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How much is Trump REALLY worth?

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    When Trump submitted his paperwork to run for president, he claimed that he was worth $10 billion - an obvious exaggeration. Although he managed to make it onto the Forbes 400 list a number of times, he actually got kicked off one year because Forbes could not verify his net worth.

    In 1982, Forbes valued Trump at $100 million, but Greenberg now claims Trump was actually worth roughly $5 million — "a paltry sum by the standards of his super-moneyed peers."

    Trump claimed in 2015 that he was worth more than $10 billion, though that was never proven. Forbes currently estimates Trump's net worth to be $3.1 billion and named him "the first billionaire president." However, because he's yet to release his tax returns to the public, no one knows for sure how stacked his bank accounts are.

    "He is now the 275th-richest person in America, by our count. That’s 16 spots lower than where he ranked a year ago and 119 places lower than where we had him before he became president."

    Not that Trump’s fortune is static. His branding businesses, for instance, are in steep decline. Real estate developers are no longer signing up to put the Trump name on their properties, and existing customers have scraped the brand from projects in places like Toronto and Panama. Forbes estimates that Trump’s real estate licensing business, which is further limited by his pledge not to do foreign deals while in office, is worth about $80 million today, down from $170 million a year ago. Meanwhile, the value of the president’s product licensing operation—which earns money by putting the Trump name on goods such as shirts, ties and mattresses—is approaching zero. In 2016, before Trump became president, it was worth an estimated $14 million.

    The coronavirus is causing his properties to lose a LOT of money. All of Trump’s properties, at home and abroad, would stand to suffer if travel and tourism business continues to evaporate. A business travel group is estimating revenue losses globally of nearly $50 billion per month.

    According to Bloomberg, the $2 trillion stimulus plan agreed to by White House and Senate leaders would ban any company controlled by President Donald Trump or his children from receiving loans or investments from the stimulus package - which means that if you violate the provisions of the Emolument Act, the Democrats are not going to be sympathetic when your hotels are losing money.

    His exposure in the stock market is actually fairly limited.

    Mr. Trump doesn’t have a lot of his wealth in the stock or bond markets. What money he does have invested there — scattered across two dozen stock and bond funds — appears to be performing no better than the S&P 500 during this year’s financial crash.

    Before Mr. Trump became president, his investment accounts at Deutsche Bank and Barclays were stuffed with blue-chip stocks, which have been decimated this year. When he closed those accounts, his only exposure to the stock and bond markets was through three family trusts. The investments in those trusts are managed by an outside trustee, not by Mr. Trump.

    Mr. Trump’s last financial disclosure form was filed in May. The form listed the specific funds in which the three Trump trusts had money, but it provides only ranges of the amount invested in each fund, not precise values. It’s possible that money has been added or withdrawn from those accounts since then.

    But last spring, Mr. Trump had somewhere between $597,000 and $2.4 million in the markets through the three trusts. If those holdings were unchanged, Mr. Trump has lost somewhere between $97,705 and $360,246 this year.

    In addition to his extensive real estate holdings, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, he reported having at least $47 million in several checking, savings and money-market accounts. (That is offset by the hundreds of millions of dollars that Mr. Trump owes to Deutsche Bank and other financial institutions.)

    So ...

    Let's do the math ...

    (1) since Trump has always been heavily mortgaged on his real estate properties, it is safe to assume that "hundreds of millions" of dollars in in value minus "hundreds of millions" in debt mean that his NET WORTH on his real estate holdings is negligible, probably less than $100 million - and that's being generous

    2) last spring, his trust funds were worth $3 million, and they have gone down in value since then

    3) He has roughly $47 million in checking, savings, and money market accounts.

    If you add up the 3 items shown above, Trump's REAL net worth, after subtracting his massive debts, is $150 million. If you're generous, you'll also add in the real estate licencing income, estimated to by worth $80 million. In total, his actual net worth is less than $250 million

    In 2018, Forbes reported that Trump had inherited the equivalent of $413 million from his father. The New York Times reported that President Donald Trump received at least $413 million from his father over the decades, much of that through dubious tax dodges, including outright fraud. The 15,000-word Times report contradicts Trump's portrayal of himself as a self-made billionaire who started with just a $1 million loan from his father. The Times says Trump and his father, Fred, avoided gift and inheritance taxes by setting up trusts.

