" is all about, since it seems that to be their wish. I just about bet that as things are now, things will only get worse; all the signs are there, especially in the "justice" system as well the "politics" being played. I wished that this country would wake up and open up their eyes and stop the "island" mentality. It until now it never had an "dictatorship", but one "party" (of the "two") is heading towards such in an hurry, but the people here don't want to "know" what it means and its consequences.

    The other thing is that the influence in "governing" of the "filthy rich" is only increasing and the "gap" between the "poor" and the "rich" is only getting wider. Since a lot of the "rich" here have an total lack of world "reality" and only wants to be in "power" (and do as they like) then things become an "weird" society, depending on the "rich" for "handouts. Neither our "laws" are adapted to the "times"; we live in and totally "convoluted/polluted" way by having an"zillion" partisan "lawyers, which will hasten our demise into "dictatorship". Our law "system" will help our downfall, ask Rittenhouse.

    I've got the feeling that Biden is not in "control" at all and at his "age" is still mind set wise in the " 60's", so he does not seem to have a clue in what direction this country is heading.

    Over 20 years there will be an book published about the "rise" and the "fall" of an "empire"; just fill in the name of such country. Sorry to be so negative, but the truth hurts.

    I've been many years on this site and see clearly the "big" picture" of what is going on this country and the "picture" does not look good, because of certain "attitudes" here, which is starting to look like as an "same" period as was the case before WWII.

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    I still don't see any "life" on this site. What is wrong? There must be lots of "old" members who (I hope) write about their "thoughts" about the things happening around us as well the "present" mentality in this country, which is an far cry, from how it was just after WWII. Either it is the "education" or "politics" as well the "media" which causes this "mentality" change.

    I actually blame most of it on the "media" which has "expanded" an awful lot in the wrong way for the GOP. Like a lot of "new" stations for them and only a few existing one's for the the Dem's. But yeah Biden did not research the "why" yet.

    It is time to "control" the "media" here with "limits" about what they can "spew" all day long. "Freedom" can go go only so far in "regulated" countries, but not here. No wonder that this country has become "un-governable".

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    Still no "life" on this site ; what is going on? I will quit may be as well; for me it means actually that this whole country does not care about its survival. The signs are there that Biden will become an "lame duck" after 2022. So what does this country wants? Biden has no guts or stamina to "attack" the Trump party and remove all the by Trump installed idiots and even wants to keep them, like Powell, DeSantis, Abbott, DeJoy, Greene, Gosar etc. and lots of others who don't belong in the government. I know that the "people" out of those States "elected"? to sent these idiots to Washington. So do something to those States about cutting off their Federal services as well "money". Also "force" all these States to follow "unified" guidelines of governing. Right now they are all "individual little "countries" who behave like little kids. You can't run an country that way, as has been proven over time.

    Since no one seems to be interested in my "proza" just let this country drown in its own shit; may be our "Arizona" can help this site to survive; I'm kind of of giving up on this country. It was an "pleasure" all these years when we had enough members giving their opinions. Thanks.

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    I can't explain the drop off in participation by others.

    I try to post thoughts that will encourage discussion, but I also try to limit my comments so that I am not monopolizing the available space.

    The key to keeping people involved is to avoid "rants", which have the effect of smothering other people's desires to response.

    Our resident "wise man", Schmidt, posted a few thoughts several years ago that best explained how to participate.

    The first reality is that the country is not going to radically change to what we would all like. Politics in a democracy is always going to be messy. As much as we all would like to get rid of Jim Jordan, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar, and others like them, it will not happen right away. Also, although it SHOULD be inevitable that Donald Trump should be locked up for the rest of his life, it also will not be a quick process.

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    Arizona, Sure I know that nothing on this site or any of your or my comments have any effect on this "mis-managed" society.

    Looking at the "total" picture on how this country is "run" ( just look at all you write about it) then this "whole picture" is an reflection, that the "system" here is an "TOTAL" mess. I wrote many times on how to improve such. In the first place sent "qualified" persons ( thus test them beforehand), if they understand the job and what is required from them. Hire people who have integrity and "knowledge", not the Greene types. Stop playing "politics" all the time for personal gain, not benefitting the country. Stop all the B.S. in the media and "control" the media with "limits" on how far they can go. The "central" government should insist that States ( just like Provinces) should follow Federal laws and same "systems" and all States should have "unified laws" applicable to all of them. No exceptions! Elections should also be done as "dictated" by the Fed's, not the "circus" as was done like in Arizona. No money should be injected into "elections"; I wrote many times about that; only "qualifications" should count. So as long as the "system" is full of "holes" and "bribery" and "corruption", then you and I can write all day long about it and the result is that they "laugh" at us, because they are set in their ways, which eventually will ruin this country (which it already is the case) . Biden is an weakling; all talk , but no action; just like any politician and washes his hands . I guess if Bloomberg would have gotten the job, the picture would be quite different right now. But yeah the "voters" here are "un-educated" and "stupid" (it shows). An "two" party system (miles apart) is asking for all this shit.

    This country needs an huge "broom"; it may come as an "revolution" the Capitol "riots" are showing the "signs" already.