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What will the Trump clan do now there is an recession?

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    I just wonder what "excuses" the Trump "liars" are cooking up to justify the total crash in the stock market?

    Yes people this is serious stuff; it will affect everyone eventually. Right now not noticeable, but it will change the economy drastically.

    Forget the election, it will also become an "bloodbath".


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    I want to see gasoline back to 25 cents a gallon.
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    Dockadams Wrote: I want to see gasoline back to 25 cents a gallon.

    Sure, this will make Tesla broke and create even more traffic jambs. Wishful thinking. However this never will happen anyway. The only result is now that the "Trump economy" is crashing right in his face. But don't worry about the rich,they will make sure their asses are covered.

    I predicted that the elections would become difficult for the Dem's if the economy would stay good; the opposite happens right now; thus if the Dem's can't win now then they must be stupid. However an "win" will mean that the Dem's may have to clean up all the shit Trump and his cronies leave behind and such may be an huge task, because the Trump Party surely will not cooperate at all and railroad all efforts to do so.

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    We're not in recession...yet. We haven't had one quarter of economic decline, let alone two.

    With that said, it's not a stretch to think we might be barreling towards one in the very near future. How bad it winds up being is anyone's guess, but I'd be shocked if it even comes close to the 2008 financial crisis.

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    Grifters gotta grift.
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    Jared, sorry it is here faster than you think; guess what, the stock market is now even worse than in 2008. Today it is dropping another 1200 points . Trump has initiated an travel stop for people coming from Europe, which never ever happened before. They call this "leadership"? Crazy, it is only meant to punish Europe because they laughed at him during the G7 meeting.He excludes Britain, because of Boris. Wow. Also he is adding additional tariffs on European made aircraft, because Boeing is suffering.

    By now you should know that Trump is only full of hate against anyone who does not like him or disagrees with him.

    It has nothing to do with curtailing the "virus" it is just pure punishment, because Europe is doing an better job in curtailing it. Most of the virus is here already, so it spreads like crazy in no time here because no one listens to people who do know. There is no discipline in this country, that is the major cause.

    May be in your state (Oregon) or Washington they do things better, but certainly not in the "red" States.

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    I'm not arguing that everything is peaches and cream. It's quite to the contrary.

    All I am saying is that we have to have two consecutive quarters of negative GDP before officially being in recession. The layoffs, selloffs, and every other "off" you can think of will certainly be going on throughout that time and technical definitions don't really matter much to people who have lost their jobs, but we won't be officially in recession for a number of months at the earliest.

    Basically, people need to start preparing for the worst now because it certainly looks like we're heading in that direction. And fast.

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    I have to correct myself; the Dow is off more than 2200 points this morning. Trump opened his mouth again and then it dropped even further. Sorry but there is no leadership at all. They (the Trump Party) already refused to look at the plan of Pelosi/Schumer and McConnell torpedoed it immediately. In in any "normal" country an President would invite all the parties at the table to come up with an comprehensive plan, which all parties approve. Thus not here. The worst is still to come here, because of total incompetence in the White House; certainly an Meadows nor an Miller will be lots of help.

    China and Italy as well S.Korea will get it under control fast; China is even getting people back to work, by having at the entrances of the companies screening facilities set up including total body disinfecting means even for shoes etc.

    Does this country have a plan; I guess not.

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    I agree. This crisis, more than anything before, shows what happens when an incompetent President is at the helm during an international emergency.

    We need sober, steady leadership and instead we have a narcissistic sociopath who only cares about himself. The scary thing is that shit is getting real and thousands, if not millions, of lives are at risk. And all Donald can think about is his next trip to play golf at Mar-a-Lago.

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    Yes Jared,therefore is 'n't time that there is an "law" describing the limits of an president in detail. Just pointing at the Constitution does not help, because a zillion lawyers know how to twist it in any direction. To prevent "dictators' there should be an "solid" law about his limits. If not, then you get the situation we are in now and it will get only worse over time because we allow such situation to continue. Stupid country for sure!
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    The title of the thread is "what can be done in an "recession" . In the first place don't shut down the airlines as asshole Trump/Pence did!!! Every other country checks people who enter at the airports, but in this backwards country they don't have even test kits to do so. This way you ruin an whole industry, while other countries are smart and "think" before they launch something stupid like Trump did (on his own) to ban all flights from Europe. (Except England, wow) Totally NUTS because there were no thoughts at all about consequences.

    All this stupidity will certainly affect the future of this brainless backwards country.