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Tokyo Olympics

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    Although the final decision about the Olympics won't be made for roughly another month, it appears to be likely that the Olympics won't happen until 2021.

    Major Olympic nations like Canada and Australia have added pressure by saying they will not send teams if the games are staged this year.

    National Olympic committees in Brazil and Slovenia had also called for postponement until 2021. Norway’s Olympic body said it did not want athletes going to Tokyo until the global health crisis is under control.

    The United States governing bodies of swimming and track — two of the three top-tier Summer Games sports — had called on their national Olympic officials to push for a postponement.

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    Yes it is obvious that the Olympics should be postponed until 2021. We do not know how prolonged this virus will last or if it might die down a bit in the summer and then reemerge in the fall like the 1918 Spanish Flu did. The 1918 flu effectively lasted a whole year and then died out on its own...perhaps mutated into something less worse.

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    At this point it would be totally illogical. Competing without an audience would be a possibility but as noted previously on another thread, that's a huge number of individuals and many have said that they've been unable to adequately train. Families, coaches and trainers along with the media make it next to impossible. We have done it in war times but even then breaking bread together wasn't seen as risky. They have to delay and less than a year makes track and field, marathon and anything outdoors impossible. Sad but true.