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Chris Matthews sudden retirement

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    I was watching the beginning of Chris Matthews Hardball but he opened with a short 3 minutes statement that he was retiring. Then he turned the show over to Steve Kornacki who seemed visibly surprised. I guess we'll find out more what was behind the sudden retirement in due course.

    Update from the NYT:

    New York Times: Chris Matthews Out at MSNBC

    "Mr. Matthews, 74, has faced mounting criticism in recent days over a spate of embarrassing on-air moments, including a comparison of Senator Bernie Sanders’s campaign to the Nazi invasion of France and an interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren in which the anchor was criticized for a condescending and disbelieving tone.

    "On Saturday, the journalist Laura Bassett published an article on the website of GQ magazine describing a series of episodes where, she wrote, Mr. Matthews made inappropriate comments about her appearance in the makeup room of his studio before she was a guest on his program."

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    I did not see the first 10 minutes of Hardball, but Kormacki looked very subdued, as if Mathews has just died. At the end of Hardball, Kormacki teared up talking about how much he admired Mathews.

    Speculating, it is likely Mathews has been warned about his behavior in the past, or his recent behavior cross some line that could not be walked back with a public apology. Keep in mind, Brian Williams was not fired from the network for fabricating a personal news story. While not the same thing, generally the networks try to keep the big names if there is some way to work through the problem short of firing.

    I've never been a fan of Mathews, he was OK, but he was always cutting people off quickly after just a few words. I remember once when Micheal Moore was on, it was clear they had major argument before coming on air. While on-air both were making snide remarks about each other during their on-air exchange. It appeared that Mathews wanted Moore to remove his baseball cap, and Moore refused. Just last week Moore was on Hardball without his baseball cap.

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    After further reading, I am inclined to believe that Chris Mathews will be back in some form on MSNBC just not for a while. And likely when he returns it will be as a guest political commentator much like Tom Brokaw who appears occasionally.

    As far as his sexist comments, while not it good tastes, they are rather tame compared to BS that went down at Fox news. A lot of it has to do with the perspective of the woman who receives the sexist comment, and for most women even mild sexual comments from older men in powerful positions is outright "creepy", Other women might not even think twice about the comment if it never escalates to anything more provocative (which it generally does escalate).

    Now if we go to extreme cases, such as what is OK in "The World According To Donald Trump"; there is no such thing as sexual harassment. Sex is just another form of currency that can be traded and women are free to use sex to advance their careers. If you ever heard Trump on Howard Stern, Trump has either stated directly or indirectly that he's been approach by many women who want him to make a phone calls on their behalf to other powerful men, and in return, he got sex or oral sex right there in Trump Tower... Not that what he says is true, but it shows what he believes is OK as part of daily dealings of powerful men. I tend to think what Trump says on Howard Stern is just like every thing else he says, its total BS. Maybe once he got a BJ in his office 30 years ago, and now the story has become a big fish story where every woman that comes into his office wants to blow him. I doubt his wife has any sexual interest in him.

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    I thought his was an interesting Letter to editor.

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    I felt the same about him. He seemed harsh like he wasn't pleased with what he was doing. I rarely watched him, too aggressive in his demeanor for a interviewer. maybe too much coffee or needs a script for a chillpill?!?