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    The killing of Khasoggi was indeed part of the ploy; he must have known something Pompeo and Kussner/Trump did not like. Of course this was an typical Trump "deal" in order to get the "commission" (read "kickbacks") I still wonder why the FBI/CIA have not done their work. I bet they were warned as well, but their top people were replaced with "loyalists" who keep their mouth shut.

    What is the matter with this country? I know, it is just like any other S. American country ; corrupt to the bone!

    But yeah the Dem's are sound asleep after the GOP senators were "bribed" to keep the "mafia criminal" in place. Good work Dem's!!! get out of your winter sleep!

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    Last night's letter made several interesting comments.

    1) Trump threatened to pull the August Republican National Convention from North Carolina if Democratic Governor Roy Cooper won’t guarantee that the event can be held at full capacity, despite coronavirus restrictions. The RNC is under contract to hold the convention in Charlotte, but Trump has talked about moving the event, wondering aloud to aides why it can’t be held in a hotel ballroom in Florida.

    2) The widower of the 28 year old woman who died in Joe Scarborough's Florida office has asked Trump to stop tweeting about her death.

    3) Covid-19 has now taken more American lives than the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, the Iraq War, and the war in Afghanistan, combined.

    4) Today, the president laid a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery and spoke at Fort McHenry in Baltimore. Baltimore’s mayor, Bernard C. “Jack” Young had asked the president not to come to the locked down city to avoid modeling non-essential travel and costing the city money it could not afford as the pandemic has wiped out tax revenues. Trump went despite Young’s objections. Neither he nor Vice President Pence wore a mask during their visit.