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Joe Biden's first 100 days

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    Yes Dock,it will absolutely be an continuation of 2020; the Trump party will act if they are still in charge. Trump will be the biggest outside irritant force as like Bannon did when he was out.

    As long as they don't change the "system" here, you can expect more and more B.S. in 2021.

    Also the way things are going with the "virus" then according to the experts 2021 may not even solve this pandemic in that year. The first 100 days will be pure hell for Biden and he won't accomplish much because of the Trump party obstructions.

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    An article, opinion piece from the Guardian,

    Joe Biden's talk of 'healing' is pointless, and will be seen as weakness by the right

    The new president needs to be fearlessly radical – it’s the only way to rebalance the economy and tackle the causes of division

    I agree with the opinion piece.