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Trump's China Syndrome

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    Pete Buttigieg has an article in the Washington Post this morning:

    Washington Post: Pete Buttigieg: China wants four more years of Trump

    Mayor Pete may be running for something by writing this, but regardless it is an informative article on how Trump is seemingly obsessed with China as possibly being the key to his re-election. After first praising President Xi Jinping repeatedly in January and February, Trump has now reverted to pinning the coronavirus blame on China. Quoting Buttigieg:

    "President Trump is resorting to a desperate reelection strategy: To deflect blame for his own failure to address the coronavirus crisis, and in the hope that the public will forget his initial instinct — complete with praise for the “transparency” of China’s pandemic response — he’s doing everything he can to miscast former vice president Joe Biden as Beijing’s “dream candidate.”

    "On Wednesday, Trump told the Associated Press that “China will do anything they can to have me lose this race.”

    In other words, he is playing the media again making people believe that China is his "enemy" doing what they can to see that he is not re-elected. However, as Buttigieg claims, it is just the opposite. China would like nothing better to see Trump elected for four more years, because during his presidency the USA has lost prestige and influence throughout the world while China has stepped into the leadership vacuum.

    Buttigieg cites numerous examples of Trump's failed leadership role in the world, which all have benefited China. You can read the article. Buttigieg is an informed writer, and has revealed what Trump's true motives are in casting blame.

    I wonder where Buttigieg will end up in the Biden presidency.

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    I was impressed with mayor Pete's letter when I read it this morning.

    In January of 2019, the National Security Council produced a 42 page booklet outlining the greatest security threats facing the United States Both China and Russia were at the top of the list, and they also are mentioned several other times throughout the report.

    A virus was also mentioned a bit later in the report, but it pinpoints northern South America as the point of origin.

    Illegal immigrants from Mexico does not get mentioned until page 41 of the report, which means that Trump is wasting an enormous amount of money on a project that is utterly useless.

    Like you, I suspect that Pete will wind up somewhere in the Biden administration.

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    Trump has no clue about Russia or China; he refuses to read the intelligence reports etc. plus the history of these countries.

    Xi is there for life, I hope Trump not. I bet, Xi already dumped the whole "Phase One"stupidity into the garbage and just does what he wants. Also China has an "plan" for the next 25 years; the US has no plan at all and if so less than an month ahead. China really does not care who wins here; their plan stays in place; however may be adapted because of the "virus" thing. China will make sure that they move forward in the world, while the US battles internal differences. They will win on the world market, not the US.

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    One thing the Chinese leader and his people have that our leaders do not have is patience. That will hurt us in the end of the game this nation is playing.

    One thing I have heard is that republicans have been pounding this anti China sentiment to their followers for many years now, and more so in recent years. For that matter, they've been pounding the drum of anti Mexican sentiment very recently. American republicans hate people that ain't white.

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    If you see the "losers" on the steps of the State House in Michigan, then in any other country these guys would be thrown in jail, also try to walk openly around with big guns in any other civil country, But not here, they are welcomed by Trump and his cronies and are "good people" just like in Georgetown VA. China must be laughing out loud; I guess no one dares to do such in China. Sorry this country is going to the dogs. No principles, morals or decency or brains. The hole in the Titanic is getting much larger and this ship is sinking faster. Yes the truth hurts.