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George Floyd's death and protesting

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    Rittenhouse extradited to Kenosha to face 2 homicide charges, and 1 attempted homicide charge. Bail set a $2M. His legal team has collected well over that amount in donations from militia groups, gun rights groups and fringe right wing nutjobs.

    In the article in the link following, there is a photo of a guy holding his chest with his skateboard in front of him on the ground, (he died on the spot) and Rittenhouse pointing shooting and wounding the man in front of him. Also included in the article in the link below is a copy of the charges/indictment for Rittenhouse.

    I played pretend I was a Kenosha cop the other day with my wife. I told her I was a Kenosha cop driving down the street in my cruiser and said I saw a very young guy carrying a rifle in the street. I asked my wife what should I do? Should I pull over, get out and ask the youngster for some ID, or, should I just slow down and ask him if he wants a doughnut?

    I know, I know, you guys probably think I'm cold hearted bastard, but the police departments here have some really, really ignorant asses working for the taxpayers.

    By the way folks, the straw purchaser of the firearm Rittenhouse had in his possession? He was arrested and charge with a federal crime, buying a firearm for a minor which was used in a crime.

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    "Kyle Rittenhouse is out of jail," he wrote. "God bless ALL who donated to help #FightBack raise required $2M cash bail."

    Wood wrote that actor Ricky Schroder and Mike Lindell, the Donald Trump-supporting chief executive of My Pillow, Inc., put up some the money, thanking them for "putting us over the top."

    Rittenhouse is next expected in court for a prelminary hearing on Dec. 3.

    Rittenhouse's attorneys and evangelical groups have been raising money for his defense, including efforts to raise money for his bond.

    I hope my pillow goes broke, bankrupt. period.