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The "$1200 present of Trump.

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    Dutch, this is probably why when people voted for trump, they really believed government is broken, he ran on drain the swamp because they're worse than a disfunctional family, but he even lied too, instead of draining the swamp, he filled it with more slime. But his base, who ever his base really is, still believe his lies.
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    So, the stimulus talks are stalled again. Most recipients of his $300 exec. order for unemployment payments still have not been disbursed, and a media outlet reported that the FEMA money used for this has about run dry. It's amazing how one man can micromanage 2 entire legislative bodies, the house and the senate. It's like, who's afraid of the big bad wolf. Americans are hurting, but why should the senate or Trump give a fuck? because they don't.
    I dropped off our absentee ballots a few days ago. I hope more people vote against this mob machine.
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    Dock, as long as they don't fix the "paperwork" in the government, then the "chaos" stays. Trump and his cronies love chaos, they don't know better due to that also the education in this country is down the drain thanks to electing an DeVos. There is so much to clean up in this country but no one does that because te refuse to start at "A" and muddle around piece meal.

    As long as our election system is "garbage" then you will never get the right people into the government to "fix" things.

    "Money" here seems to be the "glue" and an fix for everything here, but not well designed laws.

    Lots of so called "rules" should transferred into laws, but they are too lazy to do so. Like what does an "emolument clause" do if there is no penalty if you don't comply? We've got lawyers enough so hire a few who change these "rules" into law. But yeah people like Trump and his buddy's want to get rid of most laws and prefer that he "church" runs this country. Great idea but that is how we got Napoleon. L'Histoire ce repette.

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    No stimulus until after the election, but Nancy and the Munchkin are still negotiating, but full speed ahead confirming a justice while Americans struggle and juggle day to day living expenses. Now that's what I call a do nothing congress.
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    Dock, that is what you get if you let the "billionaires" and the "church" run the country. It is all about the "money" for them.

    As soon as the "evangelical" bitch is appointed forget any progress for the better. If "religion" enters politics the "rich" cheer, because everything will lean their way and the lower classes will be part of the "herd" they can enslave and indoctrinate.

    You should look at what Senator Whitehouse investigated of what is going on. There are certain "groups" of very rich people who influence everything with billions of money, which includes the Supreme Court as well. All what the government does is play their game. Deceit and bribery is their tactic.