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Trump makes fortunes of borderwall

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    Trump-Touted Firm Wins $1.28B Border Wall Contract

    From: NEWS Now Newser — Arden Dier

    A company favored by President Trump, which is the subject of an ongoing Defense Department inspector general review, has been awarded the biggest border wall construction contract yet, valued at $1.275 billion.

    CEO Tommy Fisher of North Dakota-based Fisher Sand and Gravel pushed his company’s design on conservative news outlets including Fox News, paid $145,000 to lobbyists, donated to Trump’s Republican allies, and invited officials with the US Army Corps of Engineers to view construction of a privately funded wall, report the Arizona Daily Star and Washington Post.

    Trump reportedly urged Corps officials to award wall contracts to Fisher last year, though its design didn’t meet federal standards. This contract, given to the lowest bidder out of a pool of contractors, covers 42 miles of wall in segments near Tucson.

    Fisher was also awarded a $400 million contract to build 31 miles of wall near Tucson in December. The Defense Department's inspector general later launched an audit in response to a request from Congress, per CNN.

    House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson said there were "concerns about the possibility of inappropriate influence" and specifically mentioned federal procurement laws. In a statement, the Corps says all procurement laws were followed for both awards.

    The latest, awarded May 6, gives an average cost per mile of $30 million, compared to $20 million for other wall projects in the area, though the Post reports there are "significant engineering complexities." CNN notes Fisher has faced "more than $1 million in fines for environmental and tax violations," though it maintains those issues are resolved.

    The "kickbacks" are an goldmine for Trump (see above, thus at least 10 million in Trump's pockets); also he will get plenty of donations for his re-election.

    Who are the "one's who approve any such "deal"? Of course Trump "loyalists" What are the Dem's doing?; I know the answer, absolute nothing. Only complain with some words or keep quiet.

    Sorry people; this country is super corrupt. At least the Clorox stocks and "gun" sales rise everyday!!

    At least bring me 10 barf buckets please!

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    It would be interesting to see how Trump has managed to funnel campaign funds (or spend) into into personal account.

    Highly Recommend Netfix Documentary series "Dirty Money". It about white collar crimes, and legal methods to rip people off. Example, how to legally sell people their own cars. Just like watching a magic trick, a good con man can bleed his customers dry, and they never find out who did it, or how it happened.

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    If you followed the Stormy payoff method, then you should be able to see on how that is done; it is always done via an "fake" set up company or connections who knows on how the routing can be done " via via" so it can't be traced . I know how that is done since my brother did set up an fake company had it registered in Mexico to do "deals". He passed away so I never found out on how it worked. A lot goes via Delaware because their "system" makes it easy. A friend of mine registered an big boat there, while it was stored in the Bahama's, in order to evade taxes etc. Sorry you have no idea on how corrupt this country is. I did some government contracting via Lockheed; in the "money" there is always an reserve in the price to do "payoffs" .

    The "kickbacks" to Trump are always hidden on how and where to (a bank in Cypress?). In my past job I got offered "bribes" especially from African countries; however I never entertained those. One time, I had to leave Nigeria in an hurry and got shot at, because they thought I had "connections" with certain "folks" in their "network". Thus the world is not so nice as people think. Most people here are very naive and think our government is "honest"; forget it.