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Indict the Wartime President Trump for derilection of duty.

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    A real president would have declared a state of war and directed the resources of the country to manufacture personal defensive devices to stop the spread of the disease. Instead of progressively protecting people he ignored the people and spent not one penny on defensive protective equipment and policies. Flouride is put in water and trucks run neighborhoods billowing death to mosquitoes while we wait for Covid to magically disappear. The hundred thousand death plaque should be hung around Trump. Remember when he publicly said he may have to sacrifice 20000 people to save the economy.
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    Chet, sorry but he'll stay until the bitter end. Our "laws" will allow such; you can "impeach" him again, if you account for that he will "bribe " everyone in his party, every time you try such. Thus an "dead end". Looking at what he's doing now with his "Gestapo" in Oregon and may today in Chicago or somewhere else, that is purely out of the "playbook" of Hitler.

    So forget it that we can get rid of this N.Y. trained "mafia" member before the "election". If he looses, than I can bet that the W.H. is ruined by him, (he already took the "paintings of Obama Clinton and Bush away) before the next occupant is allowed in. I bet it will be lots of fun for the next few months; "book" writers will get rich, but the people here except the "rich" get richer and the poor even more poor. That is what you get in an "banana republic"