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Joe Biden: Fired up and Ready to Go.

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    I was one who had written Joe Biden off. Some how he didn't really seem committed to winning -- a candidate who was pushed into the arena rather than one who boldly jumped in. It took him a while to decide to even get into the race, and once in he didn't seem to make the effort that the other candidates were making. I questioned his resolve, especially as his son Hunter was under attack by Trump, and Biden had only feeble responses.

    I questioned his energy...he looked tired at times on the debate stage or fumbled his lines. Even after a more respectable showing in Nevada, I still doubted him. But then something happened: James Clyburn made one of the most epic endorsement speeches of all time backing Joe Biden. Clyburn energized the African American base to go all in for Biden, but more importantly his passionate emotional speech also seemed to awaken Joe Biden and give him a purpose in life again. Biden's winning speech in South Carolina was a game changer...the old Biden with a purpose that now inspired.

    His 29 point win in South Carolina and his wonderful victory speech also sent a message to Steyer, Buttgieg and Klobuchar. Get out of the way because I'm now "fired up and ready to go."

    There is still a long way to go before the convention and the November 3rd election, but if Biden can maintain the passion and energy that he showed on Saturday night in South Carolina, the stage will be his to lead the country. If he falters, then he will disappoint a lot of people...again. He cannot fail this time. There are no more second chances.

    I might not agree with Biden on all the issues, but he is a good man with unfailing moral character. I will enthusiastically knock on doors for Joe Biden.

    Thank you James Clyburn for giving Joe Biden a real purpose for running and winning.

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    McClatchy: Obama's 'Fired Up' slogan came from one special lady

    The story behind Obama's "Fired Up -- Ready to Go" slogan comes from a black 5 ft 2 inch "Obama girl", Edith Childs, at a South Carolina rally in 2008. It became Obama's signature slogan for the rest of his campaign.

    "We're fired up! Ready to go! We're fired up! Ready to go!" Childs chanted, prompting Obama to chant and dance with her. "Go out and vote! Go out and vote! Senator Obama! Senator Obama! Senator Obama! Will be! Will be! Our next! Our next! Our next! Our next! Pres-si-dent! Pres-si-dent!!"

    "It shows how one voice can change a room," Obama said of Childs during the rally in Lander University's basketball arena. "If one voice can change a room. And if one voice can change a city, it can change a state. And if it can change a state, it can change a nation. And if it can change a nation, it can change a world. One voice can change the world."

    Elections are less about the issues than firing up a crowd with emotions...and a passionate voice.

    Biden found his voice on Saturday night, but I would hope that Biden finds several like "Edith Childs" to help fire up the crowd. Biden needs that energy. He cannot have Trump tag him as "sleepy".

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    I always liked Joe. After some of his ramblings I wondered about his age and mental fitness. Glad he's enjoying a resurgence but in all honesty I was seriously considering Pete and also Amy. Sadly our choices are dwindling.

    I think Trump will love the twisted word play and immature jokes about Socialism. It's a feeble course of rambling to the minions that was a winning formula in '16. I want to vote for whoever can win in November. I have a primary in about 2 weeks. Bernie seems like a popular choice for the young. He seems like anything but that for many of the more mature Democrats. Who knows what will happen.

    Hmmm. I am anything but decided. Finding some of my hopefulness in who might be chosen by whomever wins in their choice of a capable young Vice President. I have 2 weeks to make a choice.

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    TJ -- Yes it was difficult to decide. I voted early for Mayor Pete, and then regretted it after Biden made his big showing in South Carolina. I suppose it's Bernie versus either Biden or Bloomberg or Warren now. Biden made a good speech in Dallas last night and so did Buttigieg, Klobuchar and O'Rourke on his behalf. It was strong showing of support, but it may be a little too late for Super Tuesday. However, after Super Tuesday there are several states that might be in play for Biden.
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    Even tonight while accepting Buttigieg's endorsement Biden came across very monotoned and low energy. Biden spoke the right words, but his energy level was underwhelming.

    Trump mocking Biden: "Who am I? What day is it? Is Jimmy Carter president? [Crowd roars in laughter].... People in a coma have more energy than Dead Joe Biden. I hope he makes it to election day otherwise I win by default [Crowd roars even loader]."

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    I just wonder, is this the "best" candidate the Dem's have to offer? I'm not impressed at all; the only thing he's got going for him is that Obama helped him into the job. There must be for sure stronger candidates out of 350 million people here than "sleepy" churchgoing Joe.
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    Dutch Wrote: I just wonder, is this the "best" candidate the Dem's have to offer? I'm not impressed at all; the only thing he's got going for him is that Obama helped him into the job. There must be for sure stronger candidates out of 350 million people here than "sleepy" churchgoing Joe.

    It is very likely that President Obama might turn out to be the democratic hero that motivates people to vote for the democratic candidate.

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    But her emails ....

    Now that Biden is back in contention, Senate Republicans are planning the first subpoena in the Burisma/Biden probe.

    To give you an idea how crazy these guys are, remember that there were TEN investigations of Benghazi, and none of them found Hillary guilty of anything.

