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In 2016 Trump identified himself as a counter puncher.

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    It is a shame that the most powerful man in the world with the most important job in the world described his vision of leading as that of a reactionary. No planning or investigating but simply reacts.

    “Donald Trump: I'm a counter-puncher - YouTube

    May 17, 2016 · Presumptive Republican presidential nominee tells Megyn Kelly that he has never been bullied and that he responds 'pretty strongly' “

    That method of ruling dismisses the complexity of problems. He relegates leading to a one dimensional reaction. But have no fear because “ he responds 'pretty strongly' “

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    He's like an untrained "pit bull" who only knows how to bite the "unknown" items/people.

    I hope the book coming out of Trump's niece will show the awful way of Trump's way of living/thinking and shows that this family does n't care about the the world around them. It looks like an horrible "asso" clan to me. "Money" and "power" is the only thing what counts.