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hand over that toilet paper, and nobody gets hurt

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    Although governor Ducey has ordered non-essential businesses to close in Arizona, one industry that he considers ESSENTIAL are gun dealers.

    While grocery stores have struggled to restock toilet paper and hand sanitizer, another industry has witnessed a massive influx of customers as the novel coronavirus continues to spread.


    Arizona gun store owners say they're dealing with hordes of people — many of whom are first-time gun buyers — who say they want to protect themselves from the possibility of burglars seeking to steal supplies.

    Shawn Ray, who is the owner of S2 Armament in Phoenix, which sells firearms out of Patriot Nation Firearms and Accessories, said the store is sold out of common pistols from manufacturers like Glock and Smith & Wesson, leaving mostly collectors' items as the only available option until the store receives a new shipment.

    "It's just like toilet paper," Ray told The Arizona Republic. "It's not like there's a shortage of toilet paper. There's warehouses chock full of the stuff. But nobody was really ready for this to happen."

    He expects to receive a new shipment of firearms in a week or two.

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    People are comfortable living and trusting a civilized life and they depend on it. When a destructive entity attacks them they feel lonely and betrayed, Start buying guns in record numbers to protect themselves feeling abandoned by government and society.
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    Buying guns is more about fear and anxiety than feeling abandoned by the government and society. Fear makes people react in ways that are out of character. I went into our local supermarket the other day and saw lots of goods that were earlier in short supply. Lots of toilet paper but customers limited to one package. I think most people are by now stocked up. The meat counter had several meat varieties. The week before the counter was empty. Your refrigerator/freezer can only hold so much meat and then you have to either eat it or quit buying. No food shortage...just a temporary fear. And just because fear drove you to buy a year's supply of toilet paper doesn't mean that you believe you will be sitting (or is it shitting?) on the crapper any more than before. People act in peculiar ways when they fear...including buying guns to protect their food hoard.
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    My local grocer has been out of TP and paper towels for at least a week, or more. Can you use a gun or bullets to wipe your hiney with? Charlton Heston says, you'll get my TP from my cold dead hands.
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    All of this shows how absolutely crazy this "island" country is. This is what you get if you select "leaders" who threaten you and bully.

    Instead of calming down people and making sure that the "logistics work", our leaders love to hype the public with the assistance of the right wing media because that seems to work in their favor. Chaos and "corruption" go hand in hand. Trump likely gets an "bonus" from the gun manufacturers and the NRA.

    With this "virus" now you see what the actual "country" is made of. Run like hell to church, that will save your ass for sure.

    Is n't it time to educate people here what makes sense and what does not?

    Chaos won't save you nor ghosts in outer space.

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    Taking a risk of contracting the virus, we went to 2 stores yesterday looking for TP, neither had any. We bought 3 rolls of paper towels in case we run out before stock is replenished at stores, we have 4 rolls of TP left in the bathroom. I know, you guys are probably thinking, thanks for sharing.

    We were able to buy milk and day old bakery buns, there weren't any chicken eggs, no loaves of bread, shelves of other essential items were nearly picked clean, and Wisconsinites seemed oblivious to the ordered social distancing, people walked by and lingered near us almost all of the time we were in the store-pisses me off. We wore masks my wife purchased a long time ago and rubber-like gloves. I couldn't wait to get out of the stores. I wonder why people aren't taking this social distancing thing seriously. Don't they know that this virus is easily transmittable and it can kill? sheesh!

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    Herding mentality is as old as the first animals on this tiny planet; Even deer will run after the leader and drown. People here are still not evolved enough to shake this "culture. I saw people standing in line for an soup kitchen in N.Y. or at the unemployment offices, all bunched up. This herd mentality is also obvious in "voting"; they will follow the "leader" even if it kills them.