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still crazy after all these years ..

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    Former President Donald Trump on Friday criticized former Vice President Mike Pence as lacking “courage” for refusing to carry out a plan to overturn the 2020 election results, echoing a tweet Trump sent on Jan. 6, 2021 as the country’s second-in-command sheltered from a violent mob attacking the U.S. Capitol.

    In a keynote speech at a conservative Christian political conference in Nashville, Trump delivered a lengthy speech against what he calls a “ludicrous narrative” and “witch hunt” as a House committee continues its investigation into Trump’s role in the attack.

    Following a speech from Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw encouraging Republicans not to match the "sheer anger of the left" in actions and rhetoric, Trump mocked political opponents' appearances and said he believes one Republican on the select committee has a "mental disorder."

    Before his own speech at the Faith & Freedom conference, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, tweeted Thursday that "Real America" doesn't care about the Jan. 6 investigations.

    But Trump appeared to be paying attention, spending more than a half hour of his speech disparaging the committee and current Republican leadership.

    "We have to fight some very sick and very evil people,” Trump said, describing the bipartisan House committee as having a “menacing spirit” and being “con artists" putting on a "theatrical production."

    Ginni Thomas:What ties does Ginni Thomas, the Supreme Court justice's wife, have to Jan. 6?

    Trump said if he sought a second term in 2024, he would "very seriously" consider giving pardons to the hundreds of people arrested in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol attack. The rioters face charges ranging from seditious conspiracy to assaulting law enforcement.

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    Looking at all of this, then I declare this whole country "nuts" : I think the whole of the GOP has "mental" disorders; especially their "greedy" spoiled brat leader. But yeah I saw on TV that an huge portion of the GOP voters did not not look at the "facts" of the January 6th committee, so they all likely stick to their corrupt leader and want him for 2024.

    Pence has now said that he will "run" in 2024; wow! Trump may kill him before that time. Can you imagine that also DeSantis and may be Cruz think about running. I only hope that these "circus" guys kill each other off.

    Sorry people; this country is beyond saving the way things are going. The way the "stock market" is going down every day, it shows that "things" are not under "control". I saw an list of "billionaires" who lost about 50% of their wealth, but still are super rich. Everything here has grown out of proportion and creates "chaos". The cost of "living" for the poor will explode and will have an huge effect; the "blame game" is in full swing. Trump is out, but is the instigator of everything happening now. Biden and his kept ex Trump head of the Fed's (Powell) had the "timing" wrong (as usual here) and raised the interest rates on the wrong time. As long as "energy" and "food" prices keep escalating and the "interest" escalates on loans and mortgages, then the "opposite effect" will lead to an depression as just before WWII. Right now looking at the whole world economy as well the "political" world, then I fear every thing is out of "wack"; even the airlines can't manage their logistics as well the supply lines. I warned already more than 10 years ago that our structure of "freedom of speech" and unlimited B.S in the media will work as an noose around this country's neck. You can't have 50 individual States who do sent "idiots" to Washington and want to become individual little countries who do as they like. Sorry, but this country is on the path of self destruction the way it looks like. Amen

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    Biden woke up a bit late (as usual) and said that the "oil" companies have made huge "profits" by raising the price at the "pump". I guess they are not the only one's; every producer took advantage of it as well the stores. All of this is caused by the "system" here which is asking for price couching. In Europe things are controlled, so if someone wants to raise an price, then they first have to "advise " their government with "proof" why they want to raise such price. Here they do such as they like.

    Especially "dentists" and "other "medical" services can do as they like and rip you off as they please and make sure that "legal barriers" are in place so you can't sue them. I can imagine that "transport" cost fluctuations and escalation due to fuel cost can make items more expensive; however it is the governments task to "control" such by announcing the "percentage" allowed to be added. Here the "control" is lacking and price "couching" is an standard practice here.

    If you take Spain for instance, the cost of"living" is about half of what it is here, especially medical and groceries.

    Sorry this country has still lots to learn from other countries, but the "arrogance" prevails here and still think they are "number one" and know everything better; yes "number one" in stupidity and "greed" without solid "working laws" and "lack of price control by the government" (the oil companies are making fortunes right now) also the "gun" is the "boss" here and get sold as "hotcakes". Price couching is the national "sport" here. Amen