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Biden, Sanders or Trump. Tough decision

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    Crazy how hell bent the Sanders voters are. They're going to reelect Donald Trump and spit into the wind with spite. Many like Sanders and many like Biden. The intelligent ones have vowed to vote for the nominee regardless of who it is. We have seen this before and it didn't end well. There's a debate tomorrow night and it will be an interesting view. I think positive things and negative things about both. 3 weeks ago my vote would have gone to Pete or Amy. As I mentioned to Dutch in the other Sanders thread, we have 2 choices today and we will have 2 choices in November. Select well because 4 years is a very long time. We have choices to make. Bitter pouting and tantrums are for children. Deciding not to vote is an immature response as well. I have my favorite but I will do what I think is best for the bottom 99% and I won't refuse to participate out of shallow spite. Hopefully more Americans will see it the same way.

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    TJ -- Yes the New York Post article I believe is spot on. However, instead of the 12 percent or so of Bernie supporters who voted for Trump in 2016, hopefully the numbers will be less than half that. Bernie Sanders tonight can go a long way towards tearing down the "wall" that he built between his far left socialists and the more moderate wing of the party...the so called "establishment" as he calls them.

    He is not a member of the Democratic Party because he sees the Democratic Party as the true enemy. His call for revolution has absolutely been solidified in the minds of his most avid supporters. Their mindsets typify indeed, the "my way or the highway" ideological intransigence that we witness among them when they vilify Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and others.

    It will be a hard choice for Bernie as he has been a shrewd politician in building his coalition of mostly young people on a false sense of hope that is out of touch with reality. If he comes out selfishly attacking Joe Biden in one last desperate move to salvage something for his "Our Revolution" movement then it might be indeed the final nail in the coffin for any Democratic nominee to win in 2020. Like what he did to Hillary, he has promoted an environment of passionate hate for any "establishment" Democratic, and hate is hard to turn off.

    On the other hand, he could make a more conciliatory speech of promising to work together with Joe Biden to defeat Trump and asking all his supporters to get behind Biden if he is the nominee. He needs to passionately convey the point that "defeating Trump" is the most important thing that any voter can do, and any of his supporters who votes for Trump is a traitor to his cause. He needs to invoke the word' fascism" in describing Trumpism and explain why -- going point by point referring to Lawrence Britt's 14 Characteristics of Fascism published in 2003.

    Sheesh, I just looked at that list again and all 14 points apply: Trumpism is fascism...but so is the so called "Freedom Caucus".

    We'll see what happens.

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    It is an pity, that in such an big country they can't find qualified people except two old senile men set in their ways. Neither one is an "leader". I fear that even if one of them wins, the mess created by Trump will not be cleared up, especially if certain "figures" remain in the Trump Party such as an re-election of McConnell, Jordan, Collins, Gaetz, Nunes etc. I do think that it will be an "stalemate" in governing. Nothing will be done for sure and this country will slowly but surely sink into the swamp Trump left behind. No I'm not impressed with either candidate.

    Certainly Biden is not suited because he never had an"leadership" role and was only Obama's lap dog, just as Pence is right now Trump's lapdog. Forget Bernie, he will get nothing done and only will create more chaos and deficits.

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    According to Nate Silver on George Stephanopoulos 10 minutes ago, it's virtually over. In Florida, Biden is said to be up by 40 points. Tuesday will be a loud final chapter.

    Can or will a bridge be built to bring everyone together ? That's an important serious question.

    Chet, Do you have a comment or just silent clinched teeth ? This country needs to come together on common ground.

    Edit/add - just saw your post Dutch. I don't want to be sad or negative but with all 3 who might get the presidency in less than 8 months... With health and age, a Vice-president might finish the job and complete the agenda / work.

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    There is a lot of talk in the media about how Biden needs to "reach out" to the Bernie supporters. Perhaps, but it is a two-way street. It cannot be Biden making conciliatory gestures to the Bernie supporters while Bernie continues to attack. Bernie is a shrewd politician and opportunist. It would not surprise me if he uses the Covid-19 pandemic to sell his "Medicare for all" as the solution to that and other diseases. Yet the healthcare systems in Italy and the rest of Europe did not shield them from the virus.

    Bernie has already in his press conference put Biden on notice of how Biden will be able to accomplish all of Bernie's political goals. Biden should not fall for that trap but rather turn the tables back on Bernie -- a reality check on how he would would be able to accomplish his own proposals.

    Biden must not forget that Bernie's "socialist dream" is a life long dream. It's in his blood and he cannot back down any more than Trump can back down. It's a difficult tight rope to walk for Biden. For Bernie it may be more of the same. I hope not.

