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Biden ad on Trump and coronavirus

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    Joe Biden ad

    Take a look at this ad putting the responsibility for the coronavirus response squarely on Donald Trump. It runs about 2 1/2 minutes and is well worth your time.

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    An excerpt from the closing statement of the above ad:

    “Donald Trump doesn’t understand. We have an economic crisis because we have a public health crisis. And we have a public health crisis because he refused to act,” a narrator says in the nearly three-minute-long spot. “Donald Trump didn’t build a great economy. His failure to lead destroyed one.”

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    Like an old Dutch saying: "Presenting mustard after the meal" that is what is going on. If all the previous Presidents had put proper laws in place, also did write an "limit" law into place, describing clearly the "limits" of the job of Presidents and their staff as well re-wrote the Constitution related to how to run an "impeachment" as well an clarification of the "second amendment" that indeed "civilians" can't own guns (with the exemption for having certain jobs) especially not the types of high capacity guns produced now. Our laws need a lot of clean up; the rule of law means nothing here, because our lawyers make sure nothing is written the "black" and "white way"; all of it has become "fussy" and "cloudy" to keep them busy to hoard in the "money".

    If nothing is done about it, we will stay in turmoil and end up like any S.American country where corruption is "king"

    Ad's like above don't change a thing!

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    Schmitd, So has Trump just been recklessly ignorant, naive, and unconcerned, Or something else?

    I am pondering that Trump's reaction to COVID-19 has been to let it get worse, ie feed the fire, so to speak. Not necessarily as a conscious effort, but he just feels most comfortable letting COVID-19 get worse because he thrives on conflict, division, chaos, hate, destruction, etc. Trump as no skills related to solving problems, his skills are are centered around creating conflict and benefiting from conflict. The worse things become, the more he thrives from it. His behavior consistently suggests that he really doesn't want things to to get better, his behavior suggests he wants it to get worse. When I heard him comment that toxic house cleaning fluids might be a simple solution, that was so recklessly stupid, its more like pushing people closer to the edge than away from it.

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    The prediction of the experts is not "pretty"; thus I wonder what this country will look like at "election" time.

    CHAOS is the word.