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Putin an bounty hunter?

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    It was disclosed that Putin offered "bounty's" for killing US and NATO soldiers operating in Afghanistan. Of course Trump acted if he knew nothing about that and rather stuff that also under the carpet. What great "friends" has Trump, such as Putin, Erdogan, Kim, Xi etc. I just wonder about this country; it seems we don't care what our "crazy" leaders do.

    The status of this country in the is now just about laughable all the way.

    Congratulations Republicans, you know how to choose your leaders.

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    Messaging is missing. We need to capitalize on these issues. This is 100% wrong. It's time to be brutally honest and to hold everyone accountable !
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    Heather Cox Richardson had a lot to say about this topic last night.

    I'll provide a synopsis of her article to save you time, but the VERY SHORT version is that Russia has declared war on the United States - and we are not doing anything about it.

    This evening, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal both broke extraordinary news. Months ago, American intelligence officials concluded that during peace talks to end the war in Afghanistan, a Russian military intelligence group offered to Taliban-linked fighters bounties for killing American troops. They paid up, too, although it is unclear which of the twenty U.S. deaths happened under the deal.

    The military intelligence unit officials judge to be behind this program, the G.R.U., is the same one that is engaged in a so-called “hybrid war” against America and other western countries, destabilizing them through disinformation, cyberattacks, and covert military operations and assassinations.

    Disinformation spread by G.R.U. was one of the many factors that got Trump elected.

    According to the New York Times, the National Security Council discussed the intelligence finding in late March and came up with a range of responses, none of which has been deployed.

    U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) took to Twitter to note that Congress had not been informed of the information. “Congress should have been told,” he said. “And not just leadership or the Intel Committee.”

    Instead of addressing this extraordinary intelligence, Trump strengthened U.S. ties to Russia, which have been rocky since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014.

    Just after the NSC discussed the intelligence findings, on April 1, a Russian plane brought ventilators and other medical supplies to the United States. The shipment was such a propaganda coup for Russia that the state television channel RT carried the plane’s arrival in New York live. Not only was it a show of strength for Russia to provide aid to the U.S., but also the equipment Russia sent was produced by a state-run company that is under U.S. sanctions. This was evidently intended to be a demonstration that sanctions did not mix well with a global pandemic. Just days before, Putin had publicly called for ending sanctions to enable the world to combat the coronavirus more effectively.

    On May 3, Trump called Putin and talked for an hour and a half, a discussion Trump called “very positive.”

    On May 21, the U.S. sent a humanitarian aid package worth $5.6 million to Moscow to help fight coronavirus there. The shipment included 50 ventilators, with another 150 promised for the next week.

    Think about that for a minute.

    On April 1, Russia sent ventilators and other equipment to us.

    On May 21, we sent 50 back, with the promise of 150 more.

    On June 15, news broke that Trump has ordered the removal of 9,500 troops from Germany, where they support NATO against Russian aggression. The removal leaves 25,000 troops there.

    All of these friendly overtures to Russia were alarming enough when all we knew was that Russia attacked the 2016 U.S. election and is doing so again in 2020. But it is far worse that those overtures took place when the administration knew that Russia had actively targeted American soldiers.

    This news is bad, bad enough that it apparently prompted worried intelligence officials to give up their hope that the administration would respond to the crisis, and instead to leak the story to two major newspapers.

    Since Trump is working to benefit Russia, and not us, he should be tried for treason once he is forced from office.

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    These "breaking news" stories about Trump just keep coming every day. When it comes to Putin and Russia, Trump is hands off. They have free rein to do what they want in the world and know that Trump won't raise a whimper. This particular news story should be front page everywhere. I haven't see a formal Trump response.

    Putin owns Trump.

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    Your last line is correct; reading Bolton's book he should also be tried for having the Kurds killed as well lots of other things, like not giving the kids at the border healthcare as now the court has ordered.

    Yes Republicans, be proud of your leader; even Europe is laughing out loud about this country and how they tackle the virus here with "lies".

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    America did the same thing, Operation Cyclone, in the Afghan war with Russia, at the direction of Reagan, the CIA told the

    Mujahideen to "just kill Russians".

    How is this situation any different?

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    Yes that was different; at least Reagan did not hide it and was not in "bed" with Korbashov ( don't know how to write that name I guess). We had an "cold" war not "no war" at all as now.
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    Dock you are correct; the US is no "sweetheart" either. Just look at the pictures which were taken in Iraq/Afghanistan where they killed lots of women and kids as well raped plenty of them. Then look at the US prison camps in Cuba; were the public never was informed about all the torture etc. committed there. The few Americans killed due to Russian "bounties" is peanuts, compared by who this country has killed in all our instigated wars since WWII. Like the Dutch say (translated): The "pot" accuses the "kettle that it looks "black". In other words" hypocrites".
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    Plus, America has proxy wars going on all over the globe. The Koreas have never been resolved, and the north is receiving backing from our trade associates in China, please note that only 4 U.S. presidents have visited China in history, all republicans. And nothing was ever settled.

    If Trump ever decided to end trade with China, where would American consumers buy or acquire all the necessities we use in our daily lives? Because we sure don't manufacture stuff in this country, if we did, consumers wouldn't be able to afford them.

    Trump's tariffs didn't work out so well. I seem to recall that years ago, if we bought something from K-Mart, it was made in Taiwan.

    Our proxy war in Afghanistan is nothing more than to keep Russians out of that area. I believe years ago Unocal wanted to build a pipeline in Afghanistan. That never materialized because that area of the world is very unstable.

    America's proxy wars and conflicts keep going on, and we never hear about such because these are the government's secrets.

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    Dockadams -- Yes, the list of American proxy wars is extensive. Scanning the list in Wikipedia, one cannot help but notice American involvement in most all of them. Which raises the question? Are these wars for legitimate causes to make Americans feel safe? Or are they for serving the financial interest of military contractors who supply the weapons to these wars -- sometimes to both sides?

    Wikipedia: List of Proxy Wars

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    The Lincoln Project has wasted no time in coming out with an attack ad on Trump's handling of the Putin bounty scandal.

    New Lincoln Project ad slams Trump over deaths of 'Greatest Generation' members from COVID-19

    "The Lincoln Project’s new ad entitled “Betrayed” features former U.S. Navy Seal Dan Barkhuff, whom the group described as just one of the current and former service members who “feel betrayed” by Trump after the Russia bounty reports surfaced."

    An excerpt:

    “Any commander-in-chief with a spine would be stomping the living shit out of Russians right now, diplomatically, economically or if necessary with the sort of asymmetric warfare they’re using to send our kids home in body bags,” Barkhuff says in the ad.

    “Mr. Trump, you’re either a coward who can’t stand up to an ex-KGB goon or you’re complicit,” he added.

    You can watch the add at the Hill link above.

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    Questions we'll never get the answers to, when did Trump know of these russian bounties, if he wasn't informed of them, why not?

    The congress is neutered & spayed, the house will ask never ending questions and will not get the answers, the senate will try to sweep all of this under the rug because of moscow mitch.

    And the putin/trump relationship will get stronger.

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    Looking at this "case" on TV days on days, it makes me puke about the hypocrite way they deal with this. For instance how does our CIA work?; they pay informers every day to be able to kill our opponents. How did they find out where Bin Laden was or the Iranian general they killed? I hate to see the holy "innocent" faces on TV showing how upset they are about the Russians "paying" people. Please bring 10 barf buckets, Hypocrites for sure.

    I remember there was an US army "truck" in Iraq which went missing filled with millions of dollars. Arizona can dig up this story for sure.