    The blunt truth is that Trump inherited the equivalent of $413 million from his father, but he is now worth "only" $250 million (or less).

    How does that make him a "stable genius"?

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    Yeah, and its also been pointed out that if Trump had taken his inheritance and simply put it into a fail-safe conservative investments, he would have done far far better. Over his life span, he has lost more money than he has earned.

    I am sticking with my prediction that I made a couple years ago that Trump is underwater, foreign banks own pretty much of everything other than name Trump on his properties. I don't think he's worth more than 100 million because all the commercial properties with the name Trump are really licencing deals, or investors control 98% of what Trump claims to be "his". I even doubt that Mar-a-Largo is truly owned by Trump if his taxes returns were make public.

    While he is not running a pozi scheme like Maddoff, Trump is a con man that has created an illusion that he is a billionaire, and has gotten investors to fund his projects, then sues them on the back end, forcing them to accept pennies on the dollar in out of court settlements or Trump bankruptcies. The con is all about never have to pay for anything, someone else always pays.

    BTW, he tried his con game on NK, and they didn't go for it. He thought they were a bunch of hillbillies that would sign any deal he offered them. Something like "I'll give you all of SK, if you de-nuke, but you have de-nuke first" If NK had signed that deal, he would have broke the deal after they de-nuked, just like he breaks business deals to avoid having fulfill his end of the bargain.... You might say, breaking the deal, is the "Art of the deal", from Trump's perspective :)

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    His "con" game is now with OUR money. He is receiving kickbacks from just about any government contract; especially from the armed forces contracts. Don't forget how much money he did allocate for it; not because his love for the forces, but solely so he gets the max return from it for himself. Right now he receives also lots of money from the "wall" via the "contractors" he appointed. I already bet that from the 2 trillion "virus help" thing, some of it will land in his pocket "via via" which will be difficult to trace. McConnell (his buddy in crime) did want "language" which would not disclose to whom the money would go or how much for what. The people here are awful ignorant about what Trump is all about. Yes people, Trump was raised by the mafia clan of N.Y. and Daddy gave him money to "learn" the con job. People like that also think you can bribe an virus as well.

    I bet lots of unbelievable dirt will show up once he's out.

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    I don't know or care what he's worth. It's been grossly exaggerated obviously. His wealth has undoubtedly grown significantly in the last 39 months because as a self serving manipulator with narcissistic greed, he has drained every possible penny through politicians and diplomats staying at his hotels and eating in his restaurants. There's probably 6 dozen other ways that he's arranged to steal profits away from a system who's never seen a leader like him in the previous administrations. New laws or rules will be needed once he's gone. A major election is less than 8 months away. Remember those 10 new things he put in place to stop foreign invasion and interruptions into our elections ? Of course not because why would he take something off of his own plate ?The truth about this man won't be known or even admitted by others until long after he is gone.
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    wwjd -- I think you are right. Trump's financial situation is getting more precarious the longer the "stay at home" policies remain in place in the various states where he has hotels and golf courses. He is desperate to get them back open, so he now is making more and more "noise" about how the cure is worse than the disease. He is in effect doing his "divider in chief" thing again pitting the "stay at home" movement against the "back to work" movement. Watch him pitch it again and again and again on Fox News, twitters and his daily briefing/rally. Repetition, repetition, repetition.

    And on Easter Sunday a whole bunch of his Christian supporters will crowd into churches to prove him right...that and his hotels and golf courses.

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    Schmidt, I'm more and more convinced that he will "steal" more and more, especially lately before the election, just to make sure if he loses, that he can retire with lots of "stolen" tax payer money in his pocket. He got already an "goldmine " going with the "wall" and the "military" via the "contractors who "offered "royalties" galore to get the contracts.

    Trump only wanted this job for his ego and wallet. Easy money via stupid bureaucrats. Nothing else!

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    Easy money via stupid bureaucrats.

    And stupid voters/electoral college.

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    Dockadams Wrote:

    Easy money via stupid bureaucrats.

    And stupid voters/electoral college.

    Indeed, the voters don't get any "education' those "budgets' are hollowed out by Trump and Betsy De Vos.
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