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    Your last line is correct; for either one it will be an impossible task; Bernie still lives in la la land and forget that the system can not be turned around into "socialism". Biden has no backbone, because he has never faced people like the Trump "mafia" and does not know how to deal with it and already made plenty of mistakes. Don't forget even after the election the fanatic Trump followers won't give up and will railroad the guy. Also I don't see that Biden will drastically cleanup all the "positions" Trump appointed as "loyalists"; this will lead to his downfall quickly.
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    The Arizona Republic had an interesting article this morning, titled "shades of blue". The opening paragraphs are enlightening:

    "Sen. Bernie Sanders stood in the same spot at Veterans Memorial Stadium where President Donald Trump stood 15 days earlier. Both men brought fire as they outlined their very different plans for the nation, and both men drew loud and loyal supporters to the evening events in Phoenix.

    There was one significant difference: Trump attracted far more people than Sanders".

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    Your "bold" last line may be an"message" from outer space. By electing either one ( Biden or Sanders) , Trump may still win again.

    The DNC has no clue; they always bet on the wrong horse because there is no "leadership" knowledge needed, neither in the "party".

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    My wife and I watched the debate last night. Personally, I think Biden did a better job - and so did the New York Times. Apart from the fact that he had more reasonable answers, the other reason he won is purely visual. Joe wore a navy blue suit, crisp white shirt and a red tie. In addition, Joe stood tall and erect, whereas Bernie seems unable to do anything but slouch and wave his arms. Bernie wore a blue suit with a muddled design, a blue shirt, and a blue tie. If you've ever read "Dress For Success", you'll know why that is important. During the 1960 presidential debates, appearing confident and well dressed helped JFK annihilate Nixon.

    What all of us would like to see is Joe talking as eloquently as Obama. However, since Joe suffered from a stuttering problem when he was a child, that is not likely to happen. Being the assholes that they are, some of the Republicans have criticized him for his speaking pattern.

    “Joe, can you get it out? Let’s get the words out, Joe” Lara Trump, daughter-in-law of President Donald Trump and adviser to his reelection campaign, appeared to mock former Vice President Joe Biden over his stutter. “I feel kind of sad for Joe Biden,” she said this week at a “Women for Trump” event in Iowa.

    gfy, Lara.

    I was glad to see the coronavirus get a lot of attention. If the Democrats keep pounding on the incompetence of the Trump handling of the crisis, that is actually the only thing that will matter, and that will keep the stock market to continue to swing wildly. This morning, after the Fed cut the rate close to zero, the market the Dow plunged 2,250 points, 9.7%, as more of the U.S. economy shut down because of coronavirus outbreak. Trading was again temporarily halted. As businesses continue to close, a lot of people will be feeling financial pain, and they should be reminded, as often as possible, that it's really all Trump's fault. I got the news this morning that the Tucson schools will be closed until March 27, and that will cost me an ADDITIONAL $500 besides the money I am losing from spring break.

    What also will help the Democrats is that each of them said they would support the other if they got the final nomination, a sharp contrast to 2016, when Bernie was visibly pissed when Hillary got the nomination at the convention.

    What also will help Joe tremendously is that he went on record that he will pick a woman as his vice president, and the NYT listed a few possibilities this morning. Bernie said the same thing - but Joe said it first.

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    Anyway, Schmidt sure you are telling as it is. However don't forget that we need an "solid" leader in these times, who can get good "educated" people into his cabinet who can make an clean ship. Therefore I'm afraid that the "Trump clan" will try to chop the legs from under him by torpedoing everything he wants.
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    I have to vote in the primary tomorrow. I have made my pick but I am not 100% confident.

    Both say they're going to support and campaign for the nominee. I think Mr. Sanders did so in 2016 giving about 55% of his capabilities. Maybe this year he will give 65%. Don't mean to be cynical but it's essential for the Supreme Court and half hearted efforts hurts everyone. Trump will fight diligently and ruthlessly. He will probably win because the Republican base and church goers vote 100% of the time. They're going to be waiting for the doors to get unlocked so they can vote. Hopefully the opposite side remembers what day and where to vote. I will do my part but it will take a huge voter turnout in all states.

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    Can a former president serve as a VP for Biden? (Obama)

    Oh, wait, he's going to pick a woman...(Michelle Obama)??

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    I would love that but after 8 years where the R's and their base made shallow insults and attacks, she has no need for more of that. My guess is it will be an African American female though. Stacey Abrahms (sp?) From Georgia is a well spoken, intelligent rising star. I think she could be tremendous.

    Big win in Florida. Sanders won zero counties and the margins were big. He knows it's his last chance to run. Maybe he should focus on the fact that it's not about him but about America and it's citizens. He can still be vital if he's not spiteful. Socialism is a concept that is so promising and hopeful but the hateful negative wordsmith of the R's would have had a field day with it. That's why Putin was wanting Mr. Sanders to be the nominee. Hopefully we can all come together and do what's best for America.

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    Since Biden will likely be the eventual nominee, there's already been some discussion about who his running mate would be. Stacey Abrams has been mentioned, but she does not have enough experience at the federal level to be a good choice. Better choices would be Kamala Harris or Amy Klobuchar, or possible Sally Yates.

    In today'spaper, Joe was quoted as thinking Bernie for his ideas and his enthusiasm, which should help cement support for Joe from Bernie's supporters.

    As much as I like Elizabeth Warren, I think a better spot for her would be as senate president.