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Susan Rice as a VP Pick?

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    The Atlantic, May 29, 2020: The VP Choice Everyone Is Missing

    "Joe Biden’s concern about the national-security impact of the coronavirus has led him to weigh picking the Obama-administration national security adviser Susan Rice as his running mate, according to several people who’ve spoken privately with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in recent weeks."

    Biden knows Susan Rice very well having worked with her in the Obama administration. Likewise, I have seen her on TV on several occasions and she impresses me as someone who is highly knowledgeable and articulate on the issues. But in these days where emotions trump critical thinking, I suppose she might not pass the purity tests needed to secure the nomination. But for what it's worth, I would be pleased to have her as VP.


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    I think she's eminently qualified to be Vice President and have zero doubt about her ability to lead our country if, heaven forbid, something happened to Biden.

    My only concern about her is that Republicans will inevitably resurrect the long national nightmare of Benghazigate and her "involvement" in that godforsaken Republican conspiracy.

    Republicans have this uncanny ability to change the conversation and turn liberals against each other. Donald has spent the past four years shitting all over our Constitutional norms, know...Benghazi!

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    I guess the Dem's don't have brains; Biden is a bit senile, then add an "black" woman with an Benghazi gate history. Trump and his cronies will love that for sure. The choices the Dem's are making will be their downfall in November. Why don't they get someone who surely can beat Trump, like Bloomberg or Cuomo. But yeah, they will find out that Biden is not the person who is able to clean up the huge mess Trump leaves behind, thus even if he wins, it will be only an one term (or less) President. Yes the truth hurts.