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    I thought Biden's prepared speech at Dallas was better than his short adlibbed speech thanking Buttigieg. At Biden's age I think it is better for him to be more scripted and not let his mind wander on topics. While I am now in Biden's corner as the most electable -- at least for now -- I will have anxiety each time he gets on the stage to speak extemporaneously. Look for lots of gaffs and misspeaks in the months ahead.

    But hey, his heart is in the right place and it shows. Elections are more about emotions.

    If Biden is the candidate he better have a solid VP with lots of energy and ready to step in to assume the office on a moment's notice. Biden will be 78 on November 20th. Sanders will be 79 on September 8th. Bloomberg will be 79 on February 14th. This is insane...three old white men as candidates to replace a younger 74 year old (on June 14th) white guy president who is better suited for retirement.

    And we though Ronald Reagan was too old at almost 70 when he started his first term.

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    Yes, that is what you get, if the younger intelligent people here see such "job" as being an royal pain in the ass, if you are honest and care about this country. Thus Trump gives the example why this job is not as rosy as pictured, especially if Jesus does not help you. Also if you did work in this government and did nothing to "improve" its functioning, by introducing proper laws related to elections without "money", but as priority should require "brains" instead, as well refuse to make laws to "limit" presidential powers, then you automatically get back into the same shit as is now happening.

    But yeah, I guess these old "men" will never change anything, so just muddle on and on, that helps for sure to continue having chaos. Sorry, but this country has become more and more an South American dictatorship.

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    Nicholas Kristoff had a good column this afternoon about why Biden is the "change candidate:.

    "Increasingly there’s a sense that in practice the real “change candidate” may be Joe Biden — because he has a better chance of winning the presidency and helping to elect a Democratic Congress — and that’s why he was the big winner on Super Tuesday.

    Angry Bernie voters may protest furiously that it was the “establishment” that revived Biden to seize a prize that seemed theirs. But that’s wrong. Biden’s rescuers weren’t party elders but a marginalized constituency that is often taken for granted: Southern blacks.

    I don’t think Sanders would be able to accomplish his aims as president any more than he has been able to as a senator (he was a primary sponsor of only seven bills that became law, and they are mostly insignificant items, such as naming post offices or designating “Vermont Bicentennial Day”).

    Democrats flipped the House in 2018 with moderate candidates running on a practical, limited agenda, while progressives running in swing districts did poorly, and that’s a lesson for 2020.

    I think the Democrats with Biden have a good chance of winning the presidency, holding the House and perhaps taking the Senate. An economic slowdown seems likely because of the coronavirus, which also highlights Trump’s administrative incompetence. And Republican rhetoric about Democrats as socialists — the theme of CPAC this year was “America vs. Socialism” — is laughable if Biden is on top of the ticket."

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    Four years ago, Bernie beat Hillary in Michigan , but it is unlikely that he will beat Biden there this year.

    Even before Super Tuesday, a Detroit News poll put Biden in front of Sanders by 7 points. If you count the votes of the people who have already cast absentee ballots, the gap widens to 20 points.

    Black voters propelled Biden to victory on Tuesday. More significantly, he won non-college educated whites in 8 states, compared to Sanders winning them in 4 states. If you are paying attention, these are exactly the same people who voted for Trump in 2016. This is the demographic group that Trump won by 39 points in that election. It's also worth noting that the vast majority of the white voters has less than a college degree. Bill Clinton's elections in 1992 and 1996 were the only exception to this trend.

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    On march the 10th 2020 michigan, will have the opportunity, to thank joe biden, and also barack obama, for saving, the auto industry, back a few years ago, when the auto industry, was destined for collapse. joe biden as vice president stepped in, to help save the banking, and the auto industry, from going belly up, by there putting thousands, upon thousands, of auto workers, out of a job. michigan and all of america, can show their thanks, to joe biden, by helping a good and decent man, become, the democratic nominee, for president, and then, making a president biden, the president of the united states of america, and putting the most corrupt deviseve corrupt republican president ever in american history, out to pasture. a president biden will once again, bring our allies, and the america people, to once again, be the most respected country in the world.
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    Joe Biden will be the best most loved, most energetic president, that america, has had,in over 20 years. after suffering from a ill prepared, corrupt republican president, that muscled the medical community, when they were so desperately needed, for containing, the coronavirus, and also, no leadership, at all, from the corrupt republican president, as the stock market, drops over 3,000 points, and still headed down. america needs a good and decent man as president, like joe biden, to make america whole once again.
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    John Boy -- Welcome and thanks for sharing your views. I hope that you are right...that Biden will prove to be a "most loved, energetic president". I will certainly be supporting him, yet I cannot help but think that we missed an opportunity to put forth some very good people in that original cast of some 25 candidates. They represented a lot of diversity and energy as well, but somehow could not connect with the voters who were living in fear of another four years of Trump. I believe the voters were influenced more by a desire to beat Trump, and therefore fell back on who they know, rather than risking untested candidates.

    Looking at the original 25 with a diversity of age, race, ethnicity, gender and gender preference we felt proud for the Democratic Party at the time. It's not going unnoticed that we ended up with two very old white men that spent the biggest chunk of their lives in Washington DC. Somehow to me it sends the wrong message.

    Anyway. Go Joe! I am supporting Joe all the way now.